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Mumbai's iconic Flora Fountain, built in the 1860's, has been under restoration for over two years, with work remaining to be done.

I walked past it the other day and contrary to this photograph, the scaffolding was draped in blue tarp and old cloth.

This photograph was taken in January 2017, when the scaffoldings were covered with photographs of the fountain, on all sides.

Here, a passerby peeks at the restoration work underway. .

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Photo @alishavasudev
The view from my apartment is like a giant man-made coral reef with uncountable rectangular protrusions, which bloom at night, with an array of flashing bright and tempting colours.
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Photo @raghavksethi
Bird, Watching

The area around Bhandup pumping Station, essentially a sewage and waste water management station, might not exactly be the first that comes to mind when imagining a habitat rich in biodiversity and bird life. However, thanks to the nearby Thane creek and mangroves, it remains a habitat teeming with life, populated by several bird species, an oasis of calm amidst the chaos of the city

This egret might perhaps be surprised that with all the buildings coming up in the vicinity and the constant changes all around, this area remains more or less unchanged over time

And perhaps that's the reason they don't mind rewarding those eager enthusiasts who wait patiently for them to show off, year after year

And thankfully, they are not partial. Sometimes, even first time visitors like me get really lucky... #everydaymumbai #mumbai

Photo @dhairya.parikh
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Row 3 @_janakrathod_ 
With #weeklyroundupem I encourage all of you to look at the work of these photographers and follow them. I usually do this on Saturdays but I've been travelling and am the only person who has managed this account all this while so it does get a little difficult. We are lucky to have some really talented photographers in our midst in Mumbai. That is the only reason I push this project on. #everydaymumbai
In Andheri meanwhile, not an eyelid batted.
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Photo @timmyverghese
darukhana, mumbai - november 2015
somehow i think this image posted itself last night without my consent 😂 in any case i’m glad it was shared. but now for the caption and description. i often find that i repeat myself over and over on posts, but i don’t feel particularly stupid doing so because it reminds me how truthful certain things are. there are many days where i feel the absence of an agenda to be a huge hindrance to my ‘purpose’ as a photographer. i then try to just accept that i’m a passionate observer of this difficult, confounding city. travel had become a big part of my life over the last couple of years, and i’d love that to be consistent, however as i come to a close on a particular series on the city, i feel it’s taken years of repeated trips back to the same spot, time and again, for me to start to understand what it is that i’m seeing. and it’s hard to get under the skin of a place in just a week, or a even a month. despite closing this chapter of my relationship with Mumbai, i find that i continue to wander and photograph her. and it’s broadly because the act of wandering, ‘agenda-less’, is meditative and calming. and further now that i’m pretty much solely working on film,  i’ve found that having 12-24 exposures to play with on any given day provokes an even more keen observation of the environment around me. the consequence of, well, with the sound this beast means you can hardly call it a click, but yes, the consequence of a ‘click’ is major, both financially and emotionally so one tends to vacillate between extreme patience, massive over-thinking and considered introspection. the tactile nature of the physical negative and the wonderful marriage between analog and digital as i bring an image to life, has brought a new dimension of pleasure to this beautiful obsession. #everydaymumbai #indiaphotostory #streetphotographyindia #instagram #hasselblad500cm #kodakportra400 #portra400

Photo @sunhilsippy
If people take public transportation not their cars , world will be lot more livable. A commuter takes power nap while train crosses Malad Station.
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Photo @bombay_ka_shana
An image / shrine of a Muslim peer sharing space with Hindu gods at this open temple in one of the bylanes in girgaum in Mumbai, India. #mumbai #everydaymumbai 
Photo @chiragwakaskar
Sea of Pink: A flamboyance of flamingos gathers at a creek in Mumbai, India. #everydaymumbai

Photo @vaalibate
Durga Rai, allumnus of National School Of Drama protests and mourns the death of Avani tiger at Bandra in Mumbai on 4th November 2018.
Avni, a mother of two cubs belonging to the Yavatmal forest had killed thirteen people. A tiger hunt led by the government officials shot Avani dead on 2nd November 2018 at Ralegaon in Maharashtra. 
Her death came as a big disappointment for the many who believe that the tigress could have been captured alive so that the cubs wouldn't have to go through the trauma of such a separation. And the many others question of how the tigress should have been tranquilized instead of being killed. #everydaymumbai #mumbai

Photo @_janakrathod_
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Meet Archana Ramasundaram, an IPS officer who created history by becoming the first woman to head a paramilitary force in India in over 60 years.

Archana, from being the only woman in her class at the Hyderabad Police Academy, has become a trailblazer for women in the force. She is now the first woman to lead any Central Armed Police Force which includes the CRPF, BSF, ITBP, CISF and the SSB. Her simple wish is to create a safer environment for women.
“Women are still objectified. The mindset of people hasn’t shifted. And while I understand that it is the duty of the force to create a safe environment where not just women but men too feel safe, it would be wrong to call women’s safety only a police issue. Not just as an officer, but also as a woman, I feel it is the responsibility of us as a society to build a safer atmosphere for women.”
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The cultural capital, Kolkata is greatly influenced by 'adda' and the resilient and proud ‘chapter Mashis’ catering to city's humongous appetite for 'Chaa' (tea) and 'biskoot'.
A legendary figure in her area, Jhunubala Ghosh more popularly known as Mashi, is famous for being the owner of several taxis all bought with her earnings from selling tea.

Apart from owning taxis, she is a proud owner of a tea-stall and a 'paan-bidi'. Respected and adored by the local community, Mashi said, "I like sitting here. Ten years from now too, you will find me sitting right here."
Source: The Hindu
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