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Complete scouting report at for high stakes #dynasty and #bestball #fantasy players... Stay ahead of the mainstream!

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Our 2019 NFL Draft (With a Dynasty/Fantasy Slant) Video Streaming Shows – WED-THU-FRI ‍

We’re going to use our video platform to watch and comment real-time for days one-two of the NFL Draft. We’ll start with a one-hour live pre-show tonight (details below) for subscribers.

Using the Shindig (website or App) technology that we used this past NFL season, you’ll be able to watch live and (If you’d like to) ask questions/make comments and the show hosts can display them for all to see and react to.

I’m going to use video this year, versus a typing live stream of commentary, because I feel like typing quick notes and live streaming commentary the past few years was good, but everything is happening so fast (especially days 2-3) and I’m using a lot of time typing versus paying attention/enjoying the show – my comments were about too short, or if meaty…it would take a lot of time and I’d miss draft activity constructing them. I feel I can convey more information and have more fun with it just reacting to every moment…and answering things the audience is interested in – or get fresh ideas from the co-hosts and audience observations. So, we’ll give video a whirl for 2019.

If something ‘technical difficulties’ bad happens to our video attempts, our fail safe is going back to live streaming typed commentary.

Shindig was been a pretty smooth platform for us in 2018 (this is our first 2019 effort), so the only real issue we’ve seen (besides me giving out the wrong password/code to enter) could be that the internet is so jammed up with people online during the draft that some with low-speed internet experience some ‘buffering’ at the peak hours – like would happen if you were trying to watch Netflix at that peak time. Hopefully, we’re all smooth across the land.

The following day of each draft day, I’ll be writing a reaction piece…so, if you can’t make the show…you’ll have article-based material to look at. Starting today, the next 7+ days are all NFL Draft based…reactions, team grades, and preparing the top 300+ Dynasty Rookie Draft rankings and updating the Dynasty and Best Ball rankings, etc. 
Full info via the link above.
Dynasty-Fantasy Football Offseason Notes, Rumors, Musings (4/24/2019) ‍

Throughout April and into the summer, we’ll be dropping Dynasty-Fantasy notes every day or two as we have some things of interest, rumors, etc., to talk about. *Writing them on the fly, forgive any errors… ‍ -- NFL Draft live video streaming shows/Q&A Wednesday-Thursday-Friday for subscribers. Log in information and show details will be posted on the CFM and DOBB subscriber sites a few hours prior to the show.

Information about the shows posted on CFM and FFM this morning.

Log in info for Shindig video hosting site (or use their App) will be up ahead of each show on CFM and DOBB areas.

Tonight’s session is start time 9pmET for about an hour. ‍ -- Tyreek Hill (or his fiancée) is not being charged per the state prosecutor. The prosecutor believes something happened, but they cannot determine who’s guilty.

It’s a win for Tyreek, overall, but the prosecutor adding his speculation is a ‘loss’ as that will hang over Tyreek’s head…it could have been his fiancée who was the target of the investigation, or some other person/family member/non-parent, or it was an accident, or it really is Tyreek himself who is guilty – but even if Tyreek is truly NOT guilty, this incident and the prosecutor’s words will hang over Tyreek for the rest of his career.

The NFL is still investigating, but if the state cannot find anyone to charge…the NFL will have a hard time suspending Tyreek because he might be 100% innocent (but someone else guilty). It looks like Tyreek is 70% in the clear for playing Week 1 and not dealing with any type of suspension.

Yes, Ezekiel Elliott was suspended despite not being convicted – but there something happened and the person who made the original complaint…decided to not go forward with her original claim, and thus everything was dropped. The NFL saw something happened and it was bad…the details were rough on what really happened, that I saw.

Full article via the link above.. #kcchiefs #kcchiefsfan #kcchiefskingdom #chiefskingdom #kansascitychiefs #chiefs #nfl #espn #fantasyfootball #fantasyfootballmetrics #rcfischer 
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Proper’ fantasy strategy would tell you running backs are the top assets…possibly the top 3-4-5+ ranked players would be running backs for many rankings – so, they’ve established (I guess) that you can rank a bunch of players from one position at the top. They just think it has to be a running back…or a mix of RB and WR. I’ve always said, because I value differently/statistically/economically, QBs and TEs absolutely can be at the top of the most valuable assets in a given year or dynasty start up.

I’m the only person on the planet that would tell you... Full article at Dynasty Offseason/Bestball Draft Guide available at Fantasy Football Metrics - use the link...

