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Clive Hamilton thinks that even if humans manage to survive in the foreseeable future, everything we've done to the planet shows that we don't deserve to. Do you agree? Come and hear the renowned author and public intellectual at our next IQ2 Debate: Humanity is designing its own demise. Tickets are selling fast - don't miss our last debate of the year.
Attn: Tassie peeps! #Undisciplined is a brand new 2 day festival celebrating and showcasing the creative industries in Tasmania, and our Executive Director Simon Longstaff is a speaker! It's happening 19-21 October. Tickets on sale now via the @creativeislandtas website.
Science & health journalist Signe Dean is pretty optimistic about the future? Are you? 
Join her and other future-thinking experts at our last IQ2 Debate of 2017: Humanity is Designing its Own Demise. Tickets selling fast:
From Pauline Hanson's recent burqa-wearing in parliament, to calls for plebiscite boycotts, are our public displays of dissatisfaction still having the effect we want? And given the violence that frequently surrounds public demonstrations, are they the best course of action for achieving change? 
Join us as we rally together to explore the Ethics of Protest with crowd favourite,
criminologist Michael Salter.
The Ethics of Protest
Thursday 28 September, 6.30pm
@ The Ethics Centre, Castlereagh St, Sydney.
According to the AEC, more than half a million 18-39 year olds aren't on the electoral role. So tonight, from 5-8pm, @viceau, @fbiradio, @broadsheet_syd, @pedestriantv and Junkee are working together to ensure their respective audiences register or update their voting details ahead of the same sex marriage postal plebiscite. At TEC, we think it's vital all Australian voices are heard on marriage equality. ✔️Register or update by midnight tomorrow, 24 August, and have your say! #enrolandupdate
Weekend reading sorted 👌 @newphilosopher
We are in a new era growing and changing population, economic failings and headwinds, changes to our environment, and the mix of biodiversity on our planet. Jokes about AI taking our jobs are commonplace. Is humanity headed straight for our own destruction? Or do we have real reasons to be optimising about the future? Join us for our last IQ2 debate for 2017, "Humanity is designing its own demise" on Tuesday 24 October. Speakers to be announced shortly. Tickets via the  link in our bio
At this week's #iq2oz debate, we heard stories from brave audience members whose lives had been changed for the better, and for the worse after going to prison. Do prisons too similarly resemble methods of punishment like torture, as Michel Foucault suggests?
Stay tuned for the full video of the debate, online on Facebook & YouTube soon.
Nyunggai Warren Mundine at #iq2oz prisons debate earlier this week. He, along with @julianburnside argued that prisons in Australia don't work. A majority 64% of the audience at the end of the night agreed with them.
Author of best-selling memoir Orange is the New Black, @piperkerman_oficial, firmly believes that our justice system is racially-based and prisons don't work. Do you agree? Come along to our IQ2 Debate: Prisons Work, on 1 August, and help us discuss some of the biggest challenges facing our prison system:
We talk about consent as being something that's wholly ours to give. Yet the law places limitations on when we’re capable or not of giving it, such as in the ongoing debate around assisted dying. So when is a decision truly ours to make? Join @missluciebee, Eleanor Gordon-Smith, and Elisabeth Shaw, as we challenge the “yes means yes” and “no means no” definition of consent. Tickets at
Julian Burnside is an Australian barrister and human rights advocate. He believes that currently, people are coming out of prison worse than they go in. This, he says, perpetuates an endless cycle of criminality for many disadvantaged people. What do you think? Come and hear this powerful speaker at our IQ2 Debate: Prisons Work, next Tuesday 1 August. Tickets still available: