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@authoritycollective has shared a letter aimed at camera companies and the industry in general urging for wider representation. Take a look on their account for the link. (I've added it in bio as well) 
Recently, Sony announced its winners of the inaugural Alpha Female Creator-in-Residence Program. While there was some effort at diversity among the five awarded photographers, the results failed to consider key aspects of what is destructive in photography today. In response, the Authority Collective wrote an open letter to address problematic practices among camera companies and came up with actionable steps these companies and photo organizations can take (♾Link in bio♾ if you want to click on the reference and readings on the 8th page). #decolonizephoto #everydaymumbai #photojournalism #poc #diversity
Burrow & sediment balls of sand left by the Sand bubbler crab on versova beach in Mumbai, India. Sand bubbler crab eats the thin coating of edible particles on sand grains. Sand grains are scraped up with the downward pointing pincers and brought to the mouthparts that sift out these tiny particles. The shifted sand is then discarded in a little ball. As it processes sand, a little path is scraped out from the burrow entrance. Little balls of sifted sand is piled up on either side of this path. #mumbai #everydaymumbai 
Photo @chiragwakaskar
@thequeermuslimproject is our #followsunday this week.

In May 2018, The Queer Muslim Project organised the first ever LGBTQ Muslim consultation in India, in association with Aneka Trust in Bangalore. In the absence of relevant data around queer Muslim lives and experiences in India, the consultation gave us valuable insights into the vulnerabilities and challenges that LGBTQ Muslims navigate everyday.

Following the consultation, we have been working to build a movement of young LGBTQ Muslims across Indian cities who are aware of their rights, have the necessary resources and support networks, and can craft their own stories. In Delhi, we run the Dāyra initiative that works as a shared learning space for LGBTQ Muslim individuals and allies, thereby creating opportunities for social participation and leadership.

This booklet captures some of the most powerful, yet heartbreaking stories we got to hear from LGBTQ Muslims at the consultation, and is a testimony to the never-ending courage and resilience many have displayed in our community in the face of grave odds!

If you would like to be involved with our work around creating inclusive futures for LGBTQ and Muslim individuals in India, please DM us!

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#weeklyroundupem for this week.
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Follow @herdsceneand for India's #MeToo movement against sexual harassment from the art scene.
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“save me”
worli village, mumbai - december 2018
it seems strange to me that i only visited worli village for the first time about 5 years ago. This nugget of a community is possibly one of the oldest in the city. a bit of nostalgia: back to the 1980’s, and worli seaface was a quiet residential sea facing street with beautiful old bungalows and buildings housing large, sprawling flats. in the monsoon the wide road used to flood, and it was the go to place to race your old fiat and try handbrake turns. as the sealink neared completion i could never wrap my head around the fact that the sleepy seaface road would actually become a kind of freeway. but it did. the village was unknown to me in those days. today i frequent it regularly for a bit of quiet and meditation. this church is sublime. a place to reflect on the monumental changes taking place around us, and a place to express gratitude for all that we’ve been blessed with. #everydaymumbai #mediumformatfilm #hasselblad500cm #kodaktrix400 #trix400 #grace #gratitude #peace 
Photo @sunhilsippy
Empty Beer bottles left back on juhu beach in Mumbai, India.
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The booking officer.
Everything is analogue about the  ride ,.Aasmaani jhula. , Giant wheel..
It can be. 1970s ,80s ,90s nothing digital about it. My father used to take us in 80s to Mahim ka mela annually.
Maut ka kua , Mahim ka halwa, toys , icecream ,kebabs falooda , were the main attractions.
I am very happy to take my son to this non digital fair near my house in Thakur village.
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Photo @bombay_ka_shana
Fishermen repair a shipping vessel at versova jetty in Mumbai, India. #versova #koli #mumbai #everydaymumbai 
Photo @chiragwakaskar
Our #followsunday this week is @childrenof1971 project on the Bangladeshi diaspora for the stories from the community. “As someone whose dealt with obesity for majority of his life, it’s been a long journey both physically and most importantly, mentally. I missed out on so many experiences due to my insecurities. I’ve avoided public places such as the pool, the gym or even the beach. I would get harassed by my friends who didn’t understand why I didn’t want to attend parties. 
I was too ashamed to admit I was afraid of being made fun of. It didn’t help that I was constantly told by my parents, aunties and uncles that I would never get married if I didn’t lose weight — which made me head straight to mom’s kitchen for some butter-laden biryani. Like a self-fulfilling prophecy, I tell ya!

Fast-forward to today — weighing 60 lbs less. I always thought losing weight would solve all my problems, but I soon realized that my old insecurities were replaced with new ones. I had to work twice as hard to keep up with my new lifestyle, all the while not getting too obsessed with being thin.

Through all this change and transformation, I learned that being skinny alone probably won’t get me married; that I can be the funny guy without being fat; and that my mom will still force-feed me biryani — and I still love it. Mostly though, I learned that it’s okay to love yourself and to not let this world change the fabric of your character.” -@tmidz, on Battling With Obesity. #everydaymumbai
@childrenof1971 is a platform for Bangladeshi-Americans, and Bangladeshis globally, to share our stories and explore our roots through storytelling. The purpose of this platform is to foster an appreciation for our culture and support each other in our endeavors. Our overarching goal is to show our youth, as well as our elders, that identity is fluid and that one can stay rooted while exploring their talents and everything life has to offer. At this time we are solely social media based, but we have big plans for the upcoming year and we hope you will join us on this journey.  #followsunday #everydaymumbai #bangladesh #diaspora #everydayeverywhere
Weekly roundup for this week.

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