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Dynasty-Fantasy Football Offseason Notes, Rumors, Musings (4/23/2019) ‍

Throughout April and into the summer, we’ll be dropping Dynasty-Fantasy notes every day or two as we have some things of interest, rumors, etc., to talk about. *Writing them on the fly, forgive any errors…

OK, so Pete Prisco from CBS has a theory/source that leads him to believe Kyler Murray is not going #1 to Arizona Thursday. I got no problem with floating that theory or saying, “sources said…”. My problem is what happened after that…

One man postured this theory, after ALL the analysts 100% bought into Murray-to-Arizona for the past month, which was after ALL the analysts 100% believed he would not be a top 10 pick and that their beloved Dwayne Haskins would fight off (awful/non-Peyton Manning-like) Daniel Jones as the top QB taken in the draft. The ‘Me Too’ football media is an embarrassment to the word ‘embarrassment’, but this is nothing new.

So, the football media does what they always do…and here we are as suckers for it again.

Remember, a few days ago EVERYONE agreed with Murray-to-Arizona #1. One man offers a different take and it becomes super-clickbait, and now every article you see on Murray is something to the effect that ‘Arizona is not taking Murray now’. One man with one source, supposedly, has changed 50%+ of the national media’s draft board in 24-48 hours. It’s sickening.

What were they all basing Murray-to-Arizona #1 on before? Answer…’nothing’. Someone else said something they coped…and the person they copied is copying what someone else floated out loud. Where is the research? Where are the always-wrong-except-Jay-Glazer ‘insiders’? Maybe they’re too busy following up on their Russell Wilson-to-NYG group-think.

What if Prisco is being lied to so that Arizona can try to get the team with the #2 pick... Full article via the link above or our Facebook page Fantasy Football Metrics..
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Full scouting report available now at for those high stakes #IDP #dynasty and #fantasy football players - don’t miss out! 
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JUNE 2019… -- I start writing the big FFM Draft Guide in May, for release in mid-June. More details on our release date in May. ‍

There is no offseason…my fingers are literally about to fall off my hand from all the typing of reports and auditing of data/spreadsheets the past four months. The next 3-4 months is no offseason for dynasty/fantasy or handicapping…it’s the greatest time to take advantage of most NFL news and analysis going into nap mode and holding onto their group-think ways until training camp rumors come and change their narratives, and then the preseason games/hype as well. I gotta study it and report out on it all ASAP.

Time to make some money ahead…

Get ready. ‍

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POST DRAFT… -- (CFM) On Sunday, I’ll start working on ‘Draft Grades’ from our computer on who ‘won the draft’ from an NFL standpoint…and I’ll update those grades as key UDFA’s are signed.

I’ll also start working on our 2019 Dynasty Rookie Draft top 300+. On Monday (post-draft), I plan to have the top 20-25 written up/ranked. But all week, I’ll be adding prospects and changing rankings as the UDFA information comes in. Eventually we’ll have 250-300+ prospects statistically valued and about 100+ of them with commentary.

All the following week, I’ll be adding to and updating the Dynasty Rookie Draft Rankings version 1.0. Once we get all UDFA info and prospect landing spots graded, etc., and get the top 250+ board settled for the week, then we’ll update the Dynasty Rookie Rankings every week up through training camps, preseason games, and right to opening day. ‍

MAY 2019… -- (FFM) With the new NFL rosters and official schedule, I’ll start working on the first ‘Faux’ season/computer simulated season based on the latest information and we’ll start discussing over/under win total opportunities. Mid/late May we will see the Faux season results and discussions…I’m sure Xavier Cromartie will be back in with his L.A. Chargers win the Super Bowl ways (he had them getting there but losing last year, I have the feeling it’s his pick to win it all this year…but I have no clue). Xavier and I, as always, will propose our top three best bet over/under win total plays – a feature that has been ‘free money’ for years. ‍ -- (CFM) The rookie scouting reports don’t end with the NFL Draft. We’ll continue to add prospects of interest post-draft, especially those later-round, UDFA gems…taking a deeper look at them for the NFL and dynasty/fantasy.

At some point in the summer, we’ll start taking a preview look at the 2020 top draft prospects with preview scouting reports. ‍ -- Once we have the NFL Draft, with the new rosters to play with, I plan to start different video series on Best Ball, Redraft, and Dynasty draft strategies and doing Q&A sessions for the subscribers. Details on all that to come later into May 2019. ‍

JUNE 2019… -- I start writing the big FFM Draft Guide
Planning a pre-show to go over things with co-host on Wednesday night (ET), and I hope to have an open invite for anyone who wants to watch that pre-draft discussion and we’ll take questions from the audience, etc., if you want – but it’s mostly for some pre-draft day discussion and testing our recording equipment and testing access ability for everyone . If all goes well, this event will be recorded and you can watch it later…details forthcoming. We’re all still testing all of these things because it’s not as simple as you’d think (and a shoestring budget). Thursday…we’ll get started a little ahead of the draft to make sure everyone is connected who wants to hear us along with whatever channel you’re watching it (or we’re your only feed at home or work, etc.). We’ll go until the draft ends Thursday night.

Friday…planning the same as Thursday. However, I’m travelling 7 hours that morning and broadcasting from a different location, so fingers crossed for the Wi-Fi at the hotel. Rounds 2-3.

