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Got @strong_ortiz on board our free FB group - Fat2FitFD. Feel free to ask him any questions!  He is a firefighter, 7x crossfit games competitor and 2x masters world champion. Head on over and take advantage of this unique opportunity. (Link in bio)
This is called the death march. Try to think of it as more of a deadlift than a lunge. 
Keep core tight and start light.
A lot of you ask me about nutrition. It is the most important part of reaching any fitness goal. 
I created this 30-day nutrition guide to help with portion control and meal prepping for the 24/48 shift. 
I go into detail about it in our Facebook group - fat2fitfd (link in bio) 
Check it out and don't forget to tag others who may need it.
Double tap is you love being a #firefighter
Windmills is one of my favorite core exercises. Not only does it activate the core but it helps with mobility.
Today's workout is:

Work up to a heavy back squat with 5 sec pause at the bottom.

Then 3 sets of 5-6 reps front squat.

Rest 5 min 
Then complete as many sets as possible in 16 min:

5 pullups
10 alternating dumbbell or kb snatches
10 box step ups

Be sure to warm up well, focus on good quality reps.

Don't burn yourself out instead focus on keeping a moderate but consistent pace. 
Try it out and tag us using #fat2fitfd or #firefighterfurnace
Try this in your next workout. Bent over row with lockout at the top.
Imagine the stories these boots could tell.

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Me and this dumbbell are about to go to war, testing out new #firefighterfurnace workouts

Hey guys. Just wanted to let you know that I created a new fb group called Fat2FitFD. I created it for those in need of a change. Also for you fitness pros to offer advice. 
Feel free to ask any questions related to fitness and nutrition. 
Request to join and invite those who need it most. We need to start helping each other out!

See you there!
Not only do pass-throughs help warm up the shoulders but it helps with mobility over time. 
I recommend all the firefighters who are a part of our HERO Membership to do this before every workout.

Keep arms locked, core tight and activate shoulders. Be sure to start very wide and slowly work your way to a more narrow grip. 
PVC pipe works well but I use a broom stick.

Do 3 sets of 10 
Tag a #firefighter with shoulder pain.
My definition of a good night at the bar.

Entered my first weight lifting comp and took home the gold.