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Video 1 of 4 is released. In this video I explain the #1 thing people get wrong when trying to reach their fitness goals. 
Fitness success depends on this very important step and it guarantees failure if not taken seriously. 
Click link in bio for instant access. 
#firefighterfit #firefighterfurnace #firefighterfitness #firefightertraining
Where is everyone at?
When you walk into the FD gym and see this.....
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Incredible image of a blood clot!
Blood clots within our vessels are what stop bleeding when we scrape our skin and fall. But they are also the culprit behind both heart attacks and strokes, the two leading causes of death across the globe. In a heart attack or a stroke, a blood clot can form over a ruptured atherosclerotic plaque, fully blocking arterial flow, causing death of the heart or brain tissue that was once fed by the previously open artery. We can prevent atherosclerosis and subsequent heart attacks and strokes with a diet low in saturated fat, maintaining a healthy weight, exercise, and smoking cessation.
Credit to @mdhealthtips
Image: James Archer, electron microscope.
My wife @jocelynmpearson pushing me past my first set of handstand walks on 18.4
We saw some amazing results from our last 12 week cycle and I am really excited about this one coming up. 
This 12 week cycle starts April 2nd and we will establish a baseline for strength, stamina, endurance and core strength. 
We work for 12 weeks to improve each element by slowly  increasing percentages and intensity until it's time to test at the end of the cycle. 
Join our growing community of motivated firefighters and get to work. 👉Click the link in bio for more info.
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The past 11 weeks I have been doing my #heroelite programming by @firefighterfurnace. Well today was one of the test days to see how far I have come. Max 3x2 push press was 185 vs 165 and deadlifts were 390 vs 355 Max plank was 2:22 vs 1:33. So today was a good day. 
Next cycle starts in just a few days. Click link in bio for more info.
I always wondered how they got the hotel pack back down after running the tower.
The usual reaction I see when someone does their first #firefighterfurnace workout. 😂
Tag someone that would be your partner for this workout.
Escaping the cold for a little bit on a much needed vacation. Still finding ways to get in a workout.
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