A LOVE EVOLution. Lessons to shift perspective from an autistic boy's story. Find out why LOVE is written in reverse by visiting our site iam-love.org


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Walking to the beat of his own drum!  I love how his behavior constantly reminds me to slow down and be myself. It doesn窶冲 matter who is watching or what they think. Just be yourself!  What do you wish you could do walking down a grocery store aisle?  Share below 汨. #autismawareness #EVOL #heteachesme #lifewithluca #lifeonthespectrum #slowdown #seeamazing
We are so excited for April!  But we can窶冲 do it alone. Luca lit a flame. His message of LOVE has changed my life. Our goal is to spread his message to as many people as we can. We believe that by changing from the inside out, we can change the world. And it all started with a little boy who sees things differently. So, how can you help??? We are looking for any partners who want to donate items for a LOVE giveaway. Or any businesses who want to create a donation during the month of April or carry our LOVE in reverse gear. Or any bloggers who are looking for guest bloggers during autism awareness month. Or simply share our site with one person. Help us spread Luca窶冱 message, help us shift perspective on autism, help us educate others and help us give kids like Luca the opportunity to thrive!  Comment below, or send a pm. Thank you. #autismawareness #1in68 #EVOL #autismmom #autismmoms #autismfamily #autismawarenessmonth @autismtree @theyogaharbor @hauteyogimb @yogablissla @yogaboundforlife @equinoxlc @momentumyogakate @gaiagelato
Congrats @rocknyogini !  Thank you for sharing your LOVE 笶、ク条汳. Messaging you now for your free EVOL hat!! #autismawareness #EVOL
As I was hosing off chalk from our backyard, I found a little message from Luca.  Wherever you are, may you LOVE your family. And know family isn窶冲 always relatives. It窶冱 who you surround yourself with that makes you feel safe and supported. Thank you to all of you out there for supporting our mission of LOVE. We consider you our EVOL family!  #EVOL #loveinreverse #familylove #wesupportyou. Who is your family?
We窶冤l announce the winner today, Tuesday at 4pm pst. Thank you for sharing things you LOVE about yourself!  Was it easy to come up with something, or did you really have to think?  Our goal is to shift that and make loving ourselves not a conditional matter, but something that happens automatically every day!  And that my friends, is what Luca窶冱 message is all about. #autisminspiration #EVOL #seeamazing #iamlove
It窶冱 almost over. Last chance to fall in love with you!  Share by tonight, winner announced tomorrow!  @evol.evolution #autismawareness #1in68 #EVOL #LOVEinreverse #LOVEtruckerhat #iamlove #andsoareyou
#weeklyintention ... to grow from the difficult times. Last week was tough. To watch violence unfold on children and teachers breaks my heart. This week I ask myself, 窶what can I do窶? I know I can make a difference in Luca窶冱 life. I know I can educate people outside the autism world on what autism means.  I know I can call my representative to demand more strict laws on gun sales. I can March with those who believe the same. I can also LOVE myself and stop the violence within.  I can believe there is good in all of us. What is your weekly intention?  Can you commit to loving yourself more?  It sounds easy, but can you really commit to it?  I know YOU CAN. I know I can because a little boy who sees things differently reminded me to do it. And he窶冱 counting on me to show him the way. So I窶冦 reminding you.  You are amazing, you are LOVE!  #ahimsa #autismawareness #1in68 #EVOL
Last chance to share something you LOVE about yourself for a chance to win a free EVOL hat!  Share before midnight tonight and tag us @evol.evolution !  Winner announced soon. After a heartbreaking week we all need this. A reminder of love!  #EVOL #autismawareness #hatcontest #spreadlove #belove.
Today is the last day to share something you love about yourself for a chance to win one of our #EVOL hats!  Check out what Luca loves. And watch to the end to hear Luca窶冱 message for YOU!  We窶冤l announce the winner tomorrow 2.19.18. #autismawareness #winaLOVEhat #spreadlove #seeamazing #hatsforacause #autismmom #indigochild
After a long day of teaching, I came home to this. The kids in our neighborhood had a lemonade stand.  And they left this envelope with $ for me to donate to autism awareness. I immediately started crying. There is hope. This generation of kids have the biggest hearts. They are compassionate and they are more aware than we realize. They will change the world. Thank you to my amazing neighbors for raising such good kids. My heart 笶、ク is incredibly grateful. #EVOL #autismawareness #ittakesavillage #surroundedbylove #carlsbad #i汳冰. #seeamazing #autismmom
My plea..... I窶冦 heartbroken hearing about the shooter in FL. And determined to not let fear of people with ASD take over. These kids and adults are amazing. They simply need to connect. And that responsibility falls on all of us.... how can you make a difference?  #autismawareness #EVOL #1in68 #ittakesavillage
So I made myself a bracelet last night, because I needed a little LOVE reminder. And this morning I love it so much, I want to offer it to you too!  So it窶冱 up on the site. It窶冱 called My Valentine. #jewelryforacause #autismawareness #autismmom #EVOL #1in68 #stonejewelry