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The 6th century AD Brahmanical caves at Mandapeshwar in Borivali are perhaps one of North Mumbai's best kept secrets. Hidden inside IC colony this complex was repurposed by the Portuguese in the 16th century. Padre Antonio de Porto built a chapel and then a church on the outcrop above the caves. The caves were used as a chapel and later as a crypt. Some of the sculptures were defaced and destroyed whilst one was modified into a cross. The church originally called Our Lady of Piety was later enlarged and renamed The Church of our lady of the Immaculate Conception. A monastery and royal college were added as was India's first Catholic orphanage. The Portuguese were driven out of Salcette by the Peshwa general Chimmajiappa in the 4th decade of the 18th century and the church was destroyed. It was rebuilt a few meters away in 1912 where it stands to this day. IC colony (named after the church) is home to over 20,000 Christians and over a dozen Church organisations. The Brahmanical sculptures of Natraja and Kalyanasundaramurti are very beautiful and worth visiting. The site is protected by the ASI and whilst they have done a good job local vandalism is still very much a reality. The central cave has a new shivalinga in it and is currently a well known place of Shaivite worship. 
The India Study Centre (INSTUCEN) Trust has being doing its bit to highlight this heritage and last weekend organised a 2 day Workshop on the Caves of Mumbai which culminated here. #everydaymumbai

Photo @kurushdalal
This was at a shop near the district sessions court in Mumbai. The choice of the photo as an ad made me laugh as Salman Khan was a regular presence at the court while facing the trial for alleged drunk driving in 2002. Imagining the scenario of Salman walking into this shop for an "urgent photo". #mumbai #stories #salmankhan #bollywood #everydaymumbai

Photo @citysyncrasies
@shareabookindia is our #followsunday for this week. Our first followsunday of 2018 *Book Lovers Unite! ✊We're bringing books back.* 🙌
_And into the lives of some underprivileged children, for the first time._

We're looking for volunteers in *Pune, Mumbai and the NCR* to read stories with schoolchildren and help us out with our mission to set up libraries in economically backward govt and private schools across India. The storytelling sessions are held on Saturdays for 2 hours.

You will be put in touch with the schools' administration through us and then all you have to do is make the story-sessions fun for these children your desired way. We will provide you with the required books and essential guidelines too!

We are also collecting books/library supplies of all kinds and sorting them accordingly to be reused to develop these libraries.

If you'd like to contribute to this campaign in any way,
Please call/send us a message on
9116899611 (Priti)

Let's bridge the gap by making the dream of a quality education true for each and every child in India. 🇮🇳 *Be a part of a revolution!* Visit our website for more Information.
First weekly roundup of 2019

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Much has been written about Mumbai and about Bombay but connecting the two is the local train. However safe and convenient this chariot of dreams maybe, you've got to protect what's yours in it even while you fall asleep to the 'white noise' of the flaky conversations, the carefully thought and recorded announcements and the train horns. 
Here's a colour coordinated example of the mindful stance of protecting a purse. #everydaymumbai #mumbai

Photo @realfable
Sighted close to 41 bird species while birding, after which we came across this rare bird called Sykes's Nightjar aka Sindh Nightjar. This bird happens to be first record of Suburban Mumbai. There are previous records of the bird from Vasai and Kalyan region. 
Interestingly both Sindh Nightjar and Shinde (my surname) come from the location of Sindh valley. 
#Sykes #Nightjar #sindhnightjar #mumbai #everydaymumbai

Photo @akshaydshinde
Fresh coat of paint for a post box at a corner in suburb of Bandra in Mumbai, India. #everydaymumbai #mumbai 
Photo @chiragwakaskar
Mumbai city skyline at night.
#everydaymumbai #mumbai

Photo @yusufk1207
I'd like to thank everyone for supporting @everydaymumbai project which is in its 5th year now. The project exists for helping create a visual narrative of the city. And I really enjoy seeing good work, and varied images and some of the most popular images have been across various genres so as to speak this year. Hundreds of photographers have contributed to the project over the years and I'm grateful to everyone. We have some of the most talented photographers in the world, not just the country. I've tagged the most popular photographs on the feed in 2018 with the photographers. Feel free to follow them. #mumbai #everydaymumbai #bestnine2018

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And wishing everyone a very happy new year :) Best wishes, Chirag
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Photograph of young women in London, having arrived from Calcutta, India - 1957⁣⁣
After the destruction of WW2, Britain needed to rebuild itself but there were severe labour shortages. They figured more immigrants will solve their problem. The British Nationality Act of 1948 gave commonwealth citizens free entry to UK. Hundreds of thousands came from South Asia to Britain through the 1950s, not just for short-term work, but settling for good. However in the years to come, Britain's attitude towards immigration would start to take a negative turn and over the years it would become harder and harder for them to enter the UK..⁣
Source: British Library: Immigration from India.

#everydaymumbai #mumbai #history
Last #weeklyroundupem for 2018! The idea behind it as always - for you the audience to take a look at more work of the photographers, to engage with them, to follow them. 
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#everydaymumbai #mumbai
You can set your clock to his arrival. 5:15, and he is setting down his his drum-shaped cane stool at the door of the local Chakki. On the drum, he balances a large aluminium tray with an aluminium sheet for a fortress, covered with a red dish cloth stretched across it to give you a mock reassurance of hygiene. I walk up to him and he breaks into a smile. I have earned several hundreds of greys since I first met him as a young girl; he, on the other hand, has hardly changed. He's still setting up when I ask him how he's been. Cue the standard refrain of how he wanted to come back earlier but his children don't want him to work in the city anymore but he couldn't stand doing nothing in the village so he came away finally. "Bus abahi aaya hoon, gaon se," he says opening the spotless steel dabbas containing freshly made chutneys and plastic bags of puffed rice, Sev, and Puri. "Has your brother married yet?" he asks me as he always does. Not yet, I say, and he launches a lecture on how it is getting too late. "Meetha bhel khaata tha" he says, slipping back fondly to a lost time and handing me a single serving of Sev Puri before taking my order. As he layers the puris, we make small talk and the beats emanating from the mill fill our silences. Occasionally, a mother-child duo walks up from the park across and places an order for Sukha Bhel. For the n-th time, he tells me the secret to his chutney--red dates; no sugar. I tell him the chutney will never be like his even if he tells me exactly how to make it, and he breaks into a  modest smile. I wonder how he makes any profit--he goes to the same spots he did twenty five years ago, he hasn't expanded in any way, his quality is still superlative, and his wares hardly cost much more considering all things economics. He goes back to the village every monsoon and returns only after Ganpati. How has he managed to survive all these years while the most established restauraters shut shop in mere months, I wonder and pick up my bag of Sev Puri and Bhel. “Bachchon ke liye Sev-Kurmura diya hoon" he whispers to me, not wanting the newer customers to know.  #bhel #mumbai #everydaymumbai

Photo @skoranne