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The Big One... these pictures are from 5 years ago. Luca was almost 2, and Rob and I were so excited for him to open presents Christmas morning. Before opening presents, Luca noticed the large wrapping paper roll I had left out after wrapping presents the night before. I had used all the wrapping paper. When he saw it, his face lit up and he exclaimed, “the BIG one!” He proceeded to play with “the big one” for a few weeks. He had little to no interest in all the newly wrapped toys.  Looking back, it makes me so happy. Luca has always been my greatest teacher. That Christmas he taught me that you don’t need new things to be happy. Happiness is finding joy in what you already have. I hope this little message finds a place in your heart as well. #lifewithluca #autismjourney #happynewyear2019 #mamalessons #iamlove #findingjoy
Our schedule for the day, courtesy of Luca. Lunch and dinner both require 2 hours. Good to know!! #lifewithluca #autismschedules #autismjourney
Luca has been #glutenfree for 2 years. We are slowly experimenting with adding some healthy gluten sources back in. Since he doesn’t have school until mid-January, we thought now would be a good time to observe any changes. I’ve talked with him a lot about this, and he’s on board and will observe his behaviors and be conscious of any effects. Watch our live feed for updates. Fingers crossed 🤞 all goes well!  #autismjourney #lifewithluca
Find your purpose.... As you set your resolutions for the new year, as yourself, ‘why?’ Chances are you’ll eventually arrive to the answer, ‘to LOVE myself more.’ Our shirts and hats are a perfect reminder of your purpose. I love seeing my reflection in this shirt. Seeing Luca’s words, remembering his story, help me remember my purpose and help me push on. To learn why it’s written in reverse, visit our site read about #life with Luca and our #autismjourney  Comment 👇 with a New Year resolution and we’ll send you a code for 10 percent off!  #iamlove #newyearresolution #committosomething @teamlacosta @equinox
We enter this year with more hope in our hearts than ever before. The beginning of this year marks our 3rd anniversary with the diagnosis of ASD. This last year has been filled with ups and downs. Luca has shown us that he can make his own choices to keep himself happy.  And he’s also learned what sadness feels like too!  He’s shown us the power of determination and believes he can do anything he sets his mind to.  We look forward to continuing our mission to spread LOVE by sharing our stories and contributing to shifting the way we see autism.  We hope our stories inspire you to share your life, the ups and downs. Because the downs are what connects us and reminds us that we are not alone. And when we connect in this way, the ups become so much sweeter because they are shared and celebrated amongst all of us. #happynewyear2019 #lifewithluca #autismjourney #EVOL #iamlove #autismcommunity #resilience  thank you @tiffanyogi for the 📷 💙🙏💙
These are the types of things Luca loves to spend his time doing. He’ll disappear into the backyard for hours sometimes, working on his own math games/puzzles. #mathwiz #mathlover #autismawesomeness #waituntilhelearnsexcel!  #lifewithluca
How about this for some vestibular input? 🤪❄️😂. #tubing #mammothmountain #garafalofamilyadventure
SNOW!!!! My angels. #mammothmountain #garafalofamilyadventure
Our Christmas 🎄 Eve tradition... an Italian feast!  #glutenfree #gfeggplantparmesan #gfpasta #stuffedartichokes #lotsofwine
Snuggled up watching Christmas movies while our #gfcg aka #glutenfreedairyfree  cookies for Santa bake!  Happy Christmas 🎄 everyone. May you all find someone to snuggle with. #lifewithluca #glutenfree #dairyfreekids #glutenfreekids #ourautismjourney
Spreading a little Christmas cheer. Oh. And we have added to the song. I think it goes up to 21 at this point. #lifewithluca #12daysofchristmas
Just this.... after over 26,000 steps today at Luca’s field trip, making my healing soup for a daughter with a cold and rushing out to teach a Friday night yoga class, I come home to this... In these moments, it’s all worth it, it’s all okay and we ARE enough. So, I’ll cherish these moments and hold on for as long as possible. #lifewithluca #avi #autismmom #mom #momlife #yogamom #iamlove