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Ok, so this might look disgusting but it was SOOOOO delicious. My kids ate almost all of it, I got like a bite!
10 min dinner, that’s my style of cooking
-2 bags of Shaved Brussels sprouts, 96% lean ground beef, 1 can of corn and , low sodium taco seasoning. -I buy the Brussel sprouts already shaved because I’m to lazy to do it. I like super fast dinners
-Sauté the brussel sprout in a skillet on medium high with some water covered. -cook the beef in a skillet and add the taco seasoning and corn
-mix it all together and serve with steamed broccoli.
I have tons more super simple family friendly meals on my @menudmoments app!  Be sure to go download menud and follow me!! I will take the guess work out of planning your meals for the week!👊 .
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So much easier said than done but a different way to think about it!!!!!! Let’s start the week with some meal prep and clean eating!!!
Saturday Morning Vibes!!!! Nothing like a hot cup of ☕️, PJs, 🎄Christmas lights, and the News, such s happy place for me. Now off to work then road trip time!!!! BTW, it my coffee maker that makes this amazing coffee. Seriously the best coffee you’ll ever have #saeco
HAHA!!!! Though we all love cupcakes don't cave in very often, moderation!! Stay on track this weekend guys!  We've got this! 🥂Cheers to a happy healthy weekend!
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My AWESOME client @kaileyhand killed her Towel workout today (the bonus is she cleaned her floors too😂)!!! This is one everybody can do in their living room, so no excuses!!! Grab a towel and join in on some Legs & Core FUN!
-30 sec plank jacks slides
-30 sec mt climbers slides
-30 sec knee tuck slides
-15 lunge slide each leg
-15 lateral lunges each leg 
Repeat 3xs!!
This might seem easy but I’m here to tell you it’s harder than it looks. Try this out and let me know your thoughts! .
#fitness #homeworkout #healthy #noexcuses #4x4diet #Nashville #trainer #fitlife #healthylifestyle #legs
Go be the healthiest version of YOU!!!! #beyou #behappy .
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Inner Thigh time:  Holy Smokes, these burn really bad🔥🔥🔥🔥
You can use weight or not, but try to never let your legs rest during the series 
30 sumo squat pulses (with or without weight, I used a 35lb kettlebell)
20 bigger range of motion sumo squat
15 with weight sumo squat pulses
1 min jump rope. Repeat t 3xs!!!!
#fitness #4x4diet #healthy #workout #fitlife #legs #Nashville #healthylifestyle #strong #trainer
One of my favorite parts of my day!!!! Who's going to hit their steps goals with me today??? Let's make it a little more challenging and shoot for a bonus of 5,000 more than your goal!👊 Here’s a Little tip, Jump Rope is a great way to rack up on steps. If you don’t already know I have the BEST jump rope ever that just came out this morning.  Go to and order your very own ErinOprea rope!!!!!!
I’m SOOOOOOO EXCITED, my collaboration with @rxsmartgear jumprope is NOW Available on This is by far the best jump rope you’ll ever use (and yes, the jump rope makes a huge difference in how well you do). Go to  and under jump ropes you’ll find MINE, then customize it with which color you want and the correct length (it’s based on your height). Best Christmas gift ever. I hope you guys love it as much as I do. It’s the most used piece of equipment I have! #10000steps #neverquit .
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This is so true!  Start with small changes daily for big results!
-eat breakfast
-drink water
-eat more veggies -walk instead of drive as much as possible
-sweat daily
#neverquit .
#4x4diet #healthy#Nashville #fitness #fitlife #healthylifestyle
I listed 10 things every fitness person should add to their Christmas list🎄🌲🎄🌲. These are a few of my favorite things!!! My jump rope will be out REALLY SOON!!!!! #christmaslist
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This sounds like a fantastic plan for me today, or at least this morning, then it’s meal prep time and STEPS🏃🏻‍♀️Time!!!