Farrer Park Hospital is a private tertiary healthcare institute, set up to offer a fresh approach to medical treatment. #FarrerParkHospital #FPHeroes

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Parents are our pillars of #strength who care for the #family and make #sacrifices for our #happiness, sometimes at the expense of their own #health. It’s time we look out for their health.
Celebrate this Mother’s and Father’s Day with peace of mind and get a status check on their health with HealthConnexion’s health screening package.
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Road Closure Notice
Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple will be holding a consecration ceremony on Sunday 22 April 2018. In view of this event, some roads will be closed to vehicular traffic from 12am to 7pm as indicated in the map.
Please note that bus stops along Serangoon Road will also be closed and all buses will be diverted to Tessensohn Road. 
Thank you.
Do you know someone who suffers from piles? Here are 3 common misconceptions debunked.
1. #Piles are unusual growths
Everyone is born with piles. It helps maintain continence to gas and liquids. Piles become a problem only when they bleed, or develop itch or pain.
2. Piles must be surgically removed
Not all piles need to be removed. Most can be treated with medication and a change in diet or toilet habits, or simple clinical procedures.
3. #Rectal bleeding is caused by piles
It is not true that rectal bleeding must be from piles. #Bleeding can be a sign of other conditions within the #colon, #rectum and #anus, and should be investigated.
To learn more about piles from Dr Kam Ming Hian, come down to our #publicforum this Saturday, 21 April 1.30pm to 5 pm. Register now!
For more info: (*This public forum is conducted in Mandarin)
#FarrerParkHospital #PublicForum
The #KingofFruits season is here and we definitely do not want to miss the opportunity to indulge in the sweet and creamy taste of durians. 
On the 11 April, we organised a Durian Fiesta for our doctors and brought in durians such as #MaoShanWang, D13 Red Prawn and #D24.

The event was an absolute hit with all the #doctors and a great opportunity for networking.

Click on the images to check out some highlights of the Durian Fiesta.

An exclusive Health Awareness Night was organized for the Bangladeshi community with Mr Md. Mustafizur Rahman, High Commissioner of People’s Republic of #Bangladesh in #Singapore and Mr Mohd. Shahiduzzaman, President of Bangladesh Business Chamber, Singapore as our Guests of Honour.

Among those present for the event were, key officials from Bangladesh High Commission, members of Bangladesh Business Chamber and members of Bangladesh Society.

#Medical Specialists from Farrer Park Medical Centre were on hand to share insights on topics ranging from #Stroke, #CardiacArrest, Prevention of #Livercancer to Neck and Back pain.

We are very encouraged by the attendance and will continue to reach out with more #Health Awareness activities for the benefit of all. 
Some diseases are more common in adults over the age of 45, such as #haemorrhoids, #benign and #cancerous skin conditions, joint and lower limb pain, #peripheral #arterial disease and #sleep problems. Join us on the 21st of April, Saturday, 1.30pm to 5.00pm to understand the causes, #treatment options, and how the use of the latest #medical technology can help to manage these conditions. Seats are limited, register now!
(*This public forum is conducted in Mandarin)
#FarrerParkHospital #PublicForum #Health
Are you ready when an #emergency strikes? Sign up for our #CPR + #AED Course and equip yourself with knowledge and skills in performing Basic #Cardiac Life Support and Automated External Defibrillation.
For more information, please visit our website at
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Farrer Park Hospital has won the Healthcare category at Enterprise Innovation Awards!

This achievement recognizes our #innovation in technology through our Electronic Meal Ordering System (EMOS), where patients may order from a selection of over 200 meals. 
EMOS is also integrated with FPH’s electronic medical records such that any allergies or food to avoid will be removed from the patient’s view, giving them complete autonomy of choice with no sacrifice on patient safety.

Our use of #technology, process innovation and best practices have allowed FPH to drive growth and achieve leadership position in the #healthcare industry, bringing about transformational benefits internally within the organization and externally to our clients.

Enterprise Innovation Awards is participated by multinational companies and leaders across different industries, including AXA Asia, DBS Bank, DHL Express, IBM and Microsoft, and we are humbled that our efforts and commitment towards a #SmartHospital have been acknowledged at this event.

The EMOS project was submitted for evaluation in 2017 and winners were announced on 27 March. Our Corporate Communications Manager, Ms Jasmine Kin received the award on behalf of FPH at the gala dinner held at the Marina Mandarin, Singapore.

#FarrerParkHospital #FPHeroes
Only 527 calories.
Starter: #Seafood Tom Yum Soup
Mains: Thai Green Curry Chicken served with #BrownRice
Sides: Braised Chinese Cabbage, Bell Peppers and Tofu
Dessert: Juicy Dragon Fruit

Full video on our Facebook and YouTube channel.

#farrerparkhospital #FPHWorldofFlavours #food #healthy #yummy #thaicuisine #hospitalmeal #hotelchef
Thinking of what to cook for dinner tonight? How about #Thai cuisine? Hot and #spicy #seafood #tomyum soup with #greencurrychicken sounds great! 
Don't forget to add a rainbow of #fruit and #vegetables to accompany your meal. They are rich in nutrients vital to our body’s function and help to protect you from diseases. In this delicious meal cuisine, we also have braised cabbage with red, green and yellow bell peppers and juicy dragon fruit.

All at 527 #calories only. Watch the full video to learn how to prepare all this yummy food!

This recipe is in collaboration with Farrer Park Hospital Principal Dietitian and One Farrer Hotel & Spa Executive Chef.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel and immerse yourself in a variety of tasty recipes.

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Meticulously planned by our nurses and colleagues from the Infection Control Committee, the Roadshow held last Friday was a blast! Everyone had an enjoyable time learning about the #InfectionControl guidelines and practices through various booths of interactive activities. With different themes at each section, participants gained a wide scope of knowledge that is beneficial beyond clinical settings.
#FarrerParkHospital #nurses
Invite your friends and family to learn more about #eye diseases, eye care tips and common eye conditions from senior #ophthalmologists at a public forum this coming Saturday, 24 March from 2pm to 4.30pm. Register your interest now!
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