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Final applications for our Digital Marketing role close this Monday!
The position offers a really exciting opportunity to shape and grow our digital channels. Comes with a great team, awesome office, flexibility & scope to shift the dial towards a better world. Link to apply in bio 👉
#iq2oz history made tonight 🙌 Record audiences of 1.4k at Sydney Town Hall to debate the motion: #MeToo has gone too far. Pre-debate polling shows only 19% think it has.
NYT columnist Bret Stephens has suggested  #MeToo “goes too far” thanks to its potential to derail the lives of the crass along with the criminal. Where do you stand? 
Our IQ2 #MeToo debate kicks off at 6.30pm tonight. If you missed out, final tix available on the door or stay tuned for the video later this month.
We often talk about what the onslaught of AI will do to 'us', but rarely question the ethical obligations we owe 'them'. Sparked by the release of a new Playstation game that holds a mirror up to a near-future where androids walk amongst us (and are treated pretty badly), our ED, Dr Simon Longstaff, explores the rights of tomorrow's robots. Article link in bio.
Actress and producer @salmahayek was one of the most famous voices to speak out against Harvey Weinstein in the #MeToo movement. But her ire wasn’t just for him. It was for the systems that protected him and the complicity and silence of the people around him. Tomorrow night we explore the impact of #MeToo at our most popular #iq2oz debate to date.
Love the Short & Curly podcast as much as we do? Resident TEC ethicist @drmattbeard &  ABC producer extraordinaire @kylaslaven have been busy putting their wisdom down on paper. Matt promises zombies, birthday parties, strategies to tackle the bullies & much more! It’s out this October with @penguinrandomhouse & we’ll keep you posted with all the details as they come. Stay tuned!
Author & journo @ljcharleston was an early responder to the #MeToo movement, writing, ‘Why I'm Not Joining The #MeToo Hashtag Even Though I Was Sexually Harassed’. The former model and associate editor of Huffington Post AU joins us this Tuesday for our most popular debate in IQ2 Australia history - ‘#MeToo Has Gone Too Far’.
#EthicsOfCreativity at #VividIdeas Exchange in @mca_australia with @mirrahreflects @sashimi_roll_tattooing @lostc0llective @scottie.marsh @kymmidd
Stuck in a bind, with no good options and no easy way out?
We've all been there. For over 25 years we’ve offered a free counselling service to help people make their way through life's ethical challenges, big and small.
And many people still don’t even know about it! Find out more or book a private one hour call via link in bio #whatdoi #toughdecisions #findaway
The #MeToo movement shows no signs of slowing down & that’s just the way @thefeedsbsviceland host @jan__fran likes it. Hear why at our next IQ2 debate, Tues 5 June >> new tix released, link in bio 🎟
As our appetite for information grows, are we enlightened or more in the dark than ever? We've partnered with @lifewithglider to explore ancient wisdom, philosophy & meaning over cocktails & food. It's going to be awesome. First event THIS Saturday 6.30pm, as part of @VividSydney in @rbgsydney >> Look for ‘enlightenment’ on Vivid site. TEC friends get 10% off using code CURIOUSTEC
Does online shaming undermine what #MeToo set out to do? Are there better ways to start a revolution? Hear from criminologist and specialist in gendered violence, sexual assault, and complex trauma, Michael Salter, at our next IQ2 debate on 5 June: #MeToo Has Gone Too Far. Additional tickets just released >> Ticket link in bio 🎟