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What about a morning like this, in the embrace of mighty mountains? ☀️
Triglav National Park is one of the most beautiful natural treasures of Slovenia. It is named after the symbolic mountain Triglav - 2864 m and is one of the oldest parks in Europe. 
Who would you take with you, to a trip like this? ⛰ .
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This beautiful Alpine lake with the only island in Slovenia has been a world - known paradise for centuries.
Impressing visitors with its natural charm all over again, wealth of legend, and special powers to restore well-being. 
Relax your mind, calm your spirit and renew your travel experiences at this beautiful spot nature has given to us.✨🤗
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Velika planina ☀️ the largest shepherd’s settlement in Europe - invites with plenty of opportunities for walks and hikes across the mountain pasture. Go and check this fairy tale by yourself. 😍 
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What could be more exciting than kayaking in one of the most beautiful Alpine rivers? 💦
This very clean alpine river Soča is surely one of the must see places in our lovely land. Its source lies in the Trenta Valley in the Julian Alps in northwestern Slovenia. With such turquoise color it is one of the most beautiful rivers in Slovenia. 💧 Keep it clean! 
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🗝 Sevnica Castle 🗝
is a Slovenian castle in the Lower Sava Valley. 
Situated atop a hill, it dominates the old town of Sevnica and offers views of the surrounding countryside. 💚
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Hello beautiful Wednesday! 💚 
Spending some time at the coastline. 
Enjoying the sun ☀️ and the smell of sea 🌊 in Izola. 
The vibes of this enchanting town are just nice.
What are your plans? 💫
You’ll find these kind of greens in our land.
Just an unforgettable scenery - how beautifully the sun shines in Upper Savinja Valley. 💚☀️
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People often say, Slovenia is just amazing. 🙌
With these kinds of views for sure. What a scenery, what a colour - this is Virje Waterfall, with its emerald green pool. 💚
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This is how pure peace looks like. 🙌 Just perfect for a sunday trip. 
What’s your today’s destination? 🍃🤸‍♀️💚
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All this is Slovenia. 
With such beautiful green views it will fill your heart with joy! 💚
Bukov Vrh nad Visokim is a settlement above Visoko pri Poljanah in the Municipality of Å kofja Loka. 
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Hello, dear nature lovers! 
If you truly admire nature, you will find its charm everywhere in Slovenia. 🙂
This beautiful scenery is captured in Trenta, which is a settlement in the Municipality of Bovec in the traditional Gorizia region in western Slovenia. ☀️
Take a break, enjoy these sights which are given to us by nature itself. 
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Ready for some wine tastings? 
Beautiful sights of Jeruzalem with its vineyards - a small settlement in the eastern part of the Slovene Hills / Slovenske Gorice. 💚
Thanks Marco Coppo for this beautiful capture of yours.