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weather for ducks... and fishermen.
mornings beyond the shire.
Shooting my Grandfather窶冱 Leica from the 50窶冱. An unpredictable piece of kit, prone to all sorts of filmic glory; from random double exposures and light leaks a plenty. I could probably get it fixed... but that would spoil the magic 笞。ク
Time warping in the Highlands.
heavy skies
Earthform. Skye.
Mesmeric light in the woods, sees me take the back road home after a week of feverish pitching. 3 out of 4 ain窶冲 a bad start to the year. I love/hate the hustle associated with freelance life... it窶冱 not straightforward, but I genuinely wouldn窶冲 have it any other way. Have a great weekend all!
Hmmm busted 沽
An impromptu visit to my sister in the Cotswolds. Spent the day walking country lanes and exploring ancient churches such as this one from the 11th century... over a thousand years old.
Which car would you most like to drive and where would you like to drive it?
Everything ahead of you my boy.
Life at the top 笵ー