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Bandra - Mumbai, February 2018
It kind of astounds me that I窶况e never really explored Bandra. This morning I made it a point to get up early, get off my arse and catch early light. And after a very long time I was truly lost and genuinely unaware of the time. This is always my dream - to hit that beautiful, thought-free, meditative sweet spot. Bylane after bylane offered up so much material, but it was a measured morning. Stopping, talking, entering homes and getting a feel for the spaces and the people. The light was crisp and magical. I heard Joe窶冱 Trumpet while I was busy shooting inside Bharat窶冱 Tailor store. I thought it may be a kid practicing. I wandered out into the street and saw him standing there playing Dave Brubeck窶冱 Take 5 as a rickshaw whizzed past him. I took a few shots and then got chatting. He then took me to his home. I made him pose for me. I pushed him to smile. Smiles are infectious. The smile is good. But truly I love the way he窶冱 holding his trumpet. Like a gun. He held it awkwardly, but I just let him be.  #everydaymumbai #everydayeverywhere #mumbai #portrait
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Photo @sunhilsippy
Pilgrims visit the statue of Mother Mary at Bhatebandar Mata Velankanni Church in Uttan. #EverydayMumbai #mumbai #church #velankanni #reportagespotlight #everydayeverywhere #photojournalism  #christianity
Photo @chiragwakaskar
Every  time I go to Dahisar river it always amazes me and give  something new. 
Today I found stones in the river amazingly painted . 
This is natural phenomena as told by Mahim Nature park ex Director Avinash Kubal . 
He said , normally this happens where salinity is high , salt sticks to stone and as water level goes down  due to evaporation it will  make another white line.
But I think this happened due to residue of washing powder ,  as the place is popular for washing clothes among Warlis.
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Photo @mumbai_river_photo_project
A leopard sleeping on a cosy spot on a tree inside aarey forest in Mumbai, India. #saveaarey #mumbai #india #everydayeverywhere #leopard #everydaymumbai

Photo @rajeshsanap
Photographer @hari_adivarekar has shared with us some photographs made of women's national wheelchair basketball team selections. Sports which is anything other than cricket rarely finds any support in India and the athletes find it really difficult to make ends meet as well from the various stories we've heard. For para-athletes things get even harder.  They are really struggling for funds for even air tickets to get them to the para games qualifiers next month. With each ticket costing Rs.30,000 and 15 members (including 2 coaches and 1 physiotherapist) any help anyone can give, either monetary or by passing this information is paramount right now. 
Interested people can approach them on +919841609601/ +919841098056 or email wbfiindia@gmail.com to know more about how you can help them. 繝サ繝サ繝サ Head coach of both the men's and women's team, Anthony Das Pereira (68), has been a parathelete since the early 70s with the armed forces. He was an engineer with the Madras Sappers during the 1971 war between India and Pakistan and was injured in battle when struck by shrapnel in his spine. He and his platoon were setting up a temporary tank bridge across a river in Bangladesh at night, when they came under attack. He's a stern taskmaster but still breaks into a broad grin when he sees the humour. 
Pereira now lives in Pune, 窶彗lthough I was confined to a wheelchair I felt the need to do something so I started a new innings as a basketball player. As I窶况e gotten older I felt a need to do something for people like me so I started coaching. I don窶冲 take a single pie for this work neither do I ask for anything. So I窶冦 trying to improve the game of these teams.窶 I shot the Women's national wheelchair basketball team selections in #chennai. 
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A man exercises during a smoggy evening at Sion Fort in Mumbai, India. The Sion Hillock Fort was built under the regime of the English East India Company, between 1669 and 1677, atop a conical hillock when Gerard Aungier was the Governor of Bombay.ツ#everydaymumbai #mumbai #everydayeverywhere

Photo @_janak_rathod_
A Doll hung behind a BMC garbage truck reminded me the plight of Mumbai's street children. Doll reminds me of the children who live on the street and are often treated as garbage by the society. #everydaymumbai #mumbai #everydayeverywhere

