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Spectacular Bougainvillea bloom overflowing from over a compound wall at versova in Mumbai, India. #mumbai #everydaymumbai #Bougainvillea #summer

Photo @theazharkhan
Dev Mishra works out on the pull-up bars on the promenade at carters road bandra in Mumbai, India. Dev, originally from Begusarai in Bihar lost his both legs in train accident. His goal is to participate In dance reality shows and win it on his own strength for his mother. He has been practising dance and working really hard everyday out here at carters road. #everydaymumbai
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Photo @pratik543
Celebrating #earthday today by highlighting the work of wildlife photographer @radharangarajan as a part of #Followsunday this week.

Beautiful photographs of flora & fauna that highlight the importance of the need of striking a balance balance between conservation and economic development .

#everydaymumbai #biodiversity
#conservation #everydayeverywhere
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Photo 1 : A slender and beautiful Green Vine Snake moves through a bush in Agumbe. They use camouflage so efficiently that one could easily mistake this snake for a twig or a vine.

Photo 2 : Hermit Crabs aren't true crabs, they have soft shells and to protect themselves from the heat and predators, they snuck into shells discarded by other molluscs.

Photo 3 : Ashy Woodswallows photographed at first light on a very cold winter morning in Bhadra Tiger Reserve.

Photo 4 : Devbagh beach in Karwar faces the west, for a few minutes at the peak of the golden hour, every single crab on the beach would glow, like this.

Photo 5 : Walking around a stream in Valparai, a piece of wood with a fresh bunch of Filoboletus fungi drifted down the stream. Looked underneath and found these gorgeous patterns

Continued in comments.
Our #followsunday today is @radharangarajan, nature and wildlife photographer based out of Bangalore. 
Though she photographs all things wild, fungi, elephants and trees particularly fuel her imagination. Part of the editorial teams at JLRExplore and @naturein_focus, she curates and edits stories that focus on travel, nature and wildlife. Radha is fascinated by life forms that inhabit coastal regions and plans to document the natural history of these creatures over time. She believes that the most efficient conservation tool is awareness through knowledge sharing and hopes to use her photography to spearhead this effort. 
Photo : - A King Cobra, the longest most venomous snake in the world, photographed in Agumbe during a capture-release. 
#everydaymumbai #everydayeverywhere #kingcobra #biodiversity #conservation #wildlife
Hey guys, these are the contributors for this week for the #everydaymumbai feed.
As always, I encourage everyone to follow these photographers - they are all local Indian photographers and are doing incredible work.

Row 1 @marinelifemumbai , @bombay_ka_shana 
Row 2 @divyakant123 @emmanual_09 
Row 3 @poojajain__ @rajeshsanap 
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Harvester ants nest ( शेतकरी मुंग्या )

By Rajesh Sanap & Anuradha Joglekar

Ants are ubiquitous super organisms that are an indispensable part of the terrestrial ecosystem. Ants are well known for their peculiar behavior of the “division of labor,” whereby different members of a single colony engage in different roles, often controlled by one supervisor, the queen. Ants maintain the ecosystem function by soil turning, pollination, scavenging, biocontrol, and so on. Harvester ants harvest grass seeds and store them in the godowns within their nests. Ant nests are complex structures of many chambers interconnected by channels. The nest architecture depends on various components, such as soil type, colony size, rainfall, among many others. These ants now face threats due to a habitat loss and soil erosion. 
This particular harvester ant nest is built to keep it from flooding in Mumbai monsoons! The channels are constructed such that the concentric rings channel the water away from the main entrance.

#mumbai #saveaarey #everydaymumbai #biodiversity
#conservation #everydayeverywhere

Photo @rajeshsanap
A cattle egret roams in water in search of food at the coast near carter road, bandra in Mumbai, India.
#mumbai #egret #birdsofinstagram
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Photo @emmanual_09
Mix of two freedom fighters Chandrashekhar Azad and Bhagat Singh on the rear window of an autorickshaw.

