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Making clothes for my 4'11" self. Wearing what I want to wear, not what happens to fit.


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Planting my first non succulent plant. Looking forward to homegrown bell peppers #plantlife
Weekends are for being extra 😎

Wore #v9259 and added a twist to the front ties per @carlosvoguepatterns's  styling advice @mccallpatterncompany
It's a good morning when you get Randy's Donuts and a stranger compliments the top they don't know you made. #v9320 @mccallpatterncompany
Sometimes I like to wear my top backwards 😎

Made this #ogdencami awhile ago and pulled it out for a toasty weekend. Perfect day to night top, wear it the right way for work, and flip it over for a little more of a daring look.
My fiance said I look like I work at a carnival. Carnivals are fun, therefore my shirt=carnival= fun.

Wearing my first #kalleshirt. I've had this pattern for awhile, and it went way better then expected. One of the best looking things I've ever made, especially the inside. #kalleshirtdress @closetcase.patterns
Wore the bottom half of my latest make for a mini food tour of our neighborhood. 
I can't get over how much I love these snaps instead of ties for a wrap skirt. #m1729 @mccallpatterncompany
My outfit is very responsive to wind.  Made another matching set, this time with #v9320 for the top and #m1729 for the wrap skirt. Absolutely love this top and plan on making more. For the skirt, I removed the ties and add snaps to the waistband as the closure and I am liking the effect (thanks random girl at CVS for the inspo).
It's a gingham kind of weekend. 
Wearing a top made last summer with #sewingleftovers from a summer dress.

Also, if you're petite and struggle to find a jean jacket with the right proportions, Old Navy has this gem in petite sizes and it's the perfect fit!
Another#memade from last summer for date night. 
I'm always afraid I won't wear my memades often, especially after all the effort that goes into making them, but this dress was definitely a winner. Inspired by @sarkirsten to highlight past makes instead of only valuing the new.
Comfy outfit for pie eating 🥧☕ #hudsonpants in a woven material because you can never have too many pairs of joggers @truebias
Perfect dress for eating a huge meal but still looking cute.

I realized I needed more easy to wear dresses, so I whipped up this #v9056 lengthened as a dress in just a couple hours, just in time for dinner
Beach ready 🏖️☀️👙 @fridaypatterncompany has been keeping me busy! Finished my first swimsuit the #vernazzatwopiece. It took a couple times to get the bottoms right (and I could probably still do better) but the top was so easy to fit, thanks to the front tie.