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Sunday Bumpin’ 🌺
This morning light could never get old 🌞
It’s kinda funny, I feel like I’ve finally got the house the way I like it only to be moving in a few short months. But I guess that’s because this is the longest I’ve lived in one house since I was 18. I moved every year of college and every year since I’ve known Nic, except this house. We made it a full two years! I’ll miss this house like crazy but excited where life will take us next. ✨✌🏼
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New Years Resolution: enjoy the pregnant bod. 🤰 Okay, maybe not the  acid reflux, back pain and other unmentionable things but definitely the food and rest. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good walk, maybe even a run, but when am I going to be able to eat a tub of ice cream while watching New Girl all by myself again? Probably not for a looong time. So why not just enjoy the swollen kankles and excess chub while I still can? #30weekspregnant only 10 more to go!
Gosh we are just a bunch of lazy bums today. Nic made a Dutch baby for breakfast and I started to take the Christmas decorations down but that’s pretty much the height of our productivity for the day. 😴
I never thought I’d be pregnant at the same time as my best friend and here we are, celebrating and expecting our babies to arrive at the same time. Life is just nuts! .
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Living the Florida life for one more day 🐠🏝🚤
So much love today 🥰 so thankful for all of our family, our baby is spoiled already 💕
8 dogs, it’s basically a dog shower over here.
Baby Shower Cookies! 🤰🚿🍪
Today we’re having our baby shower with family and it might be odd that I made my own cookies but for some reason I was determined to learn how to make these. And I think they turned out so cute! 🥰 
I may have watched one too many YouTube videos so I’m pretty much a pro now... but I probably shouldn’t quit my day job 😉
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It’s crazy to think about what has happened in a year- getting engaged, married and now expecting our little babe. Time is flying by and I can only imagine it’s going to feel faster once we have a child. I love this life and wouldn’t change a thing 💕
Here are two of the worlds most spoiled pups. I think they’re testing us for parenthood by keeping us up all night with their barking and mischievous behavior. You can’t stay mad at them for long though, they’re just too cute! 🥰
Just a little cuppa matcha with a big heap of whipped cream 🍵 and of course it’s in my favorite mug. 💚 
Cheers to these 30 degree mornings! 🥶