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Faith in Texas is a multi-racial, multi-faith grassroots movement of people united in values working together for economic, racial & social justice.

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"These are revolutionary times. All over the globe men [and women] are revolting against old systems of exploitation and oppression, and out of the wounds of a frail world, new systems of #justice and #equality are being born." – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Thank you, Dr. King, for showing us the way. We will continue to fight to make your dream a reality. #MLK #MLKday
Faith in Texas will host our 86th State Legislative Summit: Engage. Unify. Act. on Saturday, January 12th. Join us from 2:30 - 5 p.m. to learn about our platform for the session, how state decisions impact our local work, and learn how you can get involved with legislative activities. Let's do our best to make sure laws aren't passed that continue to cause harm in our communities. •

Fe en Texas presenta La Cumbre de Lideres de la 86ª Sesión Legislativa de Texas: Conecte. Unifique. Actué. Sera el sábado 12 de enero de 2019. Acompañenos de 2:30 - 5 p.m. para aprender la plataforma de Fe en Texas y cómo las decisiones que se tomen en el capitolio afectan nuestro trabajo local. Entérate de cómo participar en nuestras actividades legislativas. Haremos todo lo posible para que no aprueban leyes que sigan causando sufrimiento a nuestras comunidades. 
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Warm wishes, from us to you! #happyholidays
Keep the faith wherever you go! 😉 
Loving our #custom pins handmade by the talented @faneshafabre! #supportsmallbusiness ❤️
We're looking for two dynamic, talented change-makers to join our team: a Director of Organizing and and Administrative Assistant. If you're passionate about justice and ready to make a difference in your community, we could be looking for you! Learn more and apply at the link in our bio. #dallas #DFW #work #werehiring
The deadline to leave a comment in the Federal Register is tomorrow! Take a few minutes to speak out against this cruel regulation. Instructions and suggested comments are at the link in our bio.•• •
Building on the traumatic separation of families at the border, the Trump administration is pushing regulation that will penalize immigrant families and create an immigration system that prioritizes the wealthy few over families working to secure a future here. •

This policy will lead to more poverty, hunger, unmet health needs, & racial disparities. Our communities don't need that kind of “help” from new federal regulations. Harming immigrants hurts families and communities.  We won't build a stronger nation by weakening the families who live in it. •

The government must give the public a chance to weigh in before finalizing their proposed changes to the  regulation. The more people who post public comments against the order, the more likely we can disrupt or even stop it. 
"I believe justice is recognizing the #divine spark in each of us and respecting it. It is treating others as we want to be treated... Close your eyes. Imagine a world with no war. Imagine a world with no poverty– of the mind or otherwise. Imagine the world you want to build. Open your eyes. Let’s #build it." •

#Congratulations, Julio, for being named Justice Seeker of the Year! Keep seeking and fighting for #justice, we're with you!
As people of #faith, we will continue to stand with our community demanding justice for our brother #BothamJean. “This indictment takes us one step closer to full accountability and we honor the work of those who have laid the groundwork here in Dallas County to create a climate in which we can finally see the buds of #justice beginning to blossom.” –– Brittany White, Faith in Texas LIVE FREE DFW Organizer
Getting is great, but giving is greater! Today and every day, your tax-deductible #donations will help provide much-needed resources to build the beloved community we all deserve and desire. #givingtuesday #faithintexas #thankyou #give #faith #justice
This is a new low, we’ve gone from keeping children locked in cages to gassing them at our border. As a country founded on and by immigrants, every American should be filled with shame, horror, and righteous anger.  #migrantcaravan
@redletterxians will gather leaders from around the country to join Dallas churches to preach about the Jesus of the poor and marginalized — the gospel that welcomes the #immigrant and seeks protection for those made vulnerable amidst today’s rising #Christian #nationalism.

In addition to evening gatherings on Friday and Saturday, there are a variety of workshops offered from 9am-4pm both days! Hear from faith leaders about topics like: Red Letter Christianity, Equipping Our Allies, Immigration and the Matthew 25 Movement, Undoing the Theology of Racism, and more! #DallasRevival
Get to the polls and stay in line! Don’t leave just because your polling location is about to close. If you are in line before closing time, they are required to stay open and allow you to #vote. Know your rights! #righteousvote #midtermsmatter #faithintexas