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Breaking stereotypes and documenting daily life in Pakistan.
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Young students stand for a morning assembly in Pakora Astore Village, Gilgit-Baltistan.
Photo @mubeenakram 
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‘In gatherings of Shia Muslims during this month, a horse (often snow-white) called the Zuljinnah will make an appearance, walking with the mourners during the processions. It has no rider, nor will it ever have one. The Zuljinnah (meaning "the two-winged one") is a replica of the horse Imam Hussain rode.’
Photo @topbastard 
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A rickshaw driver sits for a portrait in Karachi, Pakistan. 
Photo @pernia.hassan 
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In Hasa Balakot, Children playing in water to cool themselves on a hot day in the outskirts of Mansehra, Pakistan.
Photo @adnanali.official 
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Talent Matters, Gender Doesn’t ! A wall mural in Karachi, Pakistan.
Photo @mystapaki 
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Sharing this featured article about @everydaypakistan in @qz earlier this year.
Anas Saleem @ianassaleem talks to Maria Thomas of @qz about this project. “I never thought or imagined it will become this popular in India. I was surprised they (Indians) are very much curious to see everyday life in Pakistan where their ancestors spent (their) childhoods.”
In short, it’s a slice of real, diverse life from a country that political tensions have prevented most Indians from seeing—and understanding.
Everyday Pakistan is on a mission to change perspectives using @instagram as a primary platform. 
Read More: https://qz.com/1316615/instagrams-everydaypakistan-is-showing-indians-how-their-neighbours-live/
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A 6 year old girl sits in a makeshift school that was bombed in Swat Valley, the hometown of Malala Yousufzai @malala, who is the youngest recepient of the Nobel Peace prize, stood up to the Taliban and wanted girls to be educated for which she was brutally shot but luckily survived. Today she is a symbol of hope for thousands of such Pakistani girls.
Photo @sarafarid 
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Ladies from Samar Kot village collect and sift red chillies for everyday use in Mir Pur Khas, Sindh.
Photo: @thetraveluster 
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Hidden from plain sight there is another side of Islamabad. A side hiding an ugly truth. Called the “katchi abadi”, these settlements have existed for four decades. Local land mafia, CDA, Supreme Court orders and all such things aside these people are living in pathetic conditions without electricity, any clean water or basic necessities of life. They literally don’t have any roof over their heads. The sad part is that we all know they exist but most of us have done nothing about it. Next time the temperature soars over 40 degrees or approaches zero, do stop and think about them for a second, will you? 
Photo/Text @imrankw 
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@everydaybrasil is our #followsunday this week. 
Brasil, officially the Federative Republic of Brasil, is the sixth largest country in both South America and Latin America. With Brasília as capital and São Paulo as the most populated city, Brasil is the world’s fifth largest country by area. 
@everydaybrasil is a project documenting daily life in Brasil with the help of photographers living and working in the country. Check out their project to know more about the life in Brasil.
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Sharing this on request of our neighbours (India 🇮🇳)
People celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi with so much joy in Karachi, Pakistan 🇵🇰 Videos by @faranrafi 
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Sain Daad, 66 years old matka dancer from sindh, He has skills to balance the weight of pitcher filled with water. He leads the group "sindhi Jhoomar Party" and perform in the mega cultural events in the country and respresent pakistan internationally.
Photo @ehtisham_ahmad 
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