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for my luck, strength, & confidence is in The Lord Jesus Christ;
to only Him i shall rely.

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Whatever journey it is, the final view will be worth the climb 🙌🏻 #nofilter #WonderfulIndonesia.
Starting to like the ⛰ as much as 🏝
You and your friends @anakgaulgo deciding what to eat like 🤔 then ends up going to all three restaurants.
Surreal shades. 
#beach #summeriscomingsoon
My confidence regarding how our friendship will last is as big as our ability to color-coordinate with no plan 🙌🏻 #telepathicskillsonpoint.
Cloudy with a chance of one last holi-day #backtoworktomorrow.
Sisters by blood ❣️
The blood of Christ 💁🏻‍♀️
Disconnect the wifi, connect to nature 💙 #sanddunes.
in her natural habitat 🌵
When ppl ask me what my favorite show is: watching overseas news and politics storming on the wicked 🌩 ⚡️better than any drama 💯 | Psalm 91:7-9.
Unfiltered mornings ☀️ (yep, defs my new lock screen 🤙🏻)
#glamping #bandungjuara #wonderfulindonesia.
Grab some popcorn, i’ve gotten us the best seat 🚗
#bromotenggersemeru #wonderfulindonesia #bluesky.