I got a tattoo today
Happy 1st of October, everyone! ((Featuring pumpkin, pecan, cinnamon, and date muffins + seasonal reading))
Mitski 💕💕
Discovered at #villvillvest in Bergen: Birgitta Alida. The golden light that shone down upon Birgitta Alida intensified the sunniness of the music. There was a retro element, one that's notable in the single 'Something Real'- her voice dipping and rising in pitch while a bed of synths sizzles underneath. She's been in several recent bands, Strange Hellos and Lumikide, and her solo approach merges all her musical inspirations from classic to the present.
Discovered at #villvillvest in Bergen: Tomine. A touch of Maggie Rogers and the Scandi-pop vocals of people like Sigrid and Amanda Tenfjord were the first contemporary similarities that came to mind while watching Tomine, who allowed her body to be taken hold of by the music while swirling on the spot. Her single 'Losing the Light' has conventionality to it: fast beat, dreamy synths, an unassuming catchiness. Its energy lures you in to the darker sounds emitted during her set.
Discovered at #villvillvest in Bergen: The Other End. Haunting and slow, Ida's powerful vocals draw the listener in like an illuminated pathway and the drum beat controlled by Alexander's foot, as he stepped on the pedal while plucking out sprinklings of electric guitar, was like a heart beating in the silence of the night. Comparison-wise there's the intimacy and raw emotion of Julien Baker and dark duo chemistry of The XX.
Snapshots from the weekend
Lost up a mountain 👻👻👻
'On the loom the threads were finely lined vertically, the merging of blues and greens like a strip of sea or Pre-Raphaelite lake, before the addition of contrasting horizontal stripes created the woven texture.' Recently I wrote about linen (and a tour of the 'Fashioned from Nature' exhibition) for @themakerjournal 🌱
Apt reading (+ lemon and chocolate cookies)
I always get a rush of inspiration when looking at independently produced magazines/ the processes behind them and then when I go and try and create my own I'm like whereistheinspiration
Me, yesterday, feeling small amongst Azzedine Alaïa dresses 🐭