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for my luck, strength, & confidence is in The Lord Jesus Christ;
to only Him i shall rely.
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You are faithful, i know You’re not gonna change 🎵
Thinking of hot coco by the fireplace? 🤤 / @lpm_finery.
Sacrificing my green-blue feed this season :’) #thattimeofyear.
What’s really needed was a small backpack, 2 days away from the city and a whole lot of holy spirit presence🔋
Oh come on in to my crib, careful with your steps climbing the ladder tho! 🐣
Lay all under the light ✨ my favorite @lpm_finery collection yet!
Future so bright put on some shades ⚡️ @sunset.eyewear
No no, not a lettuce 🌿
Help us we’re stranded 🧤
If you’re going through something hard, here’s a quick reminder that God will provide you rest after it all. 
It amazes me the detail in timing of what God has prepared and set up everytime i went through a struggle;
Literally everyone sees me as a person who never stresses, but honestly it’s all just A DECISION to take everyday 😋
It’s good to be back at the habitat 🐠