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Making clothes for my 4'11" self. Wearing what I want to wear, not what happens to fit.


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Slightly cropped t shirt with sneaky panda print (swipe for close up) #memade
In the words of my good friend, "if you don't compliment yourself, who will?" Wearing my first Ogden Cami with a blazer for work. #ogden @truebias
Perfect running tank for showing off the back of your sports bra, and your hard earned muscles  #memade
I have been working on my work wardrobe and put these comfy and cute pants together. They have a stitched crease detail down the center front to make them a little more interesting. Probably one of my favorite makes in awhile and up on the blog. Link in profile.
Day 11: #sewphotohop why do I sew? Because no one makes clothes small enough to fit me. I exaggerate a little... but really I think my closet is more defined by what items happen to fit me rather then my own style. I am on the road to fixing that! This is an old picture, but probably one of the best fitting pieces of clothing I own, and I made it myself. @mccallpatterncompany
I've missed a lot of days, so I'm just going to jump back in. #sewphotohop day 10: on my current project, I attached the flounce to the bodice and lining without finishing the side edge. The worst part is that it took me way too long to realize it. I had practically finished the whole dress, and basted that specific edge twice before I finally realized what I had done (or not done) Guess I'm taking apart part of the bodice.  @houseofpinheiro
Sunday feels. But still trying to be productive and get some sewing done✂  #lazysunday
Day 2 of #sewphotohop: There are a lot of essentials for sewing, but this right here is the real MVP. I would never have made a single wearable garment if it wasn't for this little guy. Also, a shout-out to my iron, who is an expert at disguising my sloppy seams. @houseofpinheiro @larasanner
Hey there, it's the first day of #sewphotohop and it's my first time participating in one of these instagram thingys! I've been in a sewing funk (or just a general funk) and I'm hoping this will bring a little inspiration. So a little about me as it is introduction day: My mom taught me how to sew when I was young, but I stopped in college. A few months ago, I started sewing again after finding it impossible to find clothes that fit my 4'11" self. I still find it hard to fit patterns, but it's a work in progress. Also, I love donuts. @minervacrafts @houseofpinheiro
Made these shorts with this wonderfully textured fabric with a Cynthia Rawley by Simplicity pattern. Read more about it and adding texture to your wardrobe on my blog (link in bio) #s1371 @simplicity_creative_group
Sometimes it's hard to sew when there are so many delicious foods out there just waiting to be eaten!
One of my favorite things about LA are all the amazing food options, so of course I'm taking full advantage of #DineLA. In case you don't know, Dine LA is a couple weeks where a bunch of LA restaurants have discounted specials to encourage people to try new places. Don't have to tell me twice!