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Third & final post from @isha.chitnis our #FollowSunday for this week. I encourage all of you to follow accounts which make sense and go beyond the usual Instagram fluff. ・・・ It's when you are glued to your bed with your head splitting from crying 
It's when you can actually feel something pressing down on your chest till you're breathless

It's when even the brightest of ideas don't brighten you up

It's when you sit in a corner of your home for hours, thinking of everything and nothing at the same time
It's when you lose sensation of everything even when you're hurt because the pain in your heart is louder than anything else
It's when you don't bother leaving your home for days, weeks, months
without ever making it look like something is wrong
It's when even the thought of that person, that situation can make you helpless and overwhelmed 
with all the energy draining from your body and no motivation to move
It's when you feel like nothing matters, not family, not friends, not work, not love... Is when you should realise that this is rock bottom 
And there's nowhere to go but up.
What couldn't kill you better run. (Thanks @deepthi_kay)
Hang in there. I know the feeling. It's NOT all in your head. You CAN'T snap out of it. Don't listen to the people who belittle what you feel. It's NOT something a hot bath or a party can heal. It's your mind- it's unwell. It needs help. Seek it. You are not alone.
As cliché as it sounds, after every sunset, a sunrise is guaranteed. Believe me, I too, am waiting for one that makes a difference. 🌄
Depression is real. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
To the people who think I've written this for "external validation" - you are the type of people who make it even more difficult for people with mental conditions to talk about and to live their life in peace. Kindly f*** off.

#mentalhealthawareness #depressionquotes #everydaymumbai #depression
Photographer @isha.chitnis is our #FollowSunday this week. Social media has led to a travel boom and consequently a lot of influencers and travellers and there is a lot we should be thinking about when we set off to these places. ・・・ WHAT DOES TOURISM DO TO A PLACE? 🤷🏻‍♀️
Tourism negatively impacts a place when the number of tourists is GREATER than the environment’s ability to cope with it. Here’s what our seemingly harmless vacations can cause-
💦Depletion of fresh water resources
💡Depletion of local resources like Food, energy and other raw materials.
🍃Impact on natural resources, renewable and non renewable by tourist facilities. ⛰ Land degradation, land clearing (for building accommodation), deforestation.
🚘 Air pollution and noise due to increasing number of tourists ( Eg. Manali 🙄).
🐘Distress to wildlife and alteration to their natural activity patterns.
😡Stress and annoyance (ask me about it)
🌧Acid rain!!!!
🥤Increased solid waste and littering
♻️Improper waste management systems
🌴Environmental degradation
🐬Loss of wildlife (especially marine animals)
💩Increased sewage pollution can cause ⬇️
🌊Pollution of lakes, rivers and seas.
🌸Damage to flora and fauna and the coral reef.
🐂Threatens the life of humans and animals.
Do I need to give more reasons to convince you to watch how you travel? Did you know all the effects of your apparently innocent vacation?
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Our #FollowSunday today is photographer activist @isha.chitnis Isha is an advocate for the enviorment and often share how one can reduce a negative impact on the planet and positive impact on people. ・・・ What do you think of when you hear the word “farmer”, “किसान”, “शेतकरी”? As for me, I always pictured a MAN, working hard and toiling in the field. Somehow, I never thought of a woman farming. I guess these are the kind of prejudices we grow up with.
The ground reality is very different from what we assume from our air conditioned houses in the cities. Women, who inspite of doing 80 PERCENT of the actual farming work, rarely get credit for what they do. Most of them don’t even own the land they work on- the land is always owned and passed on to the MALE of the family.
Much unlike this photo, it is not only the men who are farmers. Women farmers exist. They work and they work HARD. It’s just patriarchy- it has spread everywhere, even to the soil of India.
Do you think women farmers should get more credit for their work?
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Saturdays are for #weeklyroundupEM where we look back at the contributors to the #everydaymumbai project for the week and follow them. I've tagged the contributors in the photographs.

Row 1 @miteshbhuvad @choejor @siddheshberde 
Row 2 @woman_with_a_story @sunhilsippy @_janakrathod_ 
I do this every week, because the photographers who contribute to the project are the backbone of the project.
There aren't any cafes, watches, travel packages or phone companies on here to be sold. There are also no organizations or @instagram backing this up. It is only you folks who follow the project. Instagram is dominated by celebrities & vanity. And there is little interest in photography because the media landscape as it exists helps to push them. So I'm always thankful to the audience here. 
#everydayeverywhere #photojournalism #documentaryphotography #reportagespotlight #authoritycollective #diversifyphoto #womenphotograph
Eastern Freeway, Mumbai - June 2018
A few weeks ago en route to a presentation in Powai I stopped on the eastern freeway to gaze at the Trombay refinery. Down below was an array of criss-crossing train tracks, a fair amount of garbage and a few locomotive engines. One day, I thought, I’ll find my way under this freeway and explore the area. I remembered Hanif Kureshi’s Sammy & Rosie Get Laid and the many scenes of underbelly London life taking place beneath the flyover somewhere around the Harrow Road. Yesterday morning, and entirely by accident, I stumbled upon this area and found myself exactly at the spot I had wanted to find. It was a bit rowdy with a lot of drinking going on despite it being barely 9am. I’m not hugely in the habit of shooting posed portraits, but the boys charmed me. Although in all honesty I think this fellow was just politely giving me the finger. #everydaymumbai #streetphotography #mumbai #everydayeverywhere

Photo @sunhilsippy
In a Rushdie book there is a line that says roughly: "she didn't dare to dream on the account that dreams cost too much" 
Today I met Surekha, who is a rag picker since her husband died three years ago. She has to support her children who can go to school because of her job, but she doesn't like going though someone else's trash every day. She only does it so her children can get an education and eventually a better job than she has.

