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Join the students from the University of Exeter's Penryn Campus in Cornwall on their field studies around the globe.


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It's been just over a week since field Costa Rica came to an end. I think all the students are in agreement in saying that the variation this trip provided was immense. We were given the opportunity to explore the rainforests of La Selva, the highlands of Monteverde, the beaches of the Osa Peninsula, as well as rivers, lakes and the ocean. Along the way we got up close and personal to a huge diversity of mammals, amphibians, birds, insects and fish. This amazing trip wouldn't have been possible without the hard work of @monchocu with CIEE as well as our amazing university of Exeter lecturers!!
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Our boat trip from Sierpe led us to the Osa Peninsula, where we stayed at an ecolodge on the edge of the beach! Here, we were given the chance to do some bat netting, allowing us to get a clear view of what they really look like. We also had an amazing encounter with a Tapir in a nearby banana plantation which was also caught with a calf on our camera traps. Our final day on the peninsula involved a snorkelling trip just off the Isle de Caño, and allowed us to come face to face with green turtles, sharks and fish! 
The variation of this field course has been truly amazing!!! Photo credit: @katiefransmith 
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Apologies for the silence from Costa Rica over the past couple of days, our last destination had no internet access! To get to Jungla del Jaguar we took a boat trip from Sierpe along the mangroves and weren't disappointed by what we saw. Along the river we spotted a camouflaged Potoo and one of the four species of monkey in Costa Rica: the squirrel monkey. Once we made it to the ocean, we were truly spoiled by a pod of Pantropical Spotted Dolphins playing in waves behind our boat; a magical experience for everyone. There's only a few more posts left from us here in Costa Rica! 
Photo credit: @katiefransmith
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We survived the jungle!! 🌿  Students from #FieldBorneo are beginning the long journey back to the UK after an absolutely fantastic week in the Tane’ Olen forest. Many thanks to all the incredible guides, cooks, porters and villagers from Setulang village for making the experience an unforgettable one. Stay tuned over the next couple days to hear about what we got up to on our adventures in the rainforest but for now, we need sleep 😂 #exeterglobal #borneo #tropicalrainforest #biodiversity #ecology #conservation @uniexecornwall
Incredible day for MSc Conservation and Policy field course. We started the day watching the sunrise over the Masai Mara followed by a fantastic safari. Highlights included mating lions, a cheetah hunt and some close encounters with elephants. One final safari early tomorrow! 📷: @mikejhoward95 @evetucker
What an amazing few days at the Maasai Mara National Reserve! We have been spoilt with wildlife such as cheetah, lions with cubs, serval and hyena and more! Now the rains have begun and have enjoyed watching the zebra and antelope dance in the rain.☔️ Now we’re enjoying our last night in Kenya before travelling back to UK tomorrow. 
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Hummingbird research is always made more complicated when a hungry Olingo keeps drinking all your sugar solution 🙄 We have split into small groups to carry out our own research projects, which range from studying leaf miners, to orchids. We will be presenting them tomorrow and can't wait to see what everyone's been up to! #globalexeter #fieldcostarica
Field course envy anyone? Ridiculously lucky on yesterday's safari as everyone managed to get a glimpse of this tigress and her cubs! Other sightings include lots of spotted deer, sambar, gaur, elephant, wild boar and lots of amazing bird species! Couldn't ask for a better way to celebrate nearing the end of the super successful first ever field course India!  Photo credits to Andy Young. #FieldIndia #fieldcoursefortnight #tiger #india @uoe_cec @uniofexeter @uniexecornwall
The MSc Conservation and Biodiversity team conquered (part of) Mt. Kenya! It was interesting exploring the diverse habitats and species residing in this beautiful area. #FieldKenya #exeterglobal @uniexecornwall
Well its hard to express the wonder and awe experienced yesterday when all students and staff of Field Course Fortnight:Kenya, Godleys Team, had an interaction with wild dogs!!!! Immense gratitude to Mpala Research Centre and Dedan and Kimani, two very inspirational young scientists! So incredibly lucky to have experienced this. We also got to see Grevys Zebra, Gerenuk, Kudu and lots more, what an amazing time!  #ExeterGlobal #CLEScornwall #conservation @uniofexeter @mpalalive #fieldkenya
EBE Field Course Fortnight is off to an awesome start! After a boat safari on Lake Naivasha, Hell’s Gate gorge walk and safari drives in Lake Nakuru National Park we are currently carrying out our research projects studying the function of behaviours in a variety of systems from warthogs and zebra to ants and starlings. Bring on the next week and more amazing animal sightings! 🐗🐵🦇🦓🦒🦏 #fieldkenya #exeterglobal @uniexecornwall @CLESCornwall
Our last night walk at La Selva was full of treats, with the Red Eyed Tree Frog, Fer de Lance and Kinkajou all making an appearance. The Fer de Lance's venom is strong enough to kill an adult human if they don't get the anti-venom in time!
After a difficult drive yesterday afternoon we have finally made it to our next stop: Monteverde Biological station. We are now 1500m above sea level, whilst at La Selva it was only 50m; the temperature difference is quite notable!! Here we will conduct mini research projects to give us a taster for the kind of studies which can be conducted in this area. 
Photo Credit: @katiefransmith 
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