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🐾 Addio Mon Petit Prince Early 🖤
👑 She is Viola Felis Cou-Cou, a beautiful balinese seal tortie point who lives with @marty_manfre_03 💖🐾
☃️ Thanks for the picture 😘
☃️ Happy New Year friends!!! 🐾🎉 Buon Anno Nuovo a tutti..ad maiora semper! ❄️🤞
☃️ Cats choose us, we don't own them! 🐾 My first Balinese cat..he is Earl Grey de l’Allée du Roi, almost 10 yo! 💙
☃️ Me and Zaccaria 🧸 I love him so much, he has a real beautiful temperament and he is so sweet! 💙 Now he is neutred and we call him Panzone because he is a little bit fat 😂🎄🐾
☃️After all it's the best time of the year..Christmas 2018 🎄🎅🐾❄️
🎄Buon Natale 2018 ☃️
🐾 Clio Felis Cou-Cou ❄️🎅🎁
🎄 Santa Claus is coming to town! 🎅
❄️ Zelda Felis Cou-Cou 🐾 #Christmas2019 ☃️
☃️Santa baby, slip a sable under the tree for me! 🎄
❄️Aiace Felis Cou-Cou 🐾 -2🎅
⛄️All I want for Christmas is you 🎄
💙 Tristano Felis Cou-Cou ❄️-4🎅
📷 Photo by Giorgio Fioravanti 🐾
☃️We wish you a merry Christmas! 🎄🐾 Kitty YesWeCat 💖 -5🎅
💕You and Me💕 Christmas 2018 🎄