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“My duty is to my heart”, said Mulan 💝 Follow your heart, not your brain. 
Your heart leads you to where you truly wanna be and to be who you truly want to become and to do the things that you really want to achieve. Your brain weighs the pros and cons and works things out with logic and facts. 
Listen to your heart no matter how much your brain wants to rationalize itself, then use the brain to get you to where your heart desires. And there, you will find your true happiness and calling 😌 
#Throwback to the happy day at Namiseom Island in South Korea 🍂🍁 Blog post is up 👉 (LINK IN BIO‼️)
It’s kinda funny to see my close friends graduating from university right now...I feel like a proud mama. That got me thinking...what happened within this few years? I remember we were in the same class & taking the same exams together back then...Now, looking back, it’s nearly my 3rd year being out of university...😱 Time is seriously a bitch that screws people up 😂 #throwback
First touch of my dream bag 😍😍 I am that annoyingly optimistic person who will always tell you that everything is possible when you set your mind to it 🤩 There is nothing to be ashamed of for wanting extravagant/materialistic things (prerequisite condition being that you buy it according to your own purchasing power and not depend on anyone else) because the more pathetic thing is to convince yourself that you don’t like these things because deep down you don’t believe that you could ever achieve them 🤦‍♀️ If you want something, go for it - there’s no shame in this game 💪
나랑 같이 밥 먹자 어때? 😋 blog updated, link in bio
3 days of getaway in Singapore, it was awesome - too much food!
Blog updated with my review of @sekaskincare Whitening+ Lotion 👉 👈 Head over to their FB page (sekaskincare) and IG Page for details of their giveaway ☘️ You can also use this discount code “BEYONDBEAUTY” for 20% off + free shipping for any online purchase made at
Just focus on the 500m that’s in front of you 🐾🐾
ㅅ ㅐ ㅇ ㅊ ㅜ ㄱ ~ @ekwsyx_
My 1-dollar happiness 💓 If you start appreciating whatever you have in life, you will be amazed that more magic will be coming your way!
One of the most important life lessons that I learnt recently: It is never done and you can never get it wrong because life is never done
Thank you for having me at the launch event in Penang @sfcoffee #sfcoffeeinthenorth BLOGPOST: