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Check out these amazing places!
If you are looking for an Easter adventure🐰 this is your trip! 4 days, 5 locations and a bus full of international students and your favourite ESNers!🚌 Check out the link in the bio!
#ESNCorvinus #TransylvaniaTrip
Just look at those happy faces!😍 No words needed, these pictures show how much fun we always have together! Just to mention a few examples of last weeks like Cultural Quiz Night where you had the chance to prove your knowledge of random facts or Running Dinner with amazing foods and company.
Last but not least, we had our introduction camp last weekend with our new enthusiastic volunteers who you can meet at our upcoming events! So stay tuned and see you this week as well!😊 #ThisisESN #ESNCorvinus
We bet sometimes you feel like you cannot be there everywhere with your whole heart. Let us tell you: your only limit is your mind!🌷#MotivationalMonday #ESNCorvinus #ThisIsESN
Sneak peek of the Fresh Camp pictures💕 If you missed the Fresh Camp we will recap it below: wine tastings, castles, board games and many great friends together in a small Hungarian city called Eger. 
To explore more of Europe, join us for the Krakow trip in two weeks!💒 #FreshCamp #ThisIsESN #ESNCorvinus
Did you know, that sometimes we, ESNers, spend the whole weekend together?🤝🎉 Last weekend we traveled together to Agárd, and participated on ESN Hungary's National Platform to get to know more enthusiastic volunteers of the country! This was ESN Corvinus' delegation!💕 #ThisIsESN #ESNCorvinus
You've probably seen a lot ESNers at our events, but you are lucky, if you had met Christoph!😉 We chose him ESNer of the month and now you have the chance to get to know him better! He is not only working extremely hard for the organization, but always has time to make you smile! We just love his honest laugh!😂 Congratulations to @gerber__c #ESNeroftheMonth #ThisIsESN #ESNCorvinus
Tag someone you will miss during your exchange semester, so they will know!💙 #ExchangeLife
At the end of the #SocialInclusionDays we visited a shelter to spend quality time with the dogs and give them the love they deserve🥰
#adoptdontshop #THISisESN #erasmusforsocialinclusion #ESNCorvinus #dogwalking
Upload photos with your Erasmus friends until 2 December!📸 Use the #bettertogetherESN hashtag to take part in the contest and win the prize!🏆
The best photos will be featured on the @esncorvinus profile!🤗
More info in the Facebook event😉
We had sooo much fun visiting the Christmas market in Vienna last year🎄🎅🏼❤️ don’t miss out on this year’s trip on the 8th of December 😉 Link in bio!
Have you met Márk? I bet that you heard him! He can be really loud when it’s needed, but we don’t actually mind😊 Besides being extremely active and taking the whole Cultural Week project himself, he's a member of our Audio-Visual team as well, so we decided to name him the ESNer of the month in October!🤗 Oh, and did you know that he had just ran his first Marathon? We are so proud of him! Cheers to @ilcsikm33 
#ESNerOfTheMonth #MeetTheESNers #ESNCorvinus
What happened to Benő?😱 Find out from the Fresh Camp vlog! Link in bio🤗
#ESNCorvinus #FreshCamp #THISisESN