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S is for styled setup - with succulent art that came with the Goodwill frame. 👍🏻 #score
R is for relaxed. #fms_r #coolbean
Another #RecordStoreDay purchase. It was a good day. 💙 #rsd2018
So 'Where's the Party'? Apparently right here as I spin this record. SO MANY MEMORIES. All of us girls growing up in the 80's were professional dancers when this album came on, am I right? #SimplerTimes #YouCanDance #ForInspiration #RDS2018
P is for plants, as everything is greening up over here, THANK GOODNESS.
Boop. 💜
NEST. 🐦 Since old man winter continues to be a clingy jerk, we'll have to settle for this cute indoor version. #HoldMeCloserTinyPlanter #fms_n #fms_nisfor #nest
M is for #MST3K, a fandom in which I am extremely indebted to - and completely loyal to - forever and ever, amen. #mysterysciencetheater3000 #fms_m
Wandered into the gas station and found they literally have my life blood on tap. #LiquidGold #CoffeeLovers #Hallelujah
LASHES. 💝 #fms_L
K is for kitchen. I adore a lot of things about this kitchen, but the cabinet color isn't one of them. Got some special cabinet paint on clearance & can't wait to use it! Just need the weather to warm up ... #fms_k
I is for indoors, where we had to stay today because the weather is miserable. After the sunny day yesterday, this is torture. #fms_i