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Go Dance your booty off this weekend and Laugh lots. Don’t worry about others judging you (I say people are going to talk about me anyways I mine as well give them something to talk about😂)as long as you’re having a great time that’s all that matters, oh and your burning calories and making PRETTY MUSCLES at the same time.  It’s a WIN WIN!! MODERATION is the key word to remember this weekend!
Don’t forget the very last day to sign up for my StepBet game is SUNDAY! Yes, it started in April 22nd but that’s just the warm up week so you can still join. Download the StepBet app and enter the game code ERINOPREA. it will pull your history from your fitness tracker and get your average steps then ups it about 30% (if you’ve already played before it will only up it about 3%) then you pay $40, now that money is put into a big pot which is $132,000 right now😮 and if you hit your personal goal steps that were set for you then you get your $40 back plus more because if you don’t then all that money is split amongst everybody who did hit the goal steps for the 5 weeks!!!! So grab all your friends and SIGN UP, again download StepBet and enter the game code ERINOPREA.
Well, I guess you can say we like to have fun!!!!!! Bonus dancing night tonight at the NFL DRAFT Viewing party hosted by @vaultmediagroup. Dance like nobody is watching, because they’re not, they’re looking at their phones😉LOVE LIFE and live it to its fullest!
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Its PLAY TIME guys!!!! Shoulders and Legs Baby! These are sure to set you on fire🔥💪🏽!
-15 Reverse Lunges Left Leg into a Lateral Raise
-15 Reverse Lunges Right Leg into front V Raises
-10 Plank into a Reverse Flies each arm (don’t let your hips Wiggle, a nice solid body is a MUST)
-1 min jumprope or pretend jumprope!
Repeat this 3 more times because you’re AWESOME!!!!!
Don’t forget about StepBet starting Officially Monday!!! Last day to sign up is Sunday, so download the StepBet app and enter the game code ERINOPREA to join my stepping party!🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️
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😂😂But seriously let’s work hard this year to fit back into our jeans!!! Today is your day to make the change. I have so many resources to help you guys:
-my book “The 4x4 Diet” it’s super simple to follow and you’ll never feel deprived. I also have a workout program laid out for beginners all the way to advanced -my 7 day FREE MealPlan App MENUD (and YES, it’s 100% FREEmeal plan that changes weekly) Download MENUD and follow ME🙋🏼‍♀️
-LIVE Virtual Training Classes (every Monday at 6:0pm CST) it’s for all levels of fitness and it’s super interactive
-StepBet, I ❤️this game sooooo much. The last day to sign up is SUNDAY. download the StepBet app and enter the game code ERINOPREA. The pot is already at $125,000😮🤑make money by moving🏃🏻‍♀️
-workouts on my Instagram that can HELP you guys get back on track. 
And the best part about is it doesn’t cost much money and can be done anywhere so I’ve taken the excuses out of it.  Now it’s time for it to become IMPORTANT enough to YOU to make it happen!!!
. .
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OMG, I love this!! Love yourself while working on being the Best version of Yourself!  Being comfortable in your own skin is a beautiful place, respect other people’s beauty and stop feeling the need to compare yourself to them. We are all on our own special journeys!
Don’t forget about getting signed up for StepBet TODAY!!!!!! We are in the warm up week so you can still sign up. The day that it officially kicks off is Monday April 29th!!!! The pot is at $120,000 WOOOOOW!!! So grab all your friends and download the StepBet app enter the game code ERINOPREA then pay $40. It will pull your history from your fitness tracker or cell phone and then give you a personal goal of steps to hit daily. If you do that for the next 5 weeks you get your $40 back, if you don’t then you lose your $40 in the big pot, then that money is split amongst all the winners!!! So make money by moving but the BEST part is you feel AMAZING!
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Sore abs here we come! 💪🏽👊😁. All these exercises can be done on the floor but I do recommend a @bosu_fitness Bosu ball! These will blast your core but REMEMBER, abs are truly made in the kitchen so make sure your diet is clean 🧼!
-15 one leg crunch both sides (weight is optional) don’t go into your lower back, keep your core engaged
-20 weighted crunches with both feet down
-15 side plank with twist right into 25 side plank pulses
-Then switch sides to repeat the side planks in the other side
-30 seconds elbow plank with hip dips
-recover (your abs) with 30 seconds of jumping lunges
-Your lucky day includes two more rounds of all of the above!
