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Take some time today to talk positive words to yourself rather than always putting your self down! #loveyourself #positivevibes
SLIDE SLIDE SLIPPETY SLIDE!!! Put your socks on and let’s make some PRETTY MUSCLES and the bonus is your floors get 🧹 cleaned!!!
-15 lunges each leg (don’t fully stand stay low)
-15 curtesy lunges each leg
-15 lateral lunges each leg
-30 sec plank jacks
-30 sec mountain climbers
👏🏼👏🏼💪🏽Now do it 2 more times!!!!
Tag a workout partner that might want to do this with you!!! BURN BABY BURN!💪🏽💪🏽 Also don’t forget my book “The 4x4 Diet” has a whole workout program laid out for beginners all the way to advanced and the workouts can be done ANYWHERE, so add it to your Christmas List🎄🎁!
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ONE way to stay in track this season is to kick this day off with a great workout. So don’t forget to sign up for my LIVE VIRTUAL TRAINING CLASS tonight 6pm CST. I will teach you the same way I teach my clients to get their banging bodies💪🏽💪🏽LEGGGGGS!! All you need is good WiFi and some dumbbells (if you don’t have them then use water or wine bottles😂). I will see each one of you and be guiding you guys through the whole 45 min workout. You guys only see me not each other. So hurry up and sign up for tonight’s class, it’s the LAST one til the new year!. Let’s make it a workout party in your own living room with ME!!!
YES!!! I know this is the hardest time, but Your health\organs don’t know it’s Christmas🎄, so keep all the junk food in Check this month. Don’t say I’m waiting till Januaryto start, you can end up gaining a ton more weight. Start TODAY with moving lots, eating clean, and drinking water!!! Enjoy all the festive goodies in MODERATION!
Also, don’t forget tonight is my LIVE INTERACTIVE VIRTUAL TRAINING CLASS at 6:00pm CST, it’s the last one till January, so grab all your friends and workout in your living room with me TONIGHT!!!! It’s a 45 min workout followed by a 15 min Q&A. Throughout the class I’ll make sure you have perfect form(the key). Hurry up and get signed up for my workout party tonight!
🎄Merry Beet-ness to us!🎄 @marenmorris and I enjoying the true “spirit” of the holidays—-HEALTH!!! also included tequila 😇
I posted my Beet Juice recipe 6 days ago, BEETS, LEMONS, and GINGER and I just mix some of that with Tequila!
#moderation #beets #tequila #christmas #nashville #alliwantforchristmasismytwofrontteethtobered
So important!  Surround yourself with the kind of energy that will make you thrive in life. Negative energy will only bring you down!👊
Its the Season of Giving and I’d love to give away 2 signed copies of my just released paperback version of my book “The 4x4 Diet” (foreword by Carrie Underwood!!!) All you have to do is tag 🏷 somebody who you think could use a healthy lifestyle book for their journey!!
But if you’re looking for a perfect gift to get somebody click the link in my bio and order my BOOK “The 4x4 Diet”!!! This book is truly how I live my life daily and teach my clients to do the same!!! Do you every wonder how all my clients look SMOKIN HOT???? Well, here you go. You won’t ever feel deprived or hungry it’s all about learning how to live a healthy balanced lifestyle forever while still LOVING LIFE!
I’m so freakin honored to wear  #ThisShirtSavesLives and support the BRAVE kids fighting cancer @stjude. Please join me in the movement and get your shirt here:
Let’s all support the children and families that are going through the hardest times of their lives!
😂Hahaha!!! Now we’re talking my Love Language😜. Maybe that’s the case for a couple more days so I’m going to get in all the donuts 🍩 I can😜JK! But seriously, just because Romain Lettuce 🥬 is out there are SOOOOOO many other delicious greens you guys need to be eating! Your body thrives off good clean healthy foods, not 🍩 DONUTS as much as we like to think it does!!! Eat Clean to get Lean Workout to be Strong!!! BALANCE and MODERATION are the key this weekend!
My book “The 4x4 Diet” with the forward by Carrie Underwood is all about how to live a healthy balanced lifestyle forever without feeling deprived and still loving life!!!! You guys should check it out TODAY!  The paperback version was released 2 days ago!
Thanks @bstill_ for sending me this!!!! Somebody knows how much I ❤️🍩s
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And this is one of kids favorite days of the year, they both asked for me to wait to put the 🎄 Christmas Tree up till they were home!!! Our tradition in the Oprea house is every year we get all the junk food they could want and play Sesame Street Christmas Album and decorate all night!! It’s always been so fun and a special tradition in our house! Let the Holidays begin for us now!
PS... Cooper didn’t get to come in because of the hooks on the ground. I didn’t want him to eat one!!!😜
😂Hahaha!!!! Just because it’s the holidays don’t give up on your goals. Remember your health doesn’t take holidays so stick with it the majority of the time!!!!
📷 @joyharris07
OMG, this cookie dough hummus is DELICIOUS (Don’t knock it till you try it)!!! Its always a huge hit at parties, so take it to share, even my teenage boys love it! You can serve it with graham crackers or celery (which is what I like, it takes the flavor of whatever you put on it but gives you the crunch). This recipe is in my book - The 4x4 Diet - as well as so many other yummy reciepes (the paperback copy just came out TODAY). I’ll share this one with you!
1 can of Chickpeas (low sodium) rinsed and drained
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 cup old-fashioned oats
1/4 cup peanut butter
1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk
1.5 tablespoons of brown sugar or sweetener of choice
1/3 cup dark chocolate chips 
A pinch of salt 
Put it all in the food processor and hit START!!!! So darn easy and yummy!
Tag your friends and family that might make this for you😜
#4x4diet #cleaneating #healthy #delicious #fitlife #simplecooking #nashville #personaltrainer #staythepath #fitness #OPREAfit