#bombay_ka_shana #bombaysummers #bombaykashanakon #bhagatsingh #chandrashekharazad  #freedomfighter #india #everydaymumbai #rikshawart

Photo @bombay_ka_shana
Indian Circus - Biju Nair (R), help Vishwanath Gaikwad with make-up in his tent behind the main show area at Rambo Circus, in Mumbai, India, 05 November 2017. Biju Nair, 47, from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, joined circus at very early age in his childhood. He literally ran away from home, and ended up in Mumbai. He wandered into a circus with a job as ticket collector. He did all sort of odd jobs in circus from ticket taker, bouncer, announcer, clown. He always fascinated by the clowns acts and later persuaded the clowns. He always tries to improve himself by new acts and learning from the international clowns through online videos. He loves to watch news channels whenever he get time. He is in the circus industry from last 38 years and from 18 years he is performing as clown. He has so many ups and down in his life but always have good feeling in making people laugh by entertaining them. He has two children who lives in Kerala and getting an education in school which he didn’t get.
#everydaymumbai #everydayeverywhere

Photo @divyakant123
Cinema in India gained popularity as a form of entertainment during the early twentieth century. Audience members response to the film may be effected by their own culture upbringing or personal experiences such as religion, city or political standing. It is more than simple escapism.

Illegal video parlours in the underbelly of Bombay function with poor infrastructure, sometimes using cheap video projectors, and often manage with a mere TV set. The tickets cost between 0.31$ and 0.76$. These cinema halls are dominated by men of the lower social order, mostly migrants.The single screens are losing out to multiplexes by improving the movie watching experience. Daily wagers have to accept dependency in order to get work, housing and an identity in the urban setting.  In most cases, labour contractors hire the migrant workers who are brought to the city to work on daily wages within an irregular work flow. Each morning they gather and wait for contractors to come and tell them their place of work, which changes everyday. Most of the migrants live in clan based clusters. These shanty cinema halls show films in their native languages like Tamil, Punjabi,Bhojpuri and telugu. It gives a sense of belonging to a community. Big hollywood films are dubbed into Tamil and Telugu regularly.

The cinema exhibition centre also functions as an entertainment house, temporary shelter and a waiting zone to get work for daily wage work. Audiences can always be found at the front, stressing their identity and sentiments in dance, songs, and other ways. These cinema halls live in constant fear of eviction by the municipality. Where does that leave the marginalised groups and the weaker sections of society? Is there another way of going to the movies ? By letting oneself be fascinated by twice over by the image and its surroundings. #cinema #mumbai #everydaymumbai #everydayeverywhere #documentaryphotography
#photojournalism #reportagespotlight

Photo @poojajain__
We as a community must support projects like @marinelifemumbai not just for the because they are a wonderful source of knowledge & photographs but it also highlights the fact that how important it is to conserve it. Flora & fauna surrounding us have as much right to the city as any of us. Also the projects brings a new outlook to the city which is visually reduced to a city of slums & poverty. I hope the project helps encourage you to think more about our environment and about learning something new as well. We are often wowed by what we see on documentaries about Marine life on BBC, Natgeo, this is right in our backyard. Check them out.

#everydaymumbai #mumbai #everydayeverywhere #MarineLife #biodiversity 
Captions to photos in comments.
Our #followsunday this week is @marinelifemumbai which is by far one of my favorite projects out on Instagram. 
Marine Life of Mumbai is a collective based out of Mumbai, currently in their 2nd year. Their main aim is to take this city's land-dwelling inhabitants (humans) to meet the underwater inhabitants (marine life) on shore walks along the city's coastline. These walks are free (and will always be) because they believe this is the only way to make the shore walk experience inclusive and accessible to all. 
The other goal is to use these walks as the medium to collect data and create a database through the avenue of citizen science. Their data is open-access and democratised for everyone. 
Mumbai has a history that dates back several centuries, but none more prominent than when 7 islands were joined to create the mega city as we know it today. That history defines the coastline of this city. However, under the current rebuilding of the city's infrastructure, the coastline that we have today will soon be a part of history. ・・・ "A good outfit brings the party home." While most other bony fish were out perfecting their swimming skills for better defence or attack, the Scorpaeniformes 'stayed put' and worked on a slightly different strategy. 
Feathery fins, tassles, warts, coloured specks, sometimes even a living patch of hydroids or algae - they'll wear anything to rule the world of disguise and deception. But why?

Well, anyone who's ever worn a great outfit knows; you don't have to go looking for the party, you wait for the party to come to you. A scorpion fish will lie still against its most flattering backdrop (coral reef, rubble or sand patch) and wait for unsuspecting prey to approach. With a mouth wide enough to swallow prey twice it's size, dinner served is swallowed in one quick vacuum-packed gulp.

ID: #Scorpionfish (#Scorpaenidae)
Size: Approx. 3 inches
Habitat: #Rocky seabeds and #tidepools (This specimen was found as bycatch in a drag net)
Location: #Girgaon
Date: 19th February, 2014

#everydaymumbai #everydayeverywhere #reportagespotlight

Photo by @pradippatade written by @eyes.wide.open