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There's plenty of room to grow. To exist with meaning. RPm and MD in the making

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Romans 8:28: And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.

It's been a while ♡
Crossing to a new stage of life in a few months... But my love for Kpop will never change lol jk
A different bloody war is happening to my country. When I was 17, I cried because I did not survive the accounting exams. But a few days ago, a 17 y/o boy cried for his life but he was still mercilessly killed by the people he was looking up to.

This is a painting by a Filipino little girl entitled "Kalinga." My country needs "Kalinga." The people cries for "Kalinga." We are begging for "Kalinga."
We found a strip full of light decors and spent an hour finding our best shots. One thing I discovered, I suck at portraits *cries in Korean* jk

I still don't know what this place is called lol
Favorite shot to date. I don't know why but this photo gives me hope ♡
Saying goodbye to one of the best and worst experiences, good and bad memories, and friends that I know only one or two will remain true. Thank you, Sydney. Will definitely come back as a tourist or a company representative but not as a delegate of anything.
Will see you again after n months/years. Keep slayin' them Aussies chos
Guylian >>> Lindt

Awow. Chocolate expert bigla?
Finally saw my dream school!!!!!!!!!!! *insert crying emoji*
Hallo, mate
Chinatown everywhere and anywhere
I wish I had the money to buy even just one of his works :(