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WTF guys? WTF?(where's the food中) @wemeadit

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In awed by the beauty
Didn't find Luke but we did leave him some breadcrumbs for him to find us (or  crumbs, whatever you wanna call it ) PS. Yes, that's a kid screaming in the background. The waves were 10x worst than this video and my shaky hands could capture. 丐
Don't mind me, just trying to get better signals out here  photo & antennal cred: @rklauder
Hey y'all, I found myself a castle 賅
Through the ruins, there's more ruins 氣 #findingainireland
'Stay there' - mom
Squad  featuring dad being a total tourist & paparazzi
Pink state of mind
As much as @rklauder likes to disagree, I can read maps... sometimes
This place rocks