Tag your friend that will FaceTime this workout with you!! Accountability is everything 👯‍♀️👯‍♂️
This couldn’t be more true!!!😂 If you haven’t tried TABATAS yet, you’re missing out they’re super effective and I use them with all my clients and I’ve seen such changes in their bodies including my own!!! Tabata is a 4 min workout that has 8 rounds, each round is 20 sec burst of exercise followed by 10 secs of rest. Just download a free Tabata timer app and hit START!!!
If you don’t know my book “The 4x4 Diet” has a whole Tabata program laid out for beginners all the way to advanced!!! These exercises can be so ANYWHERE so go grab your copy today and let me help you feel your best for the Summer!
Tag somebody that could use my book in their life!!! Also, if you’ve tried TABATAS, I’d love to hear what you think of them.  I think it turns fitness into a game .
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BOOTY AND LEGS BABY!!!! Focus on your form in these and it’s sure to leave your legs on fireeeeee🔥 ! Your pushups are your leg vacation before doing it all again. You’re welcome 😉 your daisy dukes will thank you.
-15 lunge pulses, lifting your back foot slightly, chest to your quad
-15 curtsy lunge pulses, back knee nice and low, chest on quad, lifting back foot slightly
-Switch legs and repeat the last two!
-20 squat jumps
-15-20 push-ups
-rest for a sec, perfect spot to stay hydrated, repeat it all for a total of three times all the way through!!!
Tag your workout buddy that wants to tone their booty with you!
Dude, so many of us splurged a little to much yesterday, but that’s ok, this is a healthy lifestyle not a diet!!! So jump right back into your healthy eating this morning, go Move and Kick Booty🍑this week👊💪🏽!
Don’t forget TONIGHT is my LIVE VIRTUAL TRAINING CLASS at 6pm CST, it’s a 45 min workout for all levels of fitness followed by a 15 min Q&A!!! It’s a workout party in your own living room that I will lead and also correct your form throughout the class. (Perfect form is the MOST important thing). I’ll teach you the same way I teach my clients to get their Beautiful bodies but the best part is we’ll have a great time doing it. So hurry up and sign up NOW, tag your friends that might want to make PRETTY MUSCLES with you!
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Ok I might have shot this video in the middle of a busy airport and got a lot of claps when I was done🤦🏼‍♀️but I didn’t want you guys to miss out on my StepBet game starting TOMORROW (the warm up week so you can still sign up till next Sunday, but you can’t lose this first week, it’s so you can learn how it goes)
-download the StepBet app
-enter the game code “ERINOPREA”
-it will pull your history from your fitness tracker or phone and take your average steps and up it about 30% if it’s your first game. If you’ve played before it will only go up 1-3% no big deal.
-it will give you your personal step goal to hit for the next 6 weeks (the first week you can’t lose but is one of the 6 weeks)
-if you hit your personal daily goal then you get your $40 back, but if you don’t the money is put into a big pot and split amongst everybody who hit their Personal goal. So you make money by MOVING!!!!!!!!
-make sure you’ve signed up for the right game, if it doesn’t say may name DM me and I can help you fix it if you’re in the wrong game!!
Tag all your friends that might want to feel their BEST with you!!! The more you move the better you feel, the better you feel the more you move then the results will come!!!!
Hahahaha!! HAPPY EASTER🐥🐰!This is Totally something I would get from some of my clients but this is from @ifunny!  Easter Candy is in full force right now and we’re surrounded by so many temptations and these Rees’s are my FAVORITE, but remember MODERATION eat a piece and move on!  Which kind is hard for you to pass up?💪🏽👊
 #4x4diet #eastercandy #healthy #balance #moderation #healthylifestyle #fitness #motivation #OPREAfit
Bringing back the @crocs with some Fun charms!!! We were out shopping today and @haydenb.615 (my youngest son)and I got us some of these fun shoes, and it was totally Hayden’s idea!  Come on, how can the charms not make you smile!!!
Seriously, I had the BEST day just spending it with my boys and husband and nobody on their phone.  I couldn’t ask for a better way to spend my Easter Weekend🐣🐰