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WDS/RDS Firefighter supplement workouts from qualified Tactical Athlete Practitioners.
12Yrs in health & fitness + serving WDS & RDS firefighter.

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Today is a combination of strength and endurance.

3/4 of bodyweight back squat. Pyramid set starting at 15, dropping in 3s each round, once you've d9ne your set of 3 build it back up to 15. 
Tempo is 4 seconds down, 2 second hold, 4 seconds up, 2 second hold. Maintain this during every set.

Rest 2-3 minutes between each set.
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Only a month to go until our very own TV series starts! It’s a UK first - filmed on helmet and body-worn cameras by our firefighters! #IntotheFire
Less of the Fire but more of the Rescue... but there is an increase of Fires also... Is your best ready for more?
Night shift troubles.
End of the last Night shift in sight. 4 days off ( or 4 days of proper work) face to face with clients here we come! 
Something to light the fires and kick the tyres. 
Aim for pace on all of this, **do not compromise form.**
Just off Night shift, emptying my shirt and trousers pockets, got me thinking... What is everyones #EDC #everydaycarry for your corporate uniform/non-ppe workwear. In my shirt pockets I've got my #JESIP aide memoir, #HazChem scale card and IEC cheat sheet/record card, a face shield for CPR & a #Sharpie for those BAECO moments where a chinagraph pencil will not do. 
Trouser pockets are A little simpler, a @schradeknives SCH911... done. ID/keys and epaulette/epaulets are a given 😁
A little late today - RDS fire calls wait for no one and we don't run an automated service. 
Today is about constant movement, using a variety of different exercises.
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Two in Two Out... It’s not just for fire calls. #nextrung #makewaronmentalhealth #trainclimbconquer #bethestandard #twointwooutalways #mentalhealthawareness
Spot the BA exercise...
Volume. Easy work that builds strong foundations, body and mind.