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Fullerton College Biotechnology strives to bring the possibility of biotech careers to students in high school and above. 🔬

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Biotech students purified their RFP proteins using hydrophobic interaction column chromatography. 
Picture shows class results. 
Our FC Biotech Spotlight for June 2018 is Ashley Escamilla!

Ashley is a Fullerton College alumna, and current biology major at UCI, pursuing a bachelor's degree. She entered the STEM First Year experience at FC to help her find out what she wanted to do career-wise. And she did! She credits STEM FYE and our Biotech courses to what gave her confidence in applying for UCI Bridges to Baccalaureate.  She is now well on her way to a successful career in biotechnology! 🎉 🎆Congrats, Ashley! 🎆🎉
Read more about Ashley's path to biotech success at fcbiotech.weebly.com/spotlight/ashley-escamilla
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At @fullcoll this past week, we trained our 2018 CSI Summer Camp TAs on the crime scene investigation techniques that will be used in solving the mystery of "Who hacked into the computer and changed the grades?"! We're excited for next week and eager to find out who the culprit is! 🕵👣🔬🔍
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Our FC Biotech Spotlight for May 2018 is Dr. Spiros Dimitratos!

He is a professor of biology and one of our instructors for biotech courses here at Fullerton College. His advice to students going in to the biotech field is to be prepared for a lot of work. It is not an easy road in to the industry, but he says "If I can do it, you can certainly do it!". Thank you for your dedication to the field, Dr. D! Your story inspires hope in the hearts of many of your students. 🔬🎆 Read more about Dr. Dimitratos' path to the biotech industry on our website at fcbiotech.weebly.com/spotlight/dr-spiros-dimitratos

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Fullerton College hosts an exciting middle school crime scene investigation summer camp each year. There are still 17 spots open for students entering grades 7-9! If you are or someone you know is a middle school student that would enjoy a four-day CSI camp, the registration link can be found on our home page at fcbiotech.weebly.com. 
Students selected for the camp will use college-level equipment in such advanced techniques as gel electrophoresis, chromatography, microscopy, chemical analyses and more!

Register soon, as orientation will be May 30th!

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Dr. Ken Collins, an ecology professor here at Fullerton College, shares some advice with students. 🔬⏲ Being a student and needing to juggle homework and studying with work and life is difficult, but it's possible, not to mention rewarding! Keep your chin up!
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Thanks to all that attended the FC Biotech STEM Open House this past Saturday! 

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Biotech 191 students are helping with the production of LB agar plates, that will be sent out to local schools. This course is taught by Dr. Dimitratos at Fullerton college.  The pictures show the students collaborating to fulfill the large order. Thank you all for your help !