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One of my favourite places to camp, take photos, or hangout outside is Golden Ears Provincial Park. Everywhere you look you're surrounded by tall green trees - making it the perfect spot to car camp in the #RAV4. The back seats of the #RAV4Trail lay perfectly flat in order to make a roomy sleeping area. There's also a 120V outlet in the back which made it easy to set up some cute lights! How do you get your fill of nature where you live? @ToyotaCanada #Toyota #FollowMyTrail #ad
Heading to Tulum today with the squad, excited to explore some new places a little off the beaten path. 🤘🏻🤘🏻 here’s a cheeky little shot of me and Alex in Supai just before she slipped and got a gnarly scrape. Be careful out there my friends. ❤️ PC: @braybraywoowoo
Campfire keeping me warm in the rainy Washington weather. 🔥 very glad to be in Mexico right now 😂 PC: @braybraywoowoo
So yesterday I put the new IG Story Archive feature to good use and created a couple collections from my favourite trips! My favourite was all the videos from my trip to Northern BC, Yukon, and Alaska this year. Got me seriously reminiscing, sorry for the long story! But you should check it out on my feed under “BC to AK”. 🚐
PS. We are currently waiting for our direct flight to Cancun with @interjet and couldn’t be more stoked 🤘🏻#InterjetExperience
Sometimes things don’t go as planned, like not calculating how much snow there is on a trail or forgetting a lighter. 😅
We didn’t make it up the trail but we still found the perfect spot to snag a sunset and make some tea & food (without a lighter).
Always be prepared for being unprepared, always know when you should bring snowshoes, and always bring people you love being around when things go south ❤️ @leathermancanada #ForRealLife #ad
I recently had the chance to test out the new #Toyota #RAV4Trail on some of my adventures a couple weeks ago! I took it to a couple of my favourite local camping spots, one of them was Jones Lake which is up a rugged logging road. The good ol' #RAV4 handled it with ease with its increased suspension lift. I was definitely sad to give this car back, it's the perfect adventure vehicle. Stay tuned for the rest of my shots from this epic local trip! @ToyotaCanada #FollowMyTrail #ad
Nothing better than standing on a scary rock in the morning to get your day started 😂
PS. If you haven’t already, read the article of my interview with @uproxxlife, link is in my bio 👌🏻
PC: @braybraywoowoo
Back when the van was ALIVE 🚀 What’s your adventuremobile of choice? #AllAboutAdventures
I know some girls who could kick your dad’s ass!! Tag the most badass betch you know. 👸🏼PC: @braybraywoowoo
Not a bad place to chill 🔥❄️ PC: @braybraywoowoo
This was one of my favourite mornings I can remember. The sun was shining through the valley, giving half dome a little glow, and I had one of those "I can't believe we are here" moments. Sometimes things happen so fast when you are traveling. I am lucky enough to go to some amazing places and can forget to stop and digest, but this time I was sure to take it all in with some of my favourite people ✨
After one of the wettest nights of camping I've ever had, relaxing in these hot springs and enjoying a beer with friends was just what I needed. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Since I started bringing my @leathermancanada Signal tool with my on all my adventures, I have felt much more confident that I could survive on my own in the wilderness if I ever needed to. Or if I really need to open a beer I could 😂
I have teamed up with @leathermancanada in order to show how a female adventurer can use these tools in everyday life and to be more prepared in the wilderness. #ForRealLife #ad