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Little video of my recent work for @kirkgallery in Aalborg, Denmark.
Some process shots of my recent work with @kirkgallery in Denmark
Video documenting the process of my work with  @startindia back in December
‘Structure’ new work in Aalborg, Denmark for the good people @kirkgallery
‘House of Giants’ new mural in Herencia, Spain. Massive thanks to @okudart @inkandmovement and @iamtitanes for having me.
New canvas, Spain. Thanks to @inkandmovement for making this one happen.
‘Six men holding a standing stone in the snow’ oil and acrylic in canvas. 2019. Massive thanks to @lesjak_atton @scottie.marsh @ed_whitfield and @bl3nds_ for modelling for this one.
The Water Diviner, Barraba, Australia 
In 2019, drought has continued to grip NSW, Australia. With over %90 of the state in drought Some areas have recorded the lowest January rainfall totals in 100 years, while for many it was the driest in two decades. The extreme heat continues as most of the state recorded the hottest January average in History. 
Farm water supplies remain critically low for many areas in western and southern NSW, much of which is experiencing "intense drought". Although the causes of drought are complex analyses have found an increased likelihood of rainfall deficits related to human caused climate change. There is also some evidence to suggest that widespread and prolonged droughts, like the Millennium Drought, are worse than other droughts in recent centuries, and may have been exacerbated by climate change.

This mural depicts a local water diviner searching for ground water, using a y-shaped twig or rod or two L-shaped ones. Diviners study the landscape of a farm and walk over areas where they suspect the water may be located, ground minerals and magnetic forces force the sticks to cross or be pushed downwards when water is located. Despite many studies claiming the technique is pseudo-science, Diviners continue to be used throughout Australia as a way of finding ground water.

This work was created in regional NSW as a way of bringing tourism into Barraba and stimulating the local economy during the drought. Massive thanks to the Barraba public art committee and the TTTT (tackling tough times together) grant
‘Winter 2017’ Acrylic and Oil on white picket fence. 2019.
‘Strength of memory’ New mural in Papeete, Tahiti for @onoutahiti massive thanks to the legends @chopemdownfilms for filming and thanks to @teveirenvoye For modelling. More shots coming soon.
Well, day one in Tahiti was a washout. @onoutahiti