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Our part of the Pacific Highway Upgrade comprised of the design and construction of a 20-kilometre section of the highway, which involved building 15 bridges, including an 850-metre bridge over the Nambucca River. The project was completed this summer and will help in the Australian Government's goal of improving road safety, transport efficiency and relieving seasonal traffic congestion. #construction #engineering #project
Due to the volcanic history of the Azores islands, this bridge and its adjoining 93km of highway became one of Portugal’s most complex engineering projects. The highway has 27 viaducts including the Despe-te Que Suas overpass, seen here, which has a span of 185m between its pillars. #construction #architecture #project #engineering #azores #portugal #worldofengineering
Lighting maintenance on the A2 in #Madrid. #tunnel #services
Not only was the @museoguggenheim built by Ferrovial, but we also carry out cleaning and maintenance services at the museum. Not the most straightforward task when the building itself is like a work of art! #bilbao #guggenheim #project #art
While building the Caldearenas-Lanave section of Spain's A23 we aslo supplied and planted a number of indigenous flora to ensure environmental integration and restoration of the area around the Guarga River viaduct as well as offering a protected habitat for local wildlife. #views #aerialphotography #construction #design
You'll find the Montabliz Viaduct stretching 721m across the Bisueña river in the Spanish region of #Cantabria. Photo by @imacorstudio .
Our #throwbackthursday shows @heathrow_airport's Terminal 2A under construction. The new building, opened in 2014, replaced the old terminal which spent almost 60 years in service. #london #heathrow #airport #construction #design #architecture #tbt
A peculiar feature of the @marquesderiscal is that the hotel is built on top of one of the winery’s old cellars. So as not to damage the underground structure during the construction process, heavy cranes were ruled out and a scaffolding system around the building was used instead. #hotel #luxury #design #architecture #frankgehry
The 7.9km Espiño tunnel is a key piece of infrastructure along the Madrid – Galicia high speed railway line. This pic shows the tunnel entrance hidden within the landscape. #Tunnel #Train #AVE #Construction
Are you visiting #Bilbao this summer? If so, be sure to drop into the #Guggenheim museum, built and maintained by Ferrovial.
Our urban services team in #Granada with the iconic #Alcazar in the background.
Colombia’s Carrera 80 dual carriageway was a key part of the local authority’s Comprehensive Urban Plan for improving the connection between Medellin and the Atlantic as it fulfils one of the dreams of the Antioquia community: having a connection with the Urabá region, and thus with the rest of the world. The strength and the expectations of the community and its leaders regarding the project meant that it was decided the project would not only cover construction of a highway, but also the construction of a Community by working closely with locals in the area. #colombia #road #aerialphotography #infrastructure