I mean the ones who wonder around and know, and yet wear flowers- they deserve to wear flowers.


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Me gusto muy bien👆🏻#FAMILA
I’m a lil chicken when it comes to needles and blood but it doesn’t stop me from donating blood 💉❤️
It’s almost pain free and is so rewarding to hear when your blood is being used to help someone.
Disco doll, you need some rock n roll 💥🎸
Världens bästa mini-människor💙💙💙
Guld i livet ☝🏼⭐️
Old friends & a new puppy friend💙
A couple of years ago these babes were the life of the party, now there’s a life in your belly🙈 PS Felicia is still single and ready to mingle 😉😉😉😉
Just here wearing the Jersey of my favourite CBJ player- number 11 Matt Calvert❤️🙌🏼
Happy valentinesday @alexanderwennberg. Here’s my fave photo of us