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I’m 28, have an amazing husband, the cutest baby, oh and I just ran a half marathon!! .
Never in a million years did I think I would finish a half marathon but I did! Nic was my biggest supporter, especially when I would let my head get in the way of my goals. He pushed me to sign up and when I told him I didn’t think I would run the whole thing today he was like psshhh if there’s anyone I know that can do it, it’s you. It was definitely one of the hardest things I’ve ever done physically (aside from laboring with a breech baby) but I’m so glad I did it! Now i think I’ll rest for the next 182 years or until I can feel my legs again. .
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Dad lets him eat while watching tv but hey at least it’s broccoli, right?! 🥦🥦 I’m pretty sure Harvey snatched up 90% of it anyway. He doesn’t care what it is as long as he gets the attention. 🙄🐕
Nic and I parent very differently but at the end of the day he’s getting exactly what he needs from each of us. 💚.
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Teaching Major how to sleep has been one of the most challenging things in my life. There’s this constant struggle between my need for sleep and patience to let him learn. I feel like sleep training (of any sort) isn’t talked about enough. I was prepared to not sleep for a few weeks, possibly months, but I wasn’t prepared to be five months in and have no clue what to do to get him to sleep longer than 2 hour stretches. Becoming a mother has given me so many instinctual habits but this is not one of them. Around 3-4 months some babies go through “sleep regression” which isn’t really a regression at all, they gain additional sleep cycles and they have to learn how to fall back asleep. So while you’re sleep deprived, and your baby is screaming for the comfort of your arms (or boobs), you’re trying to do the best thing for them. Is that pick them up? Feed them? Let them (heaven forbid) cry it out? Shoosh them for a minute and come back? Put them to bed drowsy and cross your fingers that it doesn’t escalate into something else? So here I am at 3am drifting to sleep on the floor of Majors nursery with the door closed, trying not to wake our house guests but also trying to keep things consistent for him, while also trying to keep my sanity. I wouldn’t trade being a mother for anything but this shit is hard. .
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TFW dad says we can have ice cream for lunch 🍦@poncecitymarket
We’re ready for our GQ cover 😎
But for real, doesn’t he look like a little Hollister model? Our little bug is officially a sittin fool, it’s weird how they just pick up a new skill all of the sudden. .
We had a blast today celebrating the wedding of Nic law school friends, Miriam and Clayton. 💒🎊🎂
Take me out to the ball game ⚾️🌭🥜
I just can’t help myself, he’s so damn precious 💚
Oh that look, the look of true curiosity, a pure heart and a world for him to explore.💫
 I can just tell these two will be making trouble in no time. 🐾🌪👶🏼
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That face when you’re with your girl and your side piece shows up 😳
(-captioned by his father🙈)
We spent the day celebrating the engagement of our friends Arish and Sana! 🥰❤️🎉💍 We ate delicious Pakistani food, met tons of people and then crashed hard haha.
My morning snuggle buddies 💕✨
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Welp, I’m headed back to work next week and I have so many mixed emotions. 🙂😟🥳😭🥴
Excited to get back into a routine, socialize with adults, and well, make money! 🤑And although I work from home I still have anxiety letting someone else watch Major everyday, which I know is irrational but there’s just that mama instinct and it’s hard to let go. Our new au pair is amazing and I know she’s more than capable of taking care of our little bug but I’m gonna miss kissing those squishy cheeks every second that I can 😽 
So here’s to those working mamas, we always do what we gotta do and we’re stronger than we know!✊🏼🙌🏼
Loving this cozy little kitchen nook 🍴💕
In the past, while I’ve loved the look of our furniture, I didn’t pay much attention to comfortability or durability and I regretted it because it never had that homey feeling. In our new house we made a conscious effort to pick pieces that we loved looking at but could also enjoy using. Needless to say it has been pretty hard but I’m glad we’ve spent a little more time making this space come together. Now we can enjoy family dinners in this cozy little nook. 🥰
Table- fb market find, spray painted with white enamel
Chairs, light and rug- Amazon 
Flowers- @traderjoes 
High chair- @ikeausa .
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