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Coffee☕️ in now I’m ready for it it’s magic to work at the soccer fields💪🏽!!!! One of my favorite part of weekend mornings is coffee.
Cheers🥂to seeping some Liquid Awesomeness Today!!! Let me know what you’re doing to better yourself today! Me, it’s soccer⚽️ tournament time, which means a ton of jump rope and Tabata’s💪🏽💪🏽😂
😂This is totally me!!! Who doesn’t love LUNGES and EATING?? Happy Friday, but Remeber MODERATION this weekend!
@brooksrunning came to town and invited me on a little Fun Run so how could I turn that down!!
#brooksrunning @fleetfeetnash #runhappy
Proud to be part of the @usanainc Athlete Team, and thankful they care about my health as much as I do!
#LiveUSANA #UsanaFitnessAmbassador #ChampionsChooseUSANA #TeamUSANA #sponsor
Step one, learning to love yourself is so hard but a must!! Believe in yourself and  everything else will fall into place! Never give up! 
#4x4diet #healthy #loveyourself
AB/CORE Workout!! Don't make fun of me😂 The 35 minutes while my hair color was processing was the only time I had to get my training in! 
10 to 15 roll outs
15 bosu (use the ground if you don't have a ball) crunches one leg
15 crunches on other leg
15 crunches with both feet down reaching straight up
I ran the stairs next but if you don't have stairs do 30sec jumping lunges. 
#fitness #FitItInWhenYouCan
Guess what guys?? I'm going to be on @dr_oz TODAY in the debut of a 3 part series "The Next Great Trainer" so be sure to tune in!! #fitness #healthy #trainer
I want to wish my client Doug Smith a big Happy 80th Birthday!!!!! Parkinson's and all this man is boxing, doing walking lunges(Holy Cow, 80 and still has balance for walking lunges), running plus so much more. No Excuses guys, we can all do this once we decide it’s important enough! Stay Strong Doug and 🥂Cheers to 10 more years of training together! #noexcuses #4x4diet #nashville
@motonashville seriously impressed me with their lighter items on their menu!! I can't thank them enough to have hosted myself and my clients/friends on Monday. They have a beautiful  private room in the back with your own bar 🍷😀. It was all decked out for fall and I would really recommend booking your holiday event here! Oysters on Point! 😋🐚 #Nashville #4x4diet #EatOutResponsibly
Food is Fuel, just like your car if you put bad fuel in your car it will break down and not run properly. Our bodies are the same. If we put bad food in our bodies it won't run like it's meant to run!  Eat Clean the majority of the time!! #4x4diet #healthy
Sticking to a healthy eating routine can be stressful (but sooooo important for results)! For me, I get the most stressed when I don’t have a plan together for the week... I get home from a long day like a lot of you... I'm running out the door for kids sports right away and I don’t know what I’m going to pull together for dinner quickly. .
What stresses you out the most when it comes to healthy eating?! I'm looking for YOUR INPUT so I can help fix some of your stresses in life!
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