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With its diversity, Slovenia is a land of many peaceful green spots to rest your mind. .
The Krupa is a 2.5 km (1.6 mi) river in Bela Krajina - White Carniola, southeastern Slovenia. Its source is a karst spring in the village of Krupa below a rock wall. 💎🤗 .
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Hello sunny Saturday! 
Explore the romantic sights of Slovenian Styria. Get acquainted with the typical viticultural world part of Slovenske Gorice. This route leads you to the most scenic Slovenian road through the vineyards, which is in the shape of a heart. Look, it really is ♡. .
Who would you take with you to this idyllic adventure? ✨☀️
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It is a fairytale castle in the embrace of a rock and the largest cave castle in the world also listed as one of the Guinness World Records. 💫
Predjama castle is so special and unique, ranking among the ten most fascinating castles in the world, and so romantic that many couples choose it for their wedding vows.
Under the castle, the Karst world formed the Cave under Predjama Castle, which spans four floors. ✨
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Catching these refreshing moments when those tiny water drops in the air embrace your day. Peričnik waterfall in Triglav National Park is a perfect spot to do this.☀️💚 .
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Piran, the most beautiful town on the Slovenian coast, is surely a "must go" if you're planning a trip to our lovely peace of seaside. Enjoy Piran's sceneries and its remarkable architecture which is protected as a cultural and historical monument. ☀️
Photo session by @ninchop.
Let the sun guide you through many beautiful sights in the region of sunny Slovenian Styria. It’s a very green land indeed. Simply charming, isn’t it. ☀️😍💚
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Hello 👣
let’s make a refreshing start of this week.💚
Let’s do this at River Nadiža - it is one of the cleanest Alpine rivers in our land. 💎
Which one is your favourite Slovenian river? 
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Just gorgeous. 💚
If you’re looking to escape the summer heat, Krnica Valley is surely the place to go. ⛰☀️💫
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Hello lovely Saturday, 
let’s make a refreshing jump into the water on this sunny weekend! 💎🤸‍♀️
Whom would you take with you, to this adventure? 🤗
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Simply couldn’t wish for anything more. Such views are just balsam for all of us; mountain-souls.⛰💚
Tell us, with whom would you like to start the day like this? ✨
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Romantic, enchanting, mighty. 👑 
The Old Castle of Celje is all that. With its walls that have reigned on the hill over the city for centuries - it will leave you speechless. We are also. 🤭
Discover the history of Celje, the third largest town in Slovenia. Listen to age-old stories, myths and legends 💫
Photo session by @ninchop.
Moon Bay is, like many people say, one of the most beautiful beaches in Slovenia. 💦 A large white cross on the top of the cliffs overlooks this beautiful part of our 46 kilometres long coast. 💎🌿 .
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