We are hoping to record all these video events and post for on-demand after…might be a few days until they are posted. The files could be so large (hours of recordings) that we cannot get it from the host as easily as we want.

Saturday…No broadcast and no live reactions, unfortunately. I have an event I cannot cancel/escape from. The NFL changed the time of draft-day-three start (now 2pmET) and it hit right when my event starts.

Day three likely runs from like 2-9/10pm ET, would be my guess. I will join back to the draft as soon as I can – like 6pmET. I’ll send an App alert that I’m live typing thoughts, reactions, etc., when I hit the keyboard. I’ll type thoughts until the last pick is made. That typed content will be there for you whenever you want to read it.

Continued.. #nfl #fantasyfootball #fantasyfootballmetrics #rcfischer #nflfantasy #nflfantasyfootball #espn #espnfantasyfootball #bestball #mfl #nfldraft #nfldraft2019
COMING UP ON FFM AND CFM THE NEXT TWO+ WEEKS (NFL DRAFT COVERAGE AND BEYOND)... Throughout April and into the summer, we’ll be dropping Dynasty-Fantasy notes every day or two as we have some things of interest, rumors, etc., to talk about. *Writing them on the fly, forgive any errors…

Incredibly busy, dynasty-fantasy changing next two weeks. The NFL Draft followed by a week of interpreting the ramifications of the draft…for dynasty, fantasy, handicapping, etc. We’re going to have a ton of reports, changes to reports/rankings, strategy opportunities and changes the next 2+ weeks. Here’s a tentative game plan for when you can expect what from FFM and CFM ahead… ‍

PRE-NFL DRAFT… -- (CFM) CB rankings/grades will post today and safety grades midday tomorrow, followed by our first big board (our master sheet of scouting grades + positional valuations for the NFL) planned for Tuesday. -- (CFM) Updated Positional Rankings with additional prospects graded/scouted and prior ones updated with any new information from Pro Days, etc. These will be our Final scouting grades/ranks by position pre-Draft. The final NFL Draft Big Board pre-Draft will post Thursday midday…about 600+ draft prospects grades and valued…on a spreadsheet you can download and edit/work with/track with as you wish. ‍

NFL DRAFT COVERAGE… -- (CFM) I am planning to do a video live stream during the draft days one and two. I’ve always wanted to do so – a format where I can react and discuss things without spending too much time trying to type the quick reactions, while listening to the commentary and getting info from sources, and then trying to publish them all real-time. I’d rather just jaw about it like I would if I was watching it with you at your house.

More details on log-in info and who will be on the live stream with me, forthcoming for CFM subscribers.

Schedule of video events:

Testing systems today.. Continued... #rcfischer #fantasyfootball #dynastyfootball #bestball #mfl #collegefootball #nflfantasy #nflfantasyfootball #espn #espnfantasy

Full scouting report available now at for those high stakes #IDP #dynasty and #fantasy football players - don’t miss out! 
#collegefootball #collegefootballmetrics #rcfischer #nfldraft #2019nfldraft #nfldraft2019 #nflcombine #nflcombine2019 #fantasyfootball #idp #independentdefensiveplayer #michiganstatefootball 
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I'm going back through some team notes from games last season, and in the following/current year I like to pick a few teams and post all their game recaps in order and make a few, quick new year/season observations -- and it gives us some spring/summer reading material when football news is slow.

The first team I selected to post from 2018 season -- the Kansas City Chiefs. The team responsible for the most successful regular season fantasy football we've had as a company. Let's walk down memory lane week-by week (one per day) and re-live it because it was great, culminating with that Monday Night Football game vs. the Rams...and then we kind slid from there.

Now, enjoy the moment where the Chiefs won but it was the first sign of their coming fade AND the losing team, Cleveland, began their ascension. ‍ ================== ‍

2018 Week 9 Dynasty-Fantasy Analysis: Chiefs v. Browns ‍

I think we all expected about this kind of outcome here – Chiefs score 35+ and win by 16. Seemed ‘normal’ on the live watch. However, on the re-watch I was impressed by how well the Browns played – I’d say this was maybe the best the Browns have played all season.

Consider the Browns were one CB down to start the game (Randall) and then lost their two best CBs pretty early – E.J. Gaines and Denzel Ward. They were only down 21-15 at the half…at KC. They were kinda hanging around all game, wouldn’t go away, just KC is so good and was too much.

In Week 9, some teams quit on their coach – the Raiders and the Lions. I wondered if the Browns’ coaching changes (to awful human Gregg Williams) would backfire, but the Browns played with a lot of spunk in this game.

The Browns are 2-6-1, and I bet they find another win or two…if they keep playing with a little spark.

The Chiefs are 8-1, and they need to keep winning because the Patriots... Complete article via the link above or our Facebook page

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