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If you are going to play, play to win.
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Beach, please 🌊
Play to Win! 😈
3, 2, F I G H T !
Suddenly Seven…

You may not know much about me. You may have an idea of who I am or you may only have assumptions of who I could be.

But behind these shirtless pictures and vain sentences, I keep my true self for those who I care about.

7 years ago when I landed here, I still didn’t know who I was. I was fooled, judged and underestimated. 
A toxic love, a scary path and a river of uncertainties. And it all may not make sense to you, as I don’t even expect you to still be reading...
But, I’m grateful for my broken hearts, twist turns and bad decisions.

It all led me, brutally and wondrously, with sweat, blood and tears……. here. “Happy Aussieversary, Fa.”
Since Summer is back, here’s a Speedo pic 😌
It’s only Tuesday - yeh? 🤔
Summer Season is ON 😎 🌊
My Room, My Rules 😈
Que pasa? 🧢
Lift-mandatory-selfie 🤓
Swim with me. Sink into me.