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Head mead drinker @wemeadit 🍯 Running around Philly, trying to ‘train’ for a marathon 👟 & aspiring hand model ✋🏼

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Bar fight? No, just trying to build my portfolio as a hand model 😂#handmodel #forhire
Also, @wemeadit bottles are multi purpose, for all occasions.
Remember that time we went to a brewery together and had really good pepper beer? 😂 Miss you soooo much 😘😘 wish it was last weekend all over again
Got fancy, with some help from my 3 year old makeup artist 😂 Oh, also some famous football player photobombed @meeshfalc and I’s selfie 💁🏻 think his name was Jason? 😏 #LoveRTM
That time we went dogsledding, and I tried to take a selfie with @rklauder but only got his neck in it 😂 it was also felt like -33F and my phone didn’t know how to react
How I feel about Mondays, not the view 😂 but seriously not sure why I looked so upset in this photo, I mean... look how beautiful the grand canyons are in the middle of winter! 😍
Teach our young generation to feel empowered to speak up! (& act)
I’m so proud of everyone involved and showed up today. This moment made me especially proud! When we speak of equality, a lot of times we fail to mention the “in between” race and immigrants. Asians tend to get overlooked because we tend to be less vocal and less politically active. Truth is, we need to speak up, we need to rise up, and we need to become more involved. This is our fight as well, this is our HOME as well. •
#womensmarch #womenmarchphilly
Officially going back to my favorite city (Hong Kong) in 2 months! @rklauder, I hope you’re ready to eat because we’ll be eating our way through so many night markets! •
Give me all the Phở, bánh mì, dim sum and every street food possible 🤤🤤
See ya soon Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Vietnam🤭
ARRÊT.. in the name of laundry 🛑
Weekend attire
These huskies are a bit more graceful than I will be while running in the snow/ice tomorrow 😂 #runainhirun #winterishere #womenwhoexplore
Just trying to blend in and become one with the magic of Québec City 😍
After 2 years of attempting to spend NYE in Québec City, we finally made it this year! And PS. it was just as magical as I imagine it to be 😍 the cold was unbearable at times but nothing some hot French onion soup can’t fix.
When you’re beyond the wall and become a white walker ❄️🧟‍♂️ #RAinCanada
Though cold, Canada is beyond beautiful this time of year. ❤️ especially the lights, the sights and the crepes