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So.... We just met @sutanamrull. #shook
@neftali2146 took me to school with him. Here's pics from when we were exploring the art gallery.
I will dress you in grace and mercy. Shroud you in thunder and rain. Cover you in silk and honey. Lift you with vices and virtue. 
Painting by Jan Davidsz.
working on new tunes for your ears 👂🎼
midsummer crush
my baby used to dance underneath my architecture 🌃
Weather today was so perfect.
A little bit of reading today. Today's pick: Note to Self by @connorfranta. 🌺
Took this pic at work the other day. Kinda digging it.

#sugarfactory #sugarfactoryorlando #vsco #vscocam #duck #photography #photographer
Dorks at Disney 🤘
Thanks for a fun day @waltdisneyworld 🌴🌞