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❤️ I always feel nurtured & with a great appreciation for homemade food 🍋 Cooking with heart is a real thing, it has taught me about life & happiness!


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{紀錄一下} Bread and soup pairings has become my breakfast staple, the crunch of toasted sourdough complements the soup perfectly, I particularly love dipping the crusty slice of sd bread into soup! 🥖🍲 They are plenty of homemade soup recipes I urge to try next, like French onion soup, clam & broccoli chowder, goulash, creamy potato soup, cheesy asparagus soup, curry lentil soup & etc!
I turned 34 yesterday! There was a time in my life thinking people of anyone over 30 as old 🤨 now I’m 34 and I’m grateful, thankful & blessed for everything I have, everything I know, everything I learned, everything I am! I received the absolute best present from @fnor this year, love the heartwarming handwritten notes! Words can’t express how much i appreciate this, a HUGE THANK YOU Farha! 🥰 Have a safe flight tonight!
Fermentation relates to culture in many different ways; although I’m not a korean, but I love kimchi so much, similar to chinese #suancai 🥬 it’s so great as side dish, it can also help get rid of all the greasiness from the main course. Fermented food like #kimchi provides good bacteria #probiotics to our gut, helps to improve our gut health (as you know bacteria in stomach may influence all aspects of health), & how can you not love the slow fermented earthy umami flavor!
{紀錄一下} I’m learning to make a weekly meal plan with overlap in ingredients, hoping that it helps me to cut down on food waste & budget. It’s been almost 2 months now and we find that it really works! I managed to clear all the ingredients by the end of the week and get to restock fresh produce for the new week; I just have to find-tune a little bit for a greater savings - time & money!
Homemade food from scratch is one of the most satisfying endeavor in life (for me). I’ve tried making my own baked goods, homemade condiments & sauces, little sweet treats like kuih & dessert, really into canning, fell in love with making home brew, preserving food naturally & lately obsessed with food fermentation 🥰 Too much to learn and explore, wish there were 48 hours a day! 👆oh 😉 I made black eyed peas + azuki beans tempeh for this week. 🎈
Thank you so much @fnor, thank you for getting me the prettiest food souvenirs, so aesthetic 😍 summer orange baked cheese tart from Izu peninsula (if I’m not mistaken); it taste superb, has a light citrus orangey flavor that I love! I’ll keep the mamegashi snack till weekend so I can savor & enjoy slowly. 😜🙏
Tempeh doesn’t always have to be made with soybeans, it can be made with all types of legumes & grains, they all work fine just with different kinds of textures! Not only using banana leaf to wrap tempeh helps reduce waste, it adds a subtle green tea like aroma and makes the tempeh more fragrant! Chickpea tempeh in banana leaf wrapper, isn’t that great? 🎈
{紀錄一下} I never knew there were so many different ways to prepare & cook tempeh until I made my own tempeh! Steamed, sautéed or stir fried, marinated, boiled in soup, on a sandwich or salad, crumbled in pasta sauce or stew; it’s so versatile, tasty, hearty and packed full with plant-based protein for everyday meal. Miam miam 😋
My fermentation obsession continues - I made tempeh this week, it’s has been about 36 hours since Friday night. I woke up so early today, knew my tempeh should be done fermenting around this hour. 🥰 I absolutely fell in love with the fresh nutty flavor, beans bound together by the soft & fluffy mycelium (so cute), can’t wait to pan fry some for tonight’s dinner. oh I’m over the moon, a happy Sunday indeed!
I’ve fallen hard for fermentation, it just blew my mind open to the wide world of fermented foods and I’m hooked! Fermentation is the ultimate form of slow cooking, it takes time - slowly but steadily. Have to do it now so I can enjoy a fruitful harvest next couple months/years! I made preserved (salted) calamansi & trying up home brew lime wine (not in pic) today, it’s a super home remedy for cough & sore throat! Do you know that preserved calamansi or kumquats can be aged up to 40-50 years? 😱😍
Wohoo! Each week, I make it my personal mission to learn something new. The world of fermentation is truly endless, the key is to try some things, fail and try again, learn and fail better! I made #temaemiso today, so excited yet so nervous, I really hope it will turn out okay! Young miso usually takes 3-6 months to ferment & mature, it has milder and more delicate flavor. The longer a miso aged, the deeper in flavor it gets, can you imagine the taste & texture of 2 to 3 year aged miso? 🤤
{紀錄一下} For me, cooking is a practice of mindfulness, it’s therapeutic, I never felt stressed while cooking. It’s also very inspiring & encouraging when my family enjoy what I’ve cooked for them or friends + followers who genuinely complimenting my post on ig. 🥰 I feel overjoyed & accomplished when I’ve succeeded making something out of nothing, just like making fermented foods! Sending you good vibes lovely people, have a good day! ❤️