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Handmade socially responsible jewelry accessories & gifts to empower artisans. Harvard Square + Chestnut Hill. Voted Boston Best Accessories '17+'16.

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Beautiful handmade candles from Austria and handmade luxury soaps from London also available at our store! Visit us and start your holiday shopping while supporting a local business and artisans from the US and around the world. 
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These screen prints are a perfect holiday gift! They are handmade one color at a time by husband and wife, Rusty and Ingrid in their studio at Rockport, MA. Get them at our Chestnut Hill store! 
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Bryce, from Oregon, loves science + art and uses high quality glass and hand torches to create beautiful glass jewelry that has a refraction effect like water in a pool. He met Paola, from Colombia, fell in love and teamed up with her fashion + business savvy.

Esmeralda met Bryce in a jewelry show in NYC and immediately fell in love with the colors and family business story...a perfect blend of beauty + art.

SHOP at our stores in Harvard Square, Chestnut Hill and online
Just like with the slow food i put in my body, i prefer to put on slow fashion, that is handcrafted, small batch unique and sourced responsibly to empower small family businesses and artisans.
What i eat and what i wear are the small votes i make every day that make a statement of who i am and what world i wish to live in. #EsmeraldaStore #ChestnutHill #HarvardSquare #sociallyconscious #handcrafted  #jewelry #gifts
Home decorators and holiday party hosts know its all about unique details and time honored traditions. That is why when i found these gorgeous handpainted odorless self extinguishing flat candles artisan handcrafted in Lithuania I knew my customers would love them. ❤🕯
They have beautiful handpainted details and many customers never burn them because they are too pretty! We have holiday and religious scenes, famous art, birds and cats and more... great for gifts or your own home decorating!
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The key to fall - winter style is playfully layering color and textures to accentuate your own color tones as well as your surroundings. .
One of my favorites are these beautiful gradient color palette necklaces handmade in sparkling Swarovski crystals set in nickel free stainless steel. Artisan makers in Berlin, Germany craft these stunners in shades of light and deep blues and warm gold and amber tones. Perfect gifts for fashionistas with a social conscience. At my opening we sold some self-gifts as well as a few nice husbands who proudly wanted to shower their wives with fashionable love. .
Check these beauties out in Esmeralda Chestnut Hill just in time for holiday parties!
A happy entrepreneur is one who is surrounded by people that believe in them. So many people have been there since day 1 and we picked up a lot of supporters along the way. They keep showing up, from near and far, and it makes us want to keep pushing forward. Power of positivity is an unstoppable force! THANK YOU EVERYONE! - Esmeralda & Matt
Got our professional pics from Esmeralda Chestnut Hill grand opening! ❤👏🍾
The ribbon 🎀 is cut ✂️ and we are open 🔓 for business 🎁! So much love ❤ and support 👍🏻 at our grand opening and still smiling 😍 about it! #EsmeraldaStore #ChestnutHill #grandopening #entrepreneurlife
A very special year of growth as my business and family are evolving in beautiful and blessed ways. #grateful #love #life
About last night...GRAND OPENING Esmeralda Chestnut Hill. Treats and Drinks were a hit and we may see more of that for our customers! 😉🍾🥂🍪 #EsmeraldaStore #ChestnutHill #GrandOpening #sociallyconscious #handcrafted #gifts
THANK YOU for a great GRAND OPENING of our Esmeralda Chestnut Hill store! 💃❤ We are blessed to have amazing support of family, friends and believers in empowering small family businesses! 🙏👏 We can't wait to be a part of your holiday gifting and creating more loving moments for your families and those artisan families each gift purchase impacts. ❤👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 The ripple effect is so meaningful and we are humbled to be a small hand in making a positive difference.  THANK YOU again and see you at Chestnut Hill, Harvard Square, and online ( 🎁🎄 - Esmeralda & Matt