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Old city of Al-Khadhimiya #Baghdad #Iraq. 📷 @ahmadmousa
By @ahmedgaaber 
95 year old Sheikh Fathallah abo-gabr was born in Der Esna village and learned the holy Quran at age 9, and became a servant for Quran ever since. He taught a lot of Quran learners. He told his kids one day that he saw the prophet  Mohamed in his Dreams and he told him that whoever sees him would be happy. Sheikh fathalla’s story spread and his visitors came from all over the country to visit him and get blessed by him.
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@wissamgaza Turkish Muslims prayers at the city's landmark Sultan Ahmed Mosque, or Blue Mosque, in Istanbul, on the second day of Ramadan. By Wissam Nassar #ramadan #istanbul #everything_imaginable #wissamgaza
The Month of Ramadan is known for its generosity, hence the Arabic word "Kareem". During this month, Muslims abstain from food/drinks and many pleasures to appreciate and think of others. There is also a greater commitment to give charity to the needy and less fortunate. The neighbors in Alrakah district have set out every Ramadan to contribute to a catering company that will daily feed a couple of hundred visitors outside the mosque. Many foreign workers and some locals sit outside in waiting for the Maghreb Athan (call to prayer during sunset) to announce the breaking of fast. I photographed this event two years ago on the first day of Ramadan, and looking forward to photographing more of this special month this year. Photo by @tasneemalsultan #saudiarabia #dammam #everydaymiddleeast #everydayeverywhere #ramadan #fasting #mosque
Two boys play with pigeons in their family's home in Ad Daqahliya, Egypt.
By @ahmedgaaber 
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Photograph by Mahmoud Khattab @somewhereincairo مصطفى يدعوكم لزلابية لذيذة. رمضان مبارك وفطورا هانئا Mostafa sells delicious Zalabiya in Ain Shams on the first day of Ramadan, a spiritual month observed by Muslims around the world. Especially festive for the food after breaking the fast at sunset. Wishing those observing Ramadan a blessed time with family and loved ones. 
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Khalid Nabi, a legendary cemetery over the green plains of the Thousand Valley
The shrine is located on top of the mountain, and if you look up above it, as if the heavens and the earth are tied together and the surrounding hillsides, known as a thousand hills, have transformed it into something that is not like the erath.
#khaled_Nabi - #Iran |  April 2019 |  photo by @mehranmafibordbar
Photo by @tasneemalsultan | Before the bride's grand entrance in front of her female guests, the ballroom is filled with incense. #khobar #saudiarabia #everydaymiddleeast #everydayeverywhere
In 3 years , Qatar will host the Arab world’s first @fifaworldcup. Construction is underway and so is everyone’s excitement in anticipation of this event on the @roadto2022 . Captured by @i.am.shaima . Catch the story for an inside view on Al Bayt Stadium construction progress. 
Hasan sells cassettes with faded covers of pop Arabic music from the 80’s and 90’s. I asked him if people actually buy those and he said yes. They buy them for the memories, he said.  Dhahban, Saudi Arabia. 📸 @photosbyiman .
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Photos 📸 @photosbyiman. 1st pic: Eman chillin on top of her car. 2nd pic: Saja helping her friend Elham get her car checked at the mechanic’s. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Assignment for @elpaissemanal .
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by: @degnerd⁣
⁣A portrait of Cherine Amr and Nancy Mounir of “Mascara”, a Hardcore Metal band that kicked off in 2005 in the seaside city of #Alexandria. ⁣
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