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Here's a fun story about obsessed I am with paper. 📄 Patrick got a new tempered glass protector for his phone, and it came in a fiberboard box. It was too functional to toss, so I covered it in cute paper and washi tape, and now it holds business cards and stickers on my desk. 💕
Cool handcuffs necklace and decent makeup. 👍🏻 (This wasn't taken today because I re-did my bathroom and look like hell right now.)
Managed some sketching today. It's so hard to find the time for stuff like this, but I need to keep trying.
Went to a sweet baby shower today for @kelseyepieper! 💕 Congratulations again... hope you don't mind your super adorable decorations ending up on Instagram.
Cool book of TJ's. 🍓🍊🍋🥝🍬🍇🌈 #AnyFruitToDeclare? #mst3k
I like this. 😍 No, I LOVE this. I've got SO MANY pictures of him making me dinner ... because it never gets old, even though it's been 5 or more days a week for over 5 years now. ❤️ #ShirtlessWonder #RelationshipGoals #GoalAchieved✔️
Everyday habit ... I mean, moment. #Latergram ☕
Yesterday, all she wanted was to be out in the snow. Today she got her wish! ❄️💙❄️
My happy place is wherever there's a sh*t ton of markers, tbh. So either home or Office Depot. 👍🏻😍
When your agent forgets to warm up your night milk. DO NOT MAKE ME REPLACE YOU, ERICA! "It's Erin." WHATEVER!
Stack of cucumbers, which I love. Not gonna lie, though...kinda wish they were Pringles today. #LowCarbLife
Nothing like a Snapchat filter when you're feeling blah & plain. Spent most of this freezing Thursday sequestered in my office, but a lot of work got done... so yay I guess? Anyway, here's me if I grew completely ridiculous blinged-out teddy bear ears. Happy Thursday.