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Belly Dance, Burlesque and Ballroom Dance studio. Online classes also! #bellydance #bellydancenorthbay #ballroomnorthbay #northbay #northbaydance


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Had a blast rehearsing with Ariel Hyatt, Michelle Hyatt and Maqsoum (the dog 😁).
We will be performing Oct. 30th with Minor Empire! For more info go to www.nippsjazz.com
So it begins! Working hard on getting these free Belly Dance videos out for you all :)
Thankful for these amazing people in my life. 
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and your families as well! ☺️🦃
Had to pleasure to teach my first private lesson in my home to beautiful Luanne! 
Here’s what she had to say☺️: “Thank you so much for your time and sharing your home. I will definitely come back for some more!

What I really enjoyed was the great energy you filled the room with, it was calming yet electric. Your knowledge & experience in belly dance is impressive and I left the lesson feeling empowered and beautiful. I am looking forward to practicing with you on YouTube!

I am back in North Bay first weekend in Nov! Hopefully we can arrange another session. Also let me know when your in Kirkland Lake😀” Thanks Luanne!! xx
This is it, walking out to my new journey and saying goodbye. Such a bittersweet moment. #goodbyestudiolife
Officially the last class at the Feminicity studio #tonewbeginnings
North bay and Huntsville, you now have new certified Beginner Belly Dance instructors in the area woohoo! 🎉 🙌 
Congratulations to these beautiful ladies that have successfully completed the Feminicity Belly Dance Teacher Training Intensive for Beginner Level!
Little trip to Barrie, just because! Chapters is a great place to work on projects and future plans. Anyone else catch up on reading and work at #chapters?
This is Niki's dance story! "Hi!
I started about 10 years ago when you were still teaching at the yoga place. I was trying to find a form of exercise that I could actually enjoy because I hated the gym and I am not good at sports. 
The benefits of dance have included better health and flexibility, becoming a reasonably good belly dancer, a much greater acceptance of my body, and good friends. 
Dancing also keeps me from getting stressed out and gives me energy.
 I would tell someone to give themselves a fair chance at belly dance - do it for fun and let the skill develop in its own time. Don't compare yourself to anybody else and remember that anyone who is dancing and enjoying herself is beautiful.  At first I forced myself to make time to dance because I thought I was too busy. But now dance gives me the energy I need to do everything else in my life. If I am tired I dance for 20 minutes instead of a rest, it feels better. You can't remain mentally and physically healthy and take care of other people if you don't put gas in your own tank. And if I can raise a family as a single working parent who is also doing a PhD and still find time to dance, anyone can do it." - Niki
Sold our Feminicity table today 😞 so very hard but again, this is all for the new #journey. To new beginnings! 👍🏻
What a success yesterday was! Thank you all for your presence, kind words and gifts. #blessed
Been at it since 6am this morning, I’m getting extremely excited for tonight and to see all you girls!  Food, dance, shopping, I have a slideshow prepared and some good news to share!🤗😬