So I asked her: 'What is your dream job? But she kept on repeating that she was uneducated and had no other options. Even when I insisted that in her dreams everything is possible. She couldnt tell me what life she dreamed of. Being uneducated has such an impact that it limits her dreams. Dreaming became to costly for her. #strongwomen #mumbai #everydaymumbai #educatewomen #womenempowerment #education

Photo & caption @woman_with_a_story
A girl applies tobacco to the windshield of an auto rickshaw at a traffic signal to make it water resistant during monsoon. #everydaymumbai #mumbai #everydayeverywhere #photojournalism #reportagespotlight #everydayindia

Photo @miteshbhuvad
Mannequin heads with headscarves on display at a stall on Mohammad Ali road in Mumbai, India. #EverydayMumbai #Mumbai #everydayeverywhere
#photojournalism #documentaryphotography #reportagespotlight #hijab #muslim

Photo @_janakrathod_
A vendor at a book stall at Chinchpokli railway station in Mumbai, India. #mumbai
#everydaymumbai #chankaya

Photo @siddheshberde
Our #followsunday today is @choejor
who is the official photographer of HH @dalailama and has an incredible body of work.

Tenzin Choejor was born in Lhasa the capital of Tibet. His family came to India when he was 7 and joined the Tibetan exile community. After completing his schooling at the Tibetan Children’s Village School in Dharamsala and he went on to achieve a Master’s Degree in Communications at Madras Christian College. Since 2005, He has been working as the official photographer with the Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama is committed to bringing peace to the world by promoting an understanding of the oneness of humanity, to fostering inter-religious harmony and keeping Tibet’s peaceful and compassionate culture alive. Tenzin Choejor is dedicated to capturing key moments in His Holiness’s fulfilment of these commitments and the warm rapport he regularly establishes with individuals and groups of people he meets.

#dalailama #TenzinChoejor #peace #photojournalism #documentaryphotography #everydaymumbai #everydayeverywhere #reportagespotlight #authoritycollective #diversifyphoto #buddhism #tibet #freetibet
#weeklyroundupEM for this week as as follows. A journalist recently asked me the need to do a weekly roundup or a #FollowSunday I think the idea behind it is quite simple so that the photographers whose work is shared get more eyeballs.

Photographers from South Asian / African countries or local / native / colored photographers do not receive the same encouragement that a western photographer would. There are few interviews & almost no articles on them and their work and even fewer voices advocating for them. In Indian context as well publishers would rather write stories on print sales of a legacy outlet rather than do stories on Indian photographers who have exhibits, books, bodies of work. Perhaps it is our self loathing attitude or perhaps is some post colonial hangover we suffer from where westerners automatically are considered better - which is rarely the case. I strongly believe someone with privilege can perhaps make aesthetically pleasing visuals but there will always be a lack of deeper understanding and depth to the work. Because the power structures as they exist reward mediocrity with grants, awards and dozens of articles the growth of local photography often gets stiffled not to mention local heroes are often hard to mention whenever we are asked about the photographers whose work we like.

These generous folks contributed to the #everydaymumbai project this week and you should follow them.

Row 1 @ggphotostories @fatiabubakar_ @apoorvaguptay 
Row 2 @tehnirazvi @bombayologist 
Row 3 @mynamahila 
#everydayeverywhere #reportagespotlight #photojournalism #documentaryphotography #authoritycollective #diversifyphoto #womanphotograph #photojournalist #colonialism
From @mynamahila instagram page.

Chronicling the inspiring stories of those who constitute Myna.

I am Uzma Mohammed Shaikh. I am 19 years old. I am living in Govandi, Mumbai.

I am doing door to door Myna pad selling in Baiganwadi, Chembur, and Gautam Nagar. I used to be very shy when talking about pads. But today, I feel free and confident to speak about periods and pads. When I first came in this company, they taught me everything about pads. Pads advantage me, so I think there should be no reason to feel ashamed to talk about periods in public and local areas. Some ladies are convinced by what I say, and they purchase Myna pads from me. Myna Mahila Foundation gives 3 packets for 100 Rs., but many women ask for 4 packets. Many families face economic difficulties, so they can’t buy pads. Because they know that Myna is very good, they ask for free pads. 
I am a school drop out child. I have completed up to my 4th standard. We have lots of financial issues in my home.  My house can only run when I earn money. My father is unemployed and my mother’s health is not good. My house is on rent. That is why I am working at Myna.

At Myna I am learning English. Twice a week, we have our English class at the Myna office. I feel like I am going back to my school once again. Today, I can write my name in English, and I can speak a little also. I am so happy and thankful to be part of the Myna Mahila Foundation. Let Myna come up like flying colours in the whole world.  #MynaMahila #EmpoweredWomenEmpowerOtherWomen #portraitproject #womenempowerment #everydaymumbai #everydayeverywhere  #girlrising #feminism