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🚴🏼‍♀️ Crossing the Eurasian continent on bikes
🇳🇱 Left Groningen (NL) May ‘18
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Views from Finland.
Camping in Finland 🌲
Family visit! After more than a year we were happy to be reunited with Mariëlle’s brother and parents. With Richard we rode the Archipelago islands. Together with the whole family we celebrated two birthdays and above all enjoyed each other’s company.
Preparing for a shower in the Finnish forest. Everyday we take a shower. Not because we are afraid of getting dirty. We like to keep our gear (sleeping bag etc.) clean and we like the feeling. Moreover; who doesn’t want to take a shower with a view like this and a shower mat of soft moss.
Anddd we’re back in Europe. After 9 months in Asia we have mixed feelings on returning to our ‘home continent’. On the one hand we appreciate drinking clean water from the tap; riding on perfect roads; paying with the euro; and having quality conservations in English. On the other we miss a bit of adventure and are not so easily surprised. But if we’ve learned something on this journey it is that every country has something beautiful. Here’s fantastic Finland.
Greetings from the red square! What a place and what a history. Just a stone’s throw away the Czars lay to rest and Putin plays for president. With a little bit of fantasy you can see the tanks rolling over the square under the approving glance of comrade Stalin. And last but not least; all the churches, golden from outside and inside and full of icons.
From Irkutsk to Moscow by train. Crossing Siberia, through the Ural mountains and over the Volga river. 81 hours by train (3.5 days). Looking out the window you see trees, more trees and wooden houses with small fields of potatoes. On the platforms women sell pancakes and berries. Young navy soldiers are getting ready for their journey to the Bering sea. Other soldiers arrive back home after duty. Either way mothers, grandmothers and girlfriends wave and cry.
In Irkutsk we changed trains. Although geographically not correct it felt like leaving Asia. Most people looked like us; white, long faces, longer noses, bigger eyes and blond hair. In the streets no temples or mosques but orthodox churches full of icons.
From Ulaanbatar (Mongolia) we took the train to Irkutsk (Russia). The last views of the steppe with livestock and gers. In Russia we rode along the southern shore of big lake Baykal. Here some facts: it’s the biggest lake in the world containing 1/5 of all the fresh water on this planet; it’s the deepest lake going down 1637m; from north to south it’s 636km long; 80% of the flora and fauna in the lake doesn’t appear anywhere else; the process of rifting tectonic plates by which lake was created is still continuing - in the end this lake will become the worlds fifth ocean and split the Asian continent. So, now you know; enjoy your day 😉
More massive Mongol skies.
Welcome to the biggest campsite in the world.
We love yaks. They’re fluffy; they make a funny grunting sound and they are tough (due to their thick coat they can withstand the cold Mongolian winter when temperatures drop down to -40 degrees). Here some pics of yaks and yakkies.