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Man jadda wajada. Semoga dipermudahkan untuk final 😇 #pismp #semester1 #nofilter
Winner Everywhere Tour ✨ Gamsahamnida @winnercity for coming to Malaysia! I always listened to theirs songs! Macam tak percaya this was their first concert in Malaysia and I got to meet them in real life 😭 I would like to say thank you to my partner @infinite7chaser sebab sanggup belikan tiket and also cheered together for Winner 🌹 #WINNERinMY #winnereverywheretour #winnereverywheretourinkl paling excited bila Mino and Yoon noticed me ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Since ramai yang request fancam Killing Me, nah here you go! ❤️ Enjoy it, ikonic did the great job with the fanchant 🔥 #iKONinMY #ikoncontinuetour2018 #ikoncontinuetourinkl
Sometimes it’s not the person who changes, it’s the mask that falls off 🙂
iKON Continue Tour in Kuala Lumpur was lit! 🔥 Finally dapat jumpa iKON! Dah lama follow diorang since zaman debut “my type” ❤️ Tak lupa juga dapat jumpa my mutual @infinite7chaser @tka_teeka @4j1lco @oshinss @izz_zty and other new friends @dianaadnan and many more ✨ I was really grateful to have you guys! 🇰🇷 #iKONinMY #ikoncontinuetour2018 #ikoncontinuetourinkl
Thank you much @mcalls_official @macpiepro for organizing this event. Dapat jumpa my new friends @fendiyang999 @4j1lco @izz_zty @oshinss @crys.qh and others! ✨ And of course, I was so happy to meet Monsta X, Boyfriend, WJSN, Joeng Sewoon, AOA, EXID and FT Island 🌹 Really exhausted but worth it! 🤗#kwave3musicfestival
🛫 #nofilterchallenge
Link is up on my bio! Feel free to watch my vlog! 💓 #wannaoneinkualalumpur
Wanna One Vlog 🙌🏻 #willuploadsoon #wannaoneworldtour #wannaonekl #wannable #wannaone #axiataarena
Finally, I’ve met Wanna One! Thank you @wannaone.official for coming to Malaysia ❤️ The organizer (yj partner) was really suck at organizing a concert. But it’s okay, I was really happy when I saw Lee Daehwi, Park Jihoon, Jisung, Kang Daniel, Lai Guan Lin and the others! You guys were amazing at the concert! And ofc I would like to say thank you so much to my other half, my beautiul sis @syasyamjeey because we two are wannables! This is the moment that I would never forget in my whole life! Please don’t disband Wanna One! #wannaoneinkualalumpur #wannaone #axiataarena
It was worth awhile taking a walk at Bukit Bintang! 💓 Anyway I see Busted by Netflix 👀 #taksiasiapergisensorang