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Chronicle of the social landscape & daily lives of Mumbai city.
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Pigeon feeding at gateway of India in Mumbai, India. #everydaymumbai
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Photo @nasarhusami
Devotees carrying lalbaug cha raja for immersion into the sea on the final day of the Ganesh festival in Mumbai, India. #everydaymumbai
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Photo - Abhishek C. Chavan /
Our #FollowSunday today comes from Ghana - Nana Kofi Acquah (@africashowboy) fuses his journalism and advertising past into his work across Africa, with the hope to help re-position the continent through new visual imagery and discourse. He is a member of the Instagram group @EverydayAfrica, an Assignment photographer for Getty Images, and the first recipient of the Tim Hetherington and World Press Photo Fellowship. 
Nana lives in a tiny village on the hem of Accra’s North Atlantic Ocean with his wife Gloria, their 3 children and 2 dogs.

He shoots  across the continent for such clients as The Global Fund, Americares, Facebook, Nike, BBC, The Financial Times, BASF, Novartis Foundation, ActionAid, WaterAid, Hershey’s, AfDB, Standard Bank among many others.

Please take a look at his page for captions & more photographs from him. Journey into Ghana through a local photographer's eyes.

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These are the photographers contributing to #everydaymumbai as a part of #weeklyroundupEM 
As always I encourage you to follow local photographers over aggregated accounts. #mumbai #everydayeverywhere
The history of Prince of Wales Seamen's Club goes back to 1837 when the Bombay Sailor Friends Association was started at Dhobitalao. The Club aims to provide accommodation, recreation, and general Welfare of Seamen frequenting or visiting the Port of Mumbai

The foundation stone of the existing building was laid in 1918 and the building was opened by The Prince Of Wales in 1921. #mumbaiheritage #everydaymumbai #mumbai

Photo  @mumbaiheritage
Mumbai  is a city of contrasts - high rises, slums, rich, poor, old,young ..and yet there is a blanket of similarity that covers it. We are all different and same in many ways. A Hindu will pray for a Muslim, a Sikh will participate in Christmas reveleries with equal fervour which is why I love this city! 
In frame is the beautiful Jama Masjid mosque on the eve of Muharram, while some men are busy putting up Ganpati pandal decorations. One street, one city and one spirit - love. #everydaymumbai

Photo & text @thewarriergal
Neatly arranged jamun fruits at a street vendor's stall in Kalbadevi in Mumbai, India. #everydaymumbai #mumbai #filmisnotdead

Photo @linesh.desai
Dharavikar Pathak making a pyramid to break Dahi Handi as Monorail passby during Krishna Janmaashthami in Mumbai, India.
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Photo @project_theholycow
"I heard catches of their laughter filled conversation as I was drawn closer and closer to the gurgling, chirping bubble of activity that they were in the otherwise sleepy ghat. Her children and grandchildren played around with the water and the sieve and acknowledged the washing away of their sins from time to time with mock seriousness. They talked excitedly in Gujarati about the photos we were taking and I wondered if I should respond in the same language. Finding sudden commonality with strangers isn't always welcome. Gangaben was satisfied with one dip in the water but they kept dousing her while she threatened them lovingly that if she caught a cold that would be the end of them." #everydaymumbai #mumbai

Photo & text @prachiadesara
@solmazdaryani, a self taught photographer from Tabriz, Iran is our #FollowSunday this week.

Brilliant photographer, Solmaz is a testament to the fact that one doesn't have to always tick the checkboxes of western photo schools to create a strong body of work. It is also important for us as Indians to look at work of local photographers throughout the developing world to understand from local narratives.

In her own words - "In my visual storytelling I seek to raise awareness of the issue of water scarcity in Iran but my work is also an examination of one’s own connections and bonds to the land, and how these relationships shape our identity.

I was raised in a country and society not known for its tolerance of journalists or photographers particularly when they happen to be women but this hasn’t made me a problem while working on my projects. Being a female photographer undoubtedly has its advantages though, particularly in a religious country. It helps when photographing families and women and it gives you the opportunity to enter people’s homes and personal spaces.” For captions to the photos check Solmaz's feed.

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How many shared religious spaces in Mumbai can you think of? At this roundabout near Kabutar Khana stands a Hindu temple with a Catholic cross erected on it’s back wall, and right opposite, across the road, is a large mosque. This cross seen in the photograph belongs to the Antonio Da Silva high school. A rosary is recited every May at the cross. #mumbai #everydaymumbai #religioninmumbai #everydayeverywhere

Photo @religion_in_mumbai