A LOVE EVOLution. Lessons to shift perspective from an autistic boy's story. Find out why LOVE is written in reverse by visiting our site iam-love.org


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You CAN do anything you set your mind to. Luca got a pogo stick from the Switch Witch. That’s the Witch who comes after Halloween to switch your candy for a toy (it’s for my sanity... to get the candy out of the house). The first day he could only do 3 hops. Every day since he’s been practicing and tracking his progress.  I love and admire his dedication. And I love how much this benefits his sensory systems. #myguru #lifewithluca #autismmom #autismawesomeness #sensorydiet #pogostick #pogosticking
Spent the morning at the Autism Speaks North County walk. I love having conversations with other families, and telling Luca’s story. It’s all about #spreadinglove #autismawareness #autismmom #autismawesomeness
I made it on the second leaf of our Thank You Tree this year!  I always let the kids come up with the words and for the first leaf they chose kindness.  I was elated!  Luca then walked up to me with a leaf that said Mama and my heart melted.  #lifewithluca #raisingawareness #thankyoutree #autismawesomeness
Save the Date!  I’m only doing two pop-ups this holiday season. This is one of my favorites!  All local small businesses, truly unique gifts 🎁. Dec. 8. 3-9pm @evrbottle  #raisingawareness #autismmom #giftsthatgiveback
Tragedy after tragedy... more shootings than one can count 😞. It leaves me feeling hopeless. But then I see Luca and Aviana. My commitment to making life better for them has to override the sadness. All I know to do is #spreadlove  If you are thinking about gifts for teachers, or anyone who needs to be reminded they are LOVED, consider shopping with us. We can help because we donate to helping kids with autism, which is a major mental health issue in our country.  And we hope our shirts help lift people out of depression, out of anxiety and out of others expectations. You see, all you can do is LOVE yourself and lead by example. #raisingawareness #mentalhealth #EVOL #loveinreverse #loveyourself #autismawareness #autismshirts.
Because it’s Wednesday!  And ‘Why not?’ #wackywednesday #waterbaby #lifewithluca #autismmom  What do your kids like doing in the bathtub???
#vote2018 #forabetterfuture
CBD gummies?! Yep. They are new and we’re trying them 👍. #cbdandautism #raisingawareness #lifewithluca #autismmom
Just finished this book 👍. It totally reminds me of Luca. Books like this help me understand his perspective a little more. Anyone else like this book?  Any other book recommendations?... #autismmom #raisingawareness #autismawesomeness #aspies
New shirts on sale this weekend!  Use FALL for 25% off. Proceeds will go towards helping kids with autism 💙.
He’s made a whole workbook on the trampoline!  #lifewithluca #autismisawesome #seeamazing
Tracking everything... Daddy told him he could have 10 chips after dinner. So, Luca took 10 of his fake dollar bills out and for every chip he ate, he moved a dollar from one pile to the next. I love his desire to follow the rules, exactly as they are laid out. And his need to keep track of everything.  This is #lifewithluca #lifeonthespectrum #autismmom