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Faith in Texas is a multi-racial, multi-faith grassroots movement of people united in values working together for economic, racial & social justice.

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That would be something to celebrate. 🇺🇸 #America #4thofjuly #familiesbelongtogether #abolishice #defundhate #investinlove
#KnowYourRights #ProtectEachOther #ICERaids #AbolishICE
Join us this Thursday, June 20 at 12 p.m. CST for the #EveryoneCountsChat featuring LIVE FREE’s Pastor Mike McBride, Andrea Marta with Faith in Action, and our very own Julio Acosta who will discuss the importance of the #census, opportunities to mobilize local communities, and how YOU can be counted. ✅ 
Follow us on #Twitter @WeAreFaithInTX, see you Thursday! #faithintexas #everyonecounts #census2020 #faithinaction #livefree #becounted
Our leaders are at #TarrantCounty Commissioners Court preparing to give testimony against the renewal of 287(g), a harmful and unconstitutional partnership between #ICE and local law enforcement. We don’t want it in our community and we’re saying “NO!” #defundhate #noice #iceoutoftarrant #faithintexas
We’re saying #NO to 287(g), see you tomorrow! #EndICE #faithintexas #tarrantcounty
We all have our piece in the #American story, whether as native to this land, as a new #immigrant, a descendant of slavery, or those who came to our nation seeking a better life. Because of all of us, #America is home. #CelebrateImmigrants #FaithInTexas #IHM2019 #ImmigrantHeritageMonth
We're excited for our Executive Director Akilah Wallace to be a part of the @behipgive #LatinosGive2019 speaker lineup! See you in June, D.C.! #faithintx #investinlove #fundthemovement #hispanicsinphilanthropy
We're #hiring fellows! If you're passionate about social change and want to build a unified, faith-based voice for marginalized communities, we encourage you to apply and start your career in community organizing! Hit the Live Free button at the link in our bio to learn more and apply! #LiveFree #FaithinTX #Dallas #Jobs
We are beyond devastated to hear about the most recent terrorist attack in New Zealand and mourn with our Muslim brothers and sisters worldwide, especially the loved ones of the people killed and injured in the two #Christchurch mosques. This senseless act of violent racism and Islamophobia is yet another manifestation of what has become a global movement of hate and white supremacy. We must, now more than ever, lean into our collective strength and stand against the unprecedented rise in attacks against immigrants, Muslims, and other minority groups. •

As an organization of many faiths united in our desire to see a just world, we stand in solidarity and repudiate the horrible violence that has taken place. However, it is not enough to just repudiate the violence of guns and bullets and bombs. Physical violence is born of the seeds of racism, bigotry, and hatred. So, we must stand in the face of violence in any form––words, stereotypes, and fear mongering. •

We issue a call to action for all people to confront hate in every form and in every place it lurks, including within ourselves. Confront it not with more violence but with our great and overpowering love. We must see in each person––no matter how different from ourselves––the image of #God and the human dignity that we all bear. Just as Isaac and Ishmael came together to bury Abraham in the Hebrew Bible, so are we all called to treat one another as kindred and to join together in grief and in commitment to building a more loving world. In doing so, we can help create healing that goes beyond just offering our thoughts and prayers, and actually change our community to make a place where people can truly feel and be safe.
Lobby Day is well underway and the team is fired up!! 🔥✊🏾💪🏼 #txlege #fitxlobbyday #lobbyday2019 #wecomin
Last week, in a special session of the General Conference of the United Methodist Church, delegates voted to reinforce the denomination’s bans on same-sex marriage and LGBTQ+ clergy. The decision lays bare a deep division that is present in many of our own congregations around sexuality and gender identity, the role of scripture, and what it means to be people of faith in today's world. This major rift will undoubtedly have ripples for generations to come, and we acknowledge that there is tremendous heartache and pain. •

Many people who are currently serving in ministry or preparing for ministry are now unsure about what is next for them, and members are wondering whether there is a place for them in the church. We mourn with our United Methodist kindred who are in the midst of this heartbreak and struggle. We see you and we are with you in spirit. •

If you attended our Freedom Summer Training last summer, you may recall that some members spoke passionately about the ways that LGBTQ+ people––just like our immigrant, formerly incarcerated, and poor community members––face intense discrimination in areas such as housing and employment, preventing them from living full and abundant lives. Furthermore, hate crimes against LGBTQ+ people, alongside other forms of hate crimes, continue to be on the rise. •

As the Faith in Texas Clergy Steering Committee, we affirm that every human being is created in the image of God––people of every gender and sexual orientation and race and background. There are no second-class citizens, each and every one of us is loved by God. God created all of us in a mosaic of diversity and it is in that diversity that we are most beautiful. •

Faith in Texas includes members and congregations who are LGBTQ+ affirming as well as those who are not. We remain committed to leading the conversation and working together to improve all our communities by honoring the image of God in each and every person. We must find a way forward together to build a just world where all people may experience dignity and care.
A strong #union is the sum of our #communities which value the #dignity and worth of every person. #DefundHate #SOTU