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for my luck, strength, & confidence is in The Lord Jesus Christ;
to only Him i shall rely.

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As the deer pants for the water, so my soul need you Lord;
Quench our hearts and fill this space with heaven like a flood.  #🌊 #🎶
Second chin peeking to say hi 🙃 #ontheblog.
no coffee no work 🖐🏻 #latteart
The face you make when your friends didn’t think you were wearing your dad’s shirt 😏
Just as sure as the sun sets at the end of the day, then the darkness fades. And the clouds, they roll away. .
Deep rooted trees don’t fear the wind 🌴 / 📸: @martinkho.
Only dead fishes go with the flow.
A wall keeps everybody out, but having a gate will keep the wrong people out 🙌🏻
Get tickets (✔️) itinerary list (✔️) fly back (....)
I decided to leave the city and live beside the sea with my dog 🙃
📸: @martinkho
Planted not buried 🌵