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We are Scenic City Velo’s women's cycling club and race team devoted to bringing more women into the sport.


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TT was a bit different today - lots of turns on a fairly short course.
@kellyvkowalczyk racing today in Lewisburg.
Lewisburg Stage Race today
Crit later!
Rolling into the weekend like Beth Lofgren and Ali Whittier on Race Day!! �� Don't forget to join the Taco Mamacita's this Tuesday for their no-drop ride.  Meet at Food City in St. Elmo @ 6pm.  Also just a reminder that River Gorge is just around the corner. Sign up and volunteer and be a part of this awesome event!! Happy Friday!
Women’s Sunday RR results... @hificlydeschatt @ecpscoaching @urbanstack @towercommunitybank @villagevwcycling @tacomamachatt @communitypie @revive_val @stagescycling @rockymounts @americanairhvac #eastridgecycling
@ibethlofgren sprinting for the women’s 1/2/3 road race win at #daltongranprix on Sunday....
@hificlydeschatt @ecpscoaching @urbanstack @towercommunitybank @villagevwcycling @tacomamachatt @communitypie @revive_val @stagescycling @rockymounts @americanairhvac #eastridgecycling
@ditchflower captured 2nd in the women’s 4/5 field at #daltongranprix on Saturday in the Georgia heat! And look at our friend Sally at 3rd!!
2018 Hub City Bicycle State Championship Criterium Women’s Masters 40+ second place to a SCV member, Beth Lofgren. She was 3rd in the pro 1/2/3 TT yesterday (Rockabilly) in Jackson, TN.
Did you know that Scenic City Velo has a fantastic Juniors Development Program? These kids are bringing the 🔥 to Rockabilly this weekend! #juniorscycling #thefutureishere
Rockabilly in Jackson, TN this weekend with the rest of the SCV team.
Hear, hear! Raise a glass to our sponsors @urbanstack and @towercommunitybank for supporting our social last night! Thanks to everyone who came out! We heard next time you want to add some 🚴🏻‍♀️ to your 🍺...be on the lookout for an invite to our Bike & Brewery event in July!