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Join the students from the University of Exeter's Penryn Campus in Cornwall on their field studies around the globe.


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Day 2- Visit to Hoi Ha Wan marine park - this is one of the first marine parks in Hong Kong, and the best location for coral reefs and marine life in general.

1 & 2 - Mudskippers by @davidmatheson

3- The making of 1 & 2 ft. David himself

4 - Views of the marine park

5- Glass bottom boat tour showing  corals and sea slugs

6- Carrying bags across to find Mudskippers and ghost crabs

7- Male blue crab (Portunus pelagicus)

8- Huge hermit crabs

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Day 1.5 - Visit to Starfish Bay which is under pressure from intense urban development at the back of the shore. This causes intense beach litter, as well as light and noise pollution for the range of species living here.

Videos by @jorrhrrn

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Day 1- Visit to the Sai Kung seafood markets and restaurants to explore the sustainability of Hong Kong's seafood trade.

With Hong Kong being the second largest per capita consumer of seafood in Asia,  stocks in the local waters are over exploited and now rely on imported seafood. Many of the marine fish that Hong Kong consumes come from South East Asia, where destructive fishing methods such as cyanide and dynamite fishing methods are still used, making much of the imports unsustainable. On our trip we encountered many over-fished and unsustainable species for sale, such as Cuttlefish and even the endangered Humphead Wrasse.

1- Dried seafood for sale
2- Variety of freshly caught seafood at harbour
3- Inside the fish markets
4- Spider crabs for sale at restaurants
5- Mantis shrimp for sale at restaurants
6- Tank of groupers, including the Sahab species which is a captivity induced hybrid
7- Seafood on display for customers at restaurants
8 & 9-  Huge amounts of Cuttlefish for sale 
#FieldHK #HongKong #SaiKung #fieldcoursefortnight #seafood
A 300 year old Dragon Tree in Icod de los Vinos, Tenerife.
The view from Albergue de Bolico
The resident feral kitten of Albergue de Bolico
Hello Alaska! After a coach trip crossing the border, we went to Haines which was wildlife heaven 😍🦅 Bald Eagles, a cheeky seal, and most amazingly - grizzly bears fishing for salmon, both mums and cubs!! 🐻🐟 Without a doubt a totally unforgettable experience for all of us students. After tearing ourselves away from the bears, we embarked upon a 15 hour ferry journey to Sitka. Just when we thought Alaska couldn’t have given us a better welcome, we were treated to Dall Porpoises and Humpback Whales making an appearance! Pictures will surely be to follow 🛳🐬🐋 (🐻📷: @emilygilford) #fieldyukonalaska #fieldcoursefortnight
Whale watching trip south of Pico island, encountered 13 sperm whales some with calves only weeks old. Even some whales breached showing off their full scale and size. #fieldazores #fieldcoursefortnight
Otolith lab practical, aging fish using ear bones turns out to be a lot harder than it looks!! #fieldazores #fieldcoursefortnight
Some of the highlights from the trip so far. Check out our facebook page for more details.
Can’t believe we’re saying goodbye to Yukon already! After a jam-packed week of bears, lynx, angry red squirrels, mountains, project work, and much more - we’re Sitka bound! On our last night we sat around a bonfire and admired the views of Kluane Lake for the last time. We were also treated to the Northern Lights (😍) and shooting stars, making our last night in Yukon one to remember! Alaska here we come... 🍁🇺🇸#fieldyukonalaska #fieldcoursefortnight