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Fun, colourful moments captured. Happy laughing people having the best day is my aim.

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Beautiful evening and couple at the beach.
This amazing couple only had eyes for each other. The wind, rain and crashing waves didn't bother them. I was a bit worried they were going to slip off the rock!
Doesn't get much happier!!
Sharing a quiet moment.
Hot summer days and beautiful sunsets
I'm pretty lucky to spend time in two of the most beautiful countries.
Yesterday was a bit rainy..but these two didn't seem to notice!
These two soon to be married looking so happy.
Ok Sam fell over and they both got much wetter than planned. But doesn't that make for a great wedding day memory! And as you can see Neilar could never be annoyed with her husband!
Such a beautiful family at makatu beach
There have been some amazing sunsets lately. The red barn.
Summer snow at the red barn.