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Telling a more complex story of the often-overlooked everyday life in Pakistan with #everydaypakistan.
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Airport Life. #karachi #pakistan Photo by Saiyna Bashir @saiynabashirphoto #everydaypakistan #everydayasia #everydayeverywhere
Men having conversation while sitting at the entrance of Bahauddin Zakariya tomb in Multan, Pakistan. It’s a 13th century shrine dedicated to the Muslim mystic Bahauddin Zakariya, founder of the Suhrawardiyya order of Sufism. #multan #everydaypakistan

Photo @sahr_malik
A devotee at the Madhu Lal Hussain Urs in Lahore, Pakistan. #melachiraghan #everydaypakistan

Photo @ghazanfar_bhinder
A visitor taking pictures of his son and brother outside Baba Kamal Chishti Mazar’s shrine. Often referred to as the City of Shrines, Kasur has great spiritual significance. It is not merely the final resting place of Bulleh Shah, but also houses the shrines of Baba Sardar Dwan, Hazrat Abdullah Shah Bukhari and Baba Makhdoom Shah. Upon interacting with a few locals, I came to hear about a shrine on top of a hill. Instantly intrigued, I managed to find directions to it. It was the Mazar of Baba Kamal Chishti, located on Kachehri Road near the Kasur Museum. It indeed was situated on a hill, with a large set of stairs leading up to it. Baba Kamal Chishti was a prominent figure and a revered mystic, whose shrine is visited by hundreds on a daily basis. It is said that once a great flood destroyed the entire city, and only this shrine was unharmed. The actual shrine is not very big, but beautifully built nonetheless. The dome has intricate patterns, infused with colorful art and mirror work. #kasur #everydaypakistan #shrine

Photo and text @heyfaizan
Photo by @iamkhandanish
Two ladies sharing bread in courtyard of Masjid Wali Muhammad in middle of chowk bazar in Multan. Mosque was constructed by the then Multan governor, Nawab Ali Muhammad Khan Khakwani, in 1753 during the regime of Mughal emperor Alamgir II. #multan #mosque #everydaypakistan
Women picking apples directly from trees at a garden in Gulmit, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. #everydaypakistan

Photo by @shoaib.com.pk
Map of Pakistan and Minar-e-Pakistan at Greater Iqbal Park in Lahore. #pakistan #everydaypakistan #everydayeverywhere

Photo @sbj_shah
Located in the South Punjab part of sulaiman mountains , the hot water springs in tumen of buzdar balochs clan are famous for their anti-allergic effect. Each year thousands of "Zindi Pir's" devotees come to the village of ZindaPir on the annual spring festival to cleanse themselves of their skin problems. They believe that this water has been blessed by their saint but scientifically speaking this water is actually a very dilute sulphuric acid mixture being formed as a result of mixing of water with these sulphur rich mountains. #everydaypakistan

Photo and text by @nauroaz
“I found mostly women neglect their health. They happily take care of everyone but when it is time to take care of their own being, there is always an excuse. Unfortunately, they feel shy and reluctant to discuss their health related problems during puberty, childbirth and regarding a healthy diet.

After completing my degree in Pharmacy, I joined the Pharmaceutical industry. All my three years in Industry, I saw the same behavior in my colleagues and also in my family. My elder sister started getting ill after the birth of her third child. Everyone was worried but she constantly kept saying that she is alright and she doesn’t need a doctor until she developed a certain type of allergy. That was very emotional time for me and I said to myself, someone has to work on this.

So last month, I quit my job and decided to build an online health service for women. Its name is ‘@HerGround’. I am starting with a monthly supply of feminine hygiene products. Moving forward, my plan is to help provide nutrition and vitamins needed for women during pregnancy and menstrual cycle. My mission is to help our women to live healthy and active life. I believe if a woman is healthy so does the nation.”
Photo and text by @lahorebymetro

#everydaypakistan #womenempowerment
Young boys react to camera at a narrow street in Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan. #everydaypakistan

Photo @ghazanfar_bhinder
A young guy is selling grilled corn outside the shrine in Thatta. The most common street side snack in India & Pakistan is, perhaps, bhutta - the ‘grilled corn on the cob’. Available in almost all neighbourhoods. The delicious sand roasted corn kernels started appearing on the roads with the influx of Afghan refugees in the early 80s. Prepared immediately, a good helping of these snacks costs somewhere between Rs10 to Rs50, making it a much-loved and affordable snack for both the rich and the poor. Photo and text by Kumail @myselfkumail #everydaypakistan #everydayeverywhere #thatta #sindh
Kids playing with fire at the Hazara cemetery in Quetta, Pakistan. Photo by Barat Ali Batoor @bbatoor #hazara #quetta #everydaypakistan #everydayeverywhere