Apt reading (+ lemon and chocolate cookies)
I always get a rush of inspiration when looking at independently produced magazines/ the processes behind them and then when I go and try and create my own I'm like whereistheinspiration
Me, yesterday, feeling small amongst Azzedine Alaïa dresses 🐭
Florence in So It Goes magazine 💙 (+ some coconut, raspberry, and chocolate chip cookies I made this afternoon)
Rowing boats and a cute garden
Ice creams and crazy golf
Summery garden vibes from Sunday
'Above all, let us not spoil our freedom of movement by encasing ourselves in steel armour, more commonly called the "correct corset"... Neither should you ever forget to fasten your hat on securely... If you're fielding and your hat falls off and gets mixed up with the ball, the confusion between you, your hat, and the ball obviously creates great difficulties'
I'm an aunty now which means crocheting miniature versions of things I'd like to wear myself
Apparently I look like an Animal Crossing character in this hat
Intern life
Bored of winter but snow and ice are pretty