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Chronicle of the social landscape & daily lives of Mumbai city.
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#weeklyroundupem2019 is an archive of Photography shared on #everydaymumbai every week for 2019.  @instagram has become celebrity & influencers garbage pit where those who are documenting our lives & our time, helping create discourse for the rest of the world are often unseen. Follow the photographers. ✌️
Photo @dandekarvaibhav 
Girgaon has seen monumental changes in the last three decades that I have been fortunate enough to witness. A lot of landmarks either metamorphosed or vanished entirely. Except this, the one landmark has resisted change for now. 
Countless students have been blessed both from St. Teresa high school and those SSC board students for whom the school has been center, countless commuters were blessed with safe passage after 11/06/06, countless believers irrespective of their faith or beliefs because that's how an average Girgaonkar is. #girgaon #mumbai #everydaymumbai
Photo @chiragwakaskar

Prakash Bhoir of Keltipada in Aarey forest shows us his first warli artwork he made about a wedding scene.
Warli painting is a style of tribal art mostly created by the tribal people from the North Sahyadri Range in India. Aarey, the last green lung of Mumbai, which is also home to 27 adivasi hamlets, is being gobbled up by developers under the garb of various projects including the metro car shed and biological zoo, the tribals said, while the community is being shifted to 480 square feet houses in other areas. #everydaymumbai #warli #tribal
Photo @swisscheesevine

Mumbai's window to its past are these old buildings with beautiful balconies and windows. Some have plants decorating it, some have food parlours for birds to hangout on a lunch date. Some show a disciplined and careful housekeeper because of the clothes drying in an orderly fashion. Delicates behind the regular clothes which are positioned after the towels. 
Famous lawyers of Mumbai work from home and proudly hang their nameplates on the edge of these windows/ balconies. Mrs. Ahmed sometimes has her soft hands sticking out of the windows while she draws the drawstring holding the basket of milk and eggs up to the third floor and Mr. Ahmed always remembers to send up a rose and a bunch of mogra for her hair. The expression of love in the city has its own politics. The traditional ways are seen in these windows too. #mumbai #everydaymumbai #oldbombay #mumbaibuildings #mumbaiartdeco
#weeklyroundupem2019 for this week.

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Great stories make great photos. You don't really need to own a fancy DSLR or travel to far off places to make good photos. 
Thankful to the photographers who let their photos be published on #everydaymumbai Instagram handle. I hope you take a look at the photographer accounts and follow them as well. 
#photojournalism #documentaryphotography
Photo @saurabhsawant

Brilliant blue-glowing #Mumbai seas.. Mumbai #coast gets #glowy at #Khardanda.

#Bioluminescence is a well-known worldwide phenomena across various kinds of organisms. Over large areas in sea especially close to #shores, it is produced by #Phytoplanktons, most commonly by #Dinoflagellates. It is produced due to #luciferase protein. They're believed to have evolved in such a way to keep predators away. Such large #glow also attracts big #predators which keep a tab on small predators that feed on the #planktons. The glow appears only when the organisms are agitated by movement such as the #waves or water hitting the rocks. Photo 2016. #archive #everydaymumbai
Photo @localmeinvocal

So happy to meet this gracious autowaali from Bombay. 
When I first noticed the painted nails I thought this man must have some mannat with god..so I just said "itnaaa lambha nakhun" 
And then I hear a sweet humble voice - Didi Eid ki tayaari Kar rahi hoon"
Me - with a huge smile on my face started to chat up with her..
Her name is manju.. lives with her boyfriend.
She  was working in a hotel but was fired bcoz of her sexual preference..Hence decided to ride an auto for a living for the past 5 years.
She dreads to ride the auto after 11pm due to some f***tards d**k-heads who teases her..trouble the shit out of her 😠

So Proud to see her  fight against all odds and rides like a queen on the street of Mumbai ❤️ Thank you manju for a super ride 😘 
#poonism  #mumbaistory #lgbtq #mirchimumbai #citylife #autowaali #everydaymumbai
Photo @dandekarvaibhav

Development efforts are in full swing all over #bombay and one of the oldest #precinct in #mumbai is welcoming it with open arms. This is Bohari Mohalla, an address where all foodies irrespective of religion, caste, creed and now recently nationalities throng during the holy month of #ramzan to sample/ gorge/ satiate upon the delectable and absolutely authentic Muslim cuisine. 
Next year most of the establishment would be closed and then in the future would transform into swanky avatars. Losing their quintessential rusticity, simplicity and all around authenticity. But hopefully their flavours would remain untouched. #iftar #iftarparty #food #traditionalfood #everydaymumbai #everydayindia #eid
Photo @kartikigonsalves

Flamingoes fly over Navi Mumbai ! The eastern seafront of Mumbai is home to more than 1.2 lakh of flamingos. Every winter, thousands of greater and lesser flamingoes flock to these mudflats and mangroves from Kutch in Gujarat. Some of the spots you can see these beautiful migratory birds are at the Sewri mudflats, Vashi creek, Airoli creek, Thane creek, Uran, Bhigwan, Ujani Dam. #everydaymumbai #flamingo #mumbai
Photo @artdecomumbai

Al -Sabah Court, Marine Drive. Ishwar Nivas was renamed Al-Sabah Court in 1954 when the Sheikh of Kuwait bought it from Kantilal Ishwarlal Morakhia. The lobby has been recently done in Deco with loss of flooring. #WHSMarineDrive #MarineDrive #kuwait #everydaymumbai #WorldHeritageSite #artdeco #mumbai #india #unesco #unescoworldheritage  Read More at http://www.artdecomumbai.com/research/#unesco
The project is closing in on 5 years in a couple of months and I'm always thankful and happy for the support it has received.
The idea was to build a visual archive of the city through various viewpoints & help support photographers. You should look up the contributors this week and follow them.

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#everydaymumbai #mumbai #india #weeklyroundupem2019 #photojournalism
Photo @devika_vaid

End of an Era, absolutely shattered 💔
Bombay's iconic building Watson Hotel/Esplanade Mansion closes it's doors today after being around for almost 135 years and a long battle with the Supreme Court, declaring this structure unfit. It's a UNCESCO world heritage site as it's one of the few cast iron buildings in the world. #everydaymumbai #mumbai