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⚽️ Player of West Ham United #4
🇵🇹 International Portuguese #6 | 🏆 Euro 2016
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Guess who’s back training with the team? Good to see José back and ready to help his teammates again. Absolutely can’t wait to see him on the pitch soon... 😄👊🏼⚽️ #josefonte #westham
We’re getting closer to seeing this guy back in action... ⏳ #josefonte #westham
We’re getting closer to José’s come back on the pitch. Looking forward to seeing him play again, missed that so much 💪🏼🙏🏼⚽️ #josefonte #westham
2017 meant new club and new life for José as he moved to London and joined West Ham. it was a year with ups and downs - injury, defeats, victories, qualification... but at the end, we only remember the best of it. this year was full of emotions - happiness, proudness, sadness, nostalgia. thank you all for following me one more year as we’re going into the 4th year of this account. thank you @f6nte for making my years better each year, it’s a pleasure to support you and to know the amazing person that you are - you are one in a million, never ever change. my favorite moment of the year was obviously going to london and seeing José again. i wish you all a wonderful 2018, may all your wishes come true, take care of yourselves. have a good new years eve with your loved ones and your friends, but please be careful, don’t drink and drive! bring on 2018 ❤️ #josefonte #westham
Feliz natal a todos 🎄 #josefonte #westham
On this Christmas eve, I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas. Enjoy this time with your loved ones 🎅🎄 (José as a santa edit is literally becoming a tradition every christmas haha) #josefonte
happy 34th birthday to one or my favorite human beings, @f6nte 🎉 he’s truly the most hard working, passionated, down to earth, humble, adorable person i’ve ever known in my whole life. he’s inspiring, his positiveness and his dedication has shown that everything in life is possible - give the best of you, be kind, work hard and never give up. thank you for everything that you’ve learned, i’m so proud and happy to know the amazing person that you are. you are one in a million. it’s a pleasure to be by your side, supporting you. have a wonderful day with your loved ones. i wish you all the very best, you deserve it! ❤️ #josefonte
Portugal’s group for the WC2018 has been reveled! Força 🇵🇹 #josefonte #portugal
@f6nte giving news on his injury 💪🏼🙏🏼 #josefonte #westham
Step n°1 of the recovery. Good luck José, we’re with you through all of this! 💪🏼🙏🏼 #josefonte #westham
Watch this @prodirectsoccer video of the “why i play” series with @f6nte 👏🏼 #josefonte #westham
José had his surgery today due to the injury he got against Crystal Palace, everything went well. The recovery begins now! We send him love, strenght and support on this difficult time 🙏🏼❤️ #josefonte #westham