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#fbf to warmer days as we were trotting around Taiwan and eating our weight in dumplings.
Our first few nights in the new house has been full of laughter, good home cooked meals, friends and lots of family- just the way we like it. Swip to see @mavsmarino Dance to our new hype song 😂 ( We even had enough chair for everyone 😂) #KlauderPhamily
Its official!!! We own a thing now- a house that is. Ryan is shipping this city girl to the burbs! Watch out Neptune, you’re getting some super fun residents! #homeowners #adulting
Drove many miles yesterday to surprised little Pham. Don’t worry mom, we got her some vitamins and took her on a nice walk. She’ll be ok. #hbd happy belated @janexpham
I’m not crying... ok maybe a little, thank you for allowing us to be a part of your big day ❤️ Love you so much #WeAreTheDormans
What a handsome couple, oh wait, that’s us 😂😍 wedding marathon continues this weekend 🤙🏼💃🏻
I think this photo sums up our weekend 😂 drink menu on drink menu on drink menus! Thank you for flying thousands of miles to celebrate our engagement ( and your name day) with us. ❤️ I have the bestest group of friends anyone can ever ask for!
Happiest birthday future Mr. Pham 😉😂 sorry my jokes make you so sleepy all time. Hopefully, they’ll grow funnier as we grow older together. #hbd
With time, everything fades, even the brightest of stars ⭐️ morbid reminder to enjoy your Wednesday •
Also, craving some Cao Lau right now 🤤🤤 (a Hoi An classic and a Vietnamese dish only in sleepy, yet bustling, little town)
The real reasons why I show up to parties. Thanks @imaaginarymuffin for always bringing her and allowing us to hang 😉 #cutestbabyever
Deathly afraid of heights but will sit on an edge for a good sunset photo 😉
Moonlit dinner, good friends and amazing hummus board🤭😍