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Hanging Gardens, Mumbai - December 2017
“Unseasonal Mist”
Hanging Gardens. A fond childhood memory for me. Decided to have a wander through on a day that was offering a beautiful unseasonable mist. #everydaymumbai mumbai  #treestagram #tree

Photo @sunhilsippy
@bombaywalla is one of my favorite Instagram accounts for anything coming from Mumbai and is our #followsunday  this week. Run by the amazing @siminjp. ・・・
Furniture: Gamdevi Hair Cutting Saloon
40G Jethabhai Kalyanji (J.K.) Buildings, Harishchandra Goregaoker Road, Gamdevi.  1) Dinesh Jadhav is the fourth generation of the Jadhav family to run the saloon in Gamdevi. 
Photo by @hashimbadani
#bombaywalla #everydaymumbai
During the First World War, there stood a Japanese bank in the Fort area of Bombay, which in 1953 turned into what we today fondly know as Yazdani Bakery. Thankfully, not much has changed at this iconic Irani eatery since then—the air is aromatic, the buns are soft and the people are as sweet as ever.
Vintage handpainted menuboards, a century old Irani Bakery, peeling blue walls that have lived through wars, 
an elderly Parsi gentleman with stories of old, and the sweet smell of freshly baked bread wafting through a busy street.
#mumbai #typographylove #handpaintedsigns #timetravel #parsi #peelingpaint #beautyindecay #TheParsiProject #everydaymumbai

Photo & text @anushkagupta5
Squid chromatophores

These are the skin pigment cells because of which the squid changes its colour. These cells can be contracted to a size of a pin point to reflect a pale colouration or expanded to a size of a pin head which reflects a darker colouration. These chromatophores can be in combination of any 3 colours from black, brown, yellow, orange and red. The contraction and expansion of the chromatophores can take place within a two-third of a second.

As this squid (in the photograph) was in a tide pool and alive, I was lucky enough to see it changing its colouration. As it was rising towards the surface, it was getting darker. While as it was submerging to the bottom of the tide pool, the colouration was disappearing (turns white), making it almost invisible.
This photograph was clicked when the squid came near the surface and started developing darker colouration. Thus both the colourations are visible in the photograph. #squid #colourchanger #chromatophores #marinebiology #mollusc #decapod #marine #thebigoldblue #canon #macro #explore #bbcearth #earthcapture #natgeo #mumbai #maharashtra #india #everydaymumbai

Photo @_gaurav_patil_
People visiting the city for the death anniversary (Mahaparinirvan Diwas) of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar take shelter inside Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station due to heavy rainfall on Tuesday.

The city witnessed the highest December rainfall throughout the day after 40 years owing to cyclone Ockhi passing the coast of Mumbai on 5 December 2017. #mumbai #ambedkarjayanti #jaibhim #everydaymumbai 
Photo @_janak_rathod_
Boys play football early morning on the beach at girgaon in Mumbai, India. #football #everydaymumbai #mumbai #india #letsfootball 
Photo @_nilofer_khan_
Winter isn't coming any more, it's here. On an early Sunday morning at the @sanjaygandhinationalpark with dappled sunlight filtering through the canopy and the weather so comfortably cool, I was with forest guard, Kuldip Singh Rajput and another budding birder, @vedanti_mahimkar at the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, one of the small teams undertaking the monthly bird survey. This morning saw us observing a number of winter migrants including warblers (small little birds that are annoying to identify but amazing to watch because how cool is it that these birds that could fit in the palm of your hand fly all the way from the faraway lands of Central Asia such as Afghanistan and Uzbekistan to spend their winters here in India). We also saw a host of other forest beauties including orioles, barbets and woodpeckers. Birding bliss! Oh, and a langur and a sambar deer calling out in alarm from the depths of the forest while we're walking to remind us perhaps that a certain large cat roams these wilds.
#wildlife #mumbai #everydaymumbai

Photo @birlashashank
Sadashiv Jadhav (56) & his grandson Sagar Jadav (12) offer flowers to a photo of Dr BR Ambedkar inside a Buddhist Vihara on the occasion of 126th birth anniversary of Dr BR Ambedkar inside Ramabai Ambedkar Nagar colony in Mumbai, India. Edit: Shot on 22nd April 2017. #everydaymumbai #ambedkarjayanti #mumbai #buddha #vihara #ramabainagar #dalit #jaibhim #reportagespotlight #everydayindia #everydayeverywhere

Photo @chiragwakaskar
@sodonechilling is our #followsunday
this week. Sexual crimes towards women  is epidemic in nature and we must support whoever calls it out.  Speak out. Share the voice who speak against injustice. "If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” – Desmond Tu
Defensiveness is rape culture. Now is the time to pay attention. Listen. Believe victims. When you don't, the power gap between perpetrator and victim widens. Shoutout to @kritikatrehan cos she's #sodonechilling #metoo #mumbai #everydaymumbai #feminism
A tourist poses for pictures against the carving of Ardhanarishvara inside UNESCO World Heritage Site of Elephanta caves on Gharpuri island in Mumbai harbour some 10kms east of Mumbai, India. Ardhanarishvara carving represents the ancient Hindu concept of essential interdependence of the feminine and the masculine aspects in the universe, for its creation, its sustenance and its destruction. #mumbai #everydaymumbai #elephantacaves #hinduism #Shaivism

Photo @shikhasoodphotography
A man has his picture taken by a friend on an evening at juhu beach in Mumbai, India. #mumbai #everydaymumbai 
Photo @niharika_kulkarni
A boy tries out a new taqiyah (religious cap) at a shop in Mohammed Ali road in Mumbai, India. #everydaymumbai #mumbai #muslim #taqiyah
Photo @nasarhusami