A LOVE EVOLution. Lessons to shift perspective from an autistic boy's story. Find out why LOVE is written in reverse by visiting our site iam-love.org


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Life isn’t about what happens to you. It’s about how you respond and open your heart to the changes and possibilities presented. See our new line of intention necklaces. And read our blog on the power of intention. Each piece is hand-made with LOVE and has Luca’s message EVOL MA I (I AM LOVE in reverse). And as always your purchase goes towards helping kids with autism 🙏💙🙏. #autismmom #iamlove #iamenough #imovewithease #iampeace #iampatience #intentionjewelry #jewelrytherapy #jewelryforacause
The journey hasn’t been easy.  But life with Luca has opened my eyes to so many details that we often overlook and take for granted. Like the ability to have a conversation that goes back and forth. Or to be able to answer an open ended question. There is so much that happens in our interactions with others that we don’t realize. Today I’m grateful he’s shown me  communication is a dance that requires patience, the ability to listen and the realization that it’s more than simply talking. May we all find gratitude in the small things. And may we have the patience to listen, learn and LOVE our journeys just as they are. #lifewithluca #autismmom #autismawesomeness #autismawareness #fromjudgmenttounderstanding #seeamazing #speechtherapy #autismjourney
Book recommendation... The Rabbit Listened by Cori Doerrfeld. It’s a great way to talk about problems and our reactions to them. And it assigns an animal to all the different reactions, which the kids loved. Thanks @susanpackisme for leading me to it!  #autismmom #socialstories #navigatingtantrums #autismjourney #booksforkidswithautism #therabbitlistened
One of the best parts of raising a child with a special need is the way people in your life step up and give you the support when you need it. I’m hoping you will step up again for us. Join us at our first golf tournament or donate something to the silent auction, or join us at the dinner, or connect me with a business who might want to sponsor a hole?  There are so many ways you can help. Even simply sharing our event page or commenting helps. And all proceeds will go towards helping kids with autism 💙. Thank you. #charitygolftournament #acesforautism #autismawareness #autismdad #autismmom
Cutest thing ever!  #lemonadestand #lifewithluca #andavi #autismmom
Finally had a chance to dip in the ocean this year!  As a Mom, I often forget about things that make me happy.  But it’s so important not to forget that you are still a person, and you need to fill your cup. That’s what our brand is all about. And it took a little boy with autism writing ✍️LOVE in reverse to remind me to find myself again. And not just to find myself, but to LOVE who I am.  Do you LOVE yourself?  Maybe a little reminder might help you too!  See all our stuff at iam-love.org. And feel good about purchasing because a portion of every purchase goes towards helping kids with autism 💙💙💙. #autismmom #autismjourney #loveyourself #iamlove #giftswithimpact #giftsthatgiveback #giftswithintention #iamenough #fillyourcup
Day 2... swim camp. #lifewithluca #proprioception #autismjourney #waterkids #autismawesomeness
Day 1 of swim camp ✅. He was so excited to tell me all about it, but descriptive language can be a challenge for Luca. So he decided to draw with his chalk to tell me about his experience. Language comes in many forms and I’m grateful he’s finding ways to share his world with me. #lifewithluca #autismmom #autismjourney
First day of swim camp. Wish us luck!  Water is Luca’s favorite. I think the way it blocks out sensory input is incredibly soothing for him. Any other water kids out there?  #lifewithluca #autismmom #swimcamp #herewego
Keep looking up... even when the moment is tough, or the future feels heavy. Look up and see the possibilities. #lifewithluca #autismadventures #tactileplay #vestibularplay #proprioceptiveplay
When Luca was diagnosed, I was a mess.  I wanted to fix things, I blamed myself, I spent most nights doing research. I was so caught up and overwhelmed that I forgot to just see Luca. He was barely 4 and I kept thinking of him as my baby, who needed my guidance and my protection. Then came the moment when he wrote EVOL (LOVE in reverse) on our planter boxes. When I first saw it, my instinct again was to fix. I came out to him with my rag to fix what he had written. I thought it was a good opportunity to teach him the right way to write love. Then came the blow, my walls came crashing down with Luca’s simple explanation... “It’s not wrong Mama, I wrote it that way so the plants could read it from the inside”.... if you find yourself caught up in the busyness of trying to fix things, maybe stop for a few breaths to see the situation differently. #namaste #autismmom #shiftyourperspective #lifewithluca #EVOL #spreadlove #brandswithpurpose #thestorybehindourname #autismawesomeness
We are hosting our first golf tournament!  I need to hear from you... Have you ever played in a charity golf tournament?  If so, what was the cause?  What did you like/dislike about it?  We want to make sure our first one is a success, so please comment and give me your thoughts!  Thank you 🙏.