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I honestly don’t think a man has bought me flowers before, big up @urbandecaycosmetics though 🌸
Slaying all day with the new @urbandecaycosmetics setting spray.
Thank you for the best day ever with my babes @ajodudu @ccclarkebeauty 💕✨💦 love you @tomtomskid ♥️ #urbandecay #slayallday #summersolstice #makeup
You gots to chill 🤙🏼@urbandecaycosmetics #slayallday #urbandecay #summersolstice
I’ve got a big birthday in August 🎉 and I’ve got Jamaica on my mind 🇯🇲☀️🌴💕
When the brand doesn’t retouch your cellulite 🙏🏼💕 @missguided
To the older woman who just walked past me in the street whilst I was wearing this outfit,  laughed and shouted in my face “ YOU’RE TOO FAT TO BE WEARING THOSE CLOTHES “ you picked on the wrong babe to try and hurt. Just because you don’t have the confidence to be unapologetically yourself, don’t take your bitter insecurities out on others. I’m not saying I didn’t get mad, I really did and the whole street heard me cuss you out, but you looked like someone’s mother, you should have known better, you never know what someone has gone through to look the way they are and I’m glad you tried to hurt me rather than a young girl with severe insecurities, what if you shouted at a girl who had just lost a father, a sister and gained weight due to grief, had polycystic ovaries or another medical condition which caused her to be that size? Aside from that my height, weight and shape is not an offence , it’s my prerogative and has nothing to do with you. To all my JUICY BABES out there wanting to wear crop tops, shorts as it’s SUMMER, be you boo and rock whatever the hell you like. Don’t let anyone else try destroy your happiness 💕 #SelfLoveBringsBeauty
Home sweet home 🇬🇧 with tacos in my belly 🌮💕 to all my loved ones I’ll text ya back tomorrow ✨ @dfmexicodiner
Practising mafia wife 😎
Bellies are cute, don’t ya think?
I ➡️ Love ➡️ You.
I’ll save you boo 🏊🏼‍♂️🏖