Photo & text @rajennair
The Saudades House.
 Est. 1936
Mount Carmel Road,
Village of Bandra

Amidst the reverberating streets of my neighbourhood in the city, stand rows of dated houses and cottages, standing out rather curiously and charmingly, nestled between newly built, haphazardly redeveloped towers.
Characteristically quaint Bandra homes, unperturbed by their amorphous neighbours, untouched by the maladies of time.
In conversation with a dear friend, I discovered stories behind the 窶牢audades窶. I have always mused over this beautiful rust pink cottage, and wondered about the people behind these wooden doors. 
He told me about French lessons at the Saudades, and of everything he imbibed from this house.
It belongs to the Goan family of Desales, a generation of teachers, by profession. Wayne de Desales, an endearing gentleman in his seventies; high waisted pants, pinstriped shirt, mustache and spectacles, with the kindest eyes and gentlest soul, his voice a soft whisper. 
Monsieur Desales inherited this home from his grandfather, and takes french lessons for young adults, in a room full of benches and wooden tables, ladies seated on the right hand side, lads on the left.
Fading pink wallpaper on the walls, high ceilings and everything aged and antiquated, the Saudades is a large house, with a little garden full of plants in the back.
. 窶牢audade窶 in Portuguese translates to a beautiful sadness, a yearning for someone lost to love, life. A pleasurable pain, a desired melancholy.
The house has a soldier statue 窶soldad窶 saluting passersby, exemplifying the cultural symbolism in Goans, when one is a teacher, doctor or lawyer. 
Lion at the gates, for protection. Rooster on the roof symbolizing a Portuguese past, holy basil outside and frangipani inside.
It is beautiful, how our city is so rich with cultural stories, waiting to be unearthed, learned, narrated. And how we can enrich one another with these tales, keeping the magic alive. 
Our streets are full of histories, our roads are full of mysteries. 
All one has to do, is look, to find them.
Anushka Gupta
#mumbai #portugese #everydaymumbai

Photo & text @anushkagupta5
Crowd throng at bandra fort at bandstand  to watch film shooting happening Mumbai, India. #everydaymumbai #mumbai #everydayeverywhere

Photo @vaalibate
Contact @ravimishraindia if you want to help.
The little kid in the photo named Saajan lives in a village near Varanasi, India and is suffering from a tumour since October 2017. 
His family has used all their life savings for his treatment and so far and according to the doctors, Saajan needs to go through a surgery to remove the tumour.
Dr Lenin Raghuvanshi and our organisation PVCHR is taking care of the child and his medical expenses, and we need some more help. 
The entire treatment shall cost approx 3000 USD. 
Every little help and small donations will count. Please send me a DM @ravimishraindia or comment below if you want to help. 
Many thanks.
Photo credits: PVCHR ground team.

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I was about take picture of well groomed white moustaches , Mohammed rushed himself into the frame. R K Mishra and Mohammed bhai love to wear white from cap to shoes . Both run their  Kaali pili Cabs. 
They offered me a special tea and sang old  Hindi film song describing their friendship. Song is very funny and will post it pretty soon. But you can guess what song they must have sung. It's on two friends who wander in the city  hunting something.
I met them opposite CST Mumbai.
These type of friendships are very normal and common . I am posting this for those few who  don't want to believe this.
If you have similar story pls write to me at aslamsaiyad(at)gmail(dot)com ,  I am starting new handle for such stories .

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Photo & text by @bombay_ka_shana
Our #followsunday this week is @everydaycairo which is a collective of  photographers who share images from Cairo & Egypt. Take a look, I promise you will be scrolling through the entire feed.

Children playing on the sea, behind mountains at Nubeai.Historically, the area was inhabited by two different Bedouin tribes: the Tarabin to the north, and the Muzeina, some 8 km (5 mi) to the south. After the Six Day War when Israel occupied the area, Nuweiba Town was established just 1.5 km (1 mi) south of Tarabeen, under the Israeli name, NeviotAfter the departure of the Israelis, the town expanded and Nuweiba Port.
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Photo @asmaa_ga3frie