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Nailed this prompt, guys. 👍🏻💯 #fms_whitebackground #LifestylePhotography
Hooray! Tesslah with the amazingly adorable children's book #PiggyandPug written by @annewheaton 💕 Thank you for the wonderful gift, @tammyrosenfeld0101 😊 We love it!
If it's not coffee, it's this. 💥 #Energy 💥 But don't worry, I'm totally drinking cold brew in a couple hours. How am I not dead? It's a mystery...
Eating her sweet corn in kind of a wonky fashion, but getting it done. 🌽💜
From a few nights ago. Gotta love a good sunset photo. 🌇 #MidwestMoment
Bubbles ✔️
Princess tent ✔️
Spent some lonely hours in the garage painting up this mid century modern dresser - but they were worth it. When I picked this l'il guy up at a garage sale he was painted white and needed some TLC. 💙
Yesterday afternoon was a scorcher, but we couldn't miss - - > @themaytags outdoor show. Everyone should check this band out - unless you DON'T LIKE AMAZINGLY FUN LIVE MUSIC WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?
Spoiler alert. It's everything.
That smile. 💜 Makes every exhausting minute worth it.
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...
IT'S ALMOST HERE. We are ready to embark on the next leg of this journey; to help her find her voice and teach her to wield it with purpose and pride. For her to be able to tell us the stories in her head. The long-awaited #autism diagnosis appointment is in three days. It's been over 10 months in the making. Visits after consultations after meetings after promises upon promises of finding the magic therapy that can unlock her potential. Let's do this.
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