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They’ll remember how you treated them. 
Do your job
Treat people right
Give all out effort
Have an all in attitude
How to properly execute a fireman's carry
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Video: Monkey Bars on Truck 3 Aerial. #firefighter #stationlife #fire #firefighterlife @firefighterfurnace @firefighterffit #americanninjawarrior #ocr
Hang in there!  Your hard work and consistency will pay off!

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So…I started a new workout program. #firefighterfurnace Let’s just say; Workout: 1 Shawn: 0
2 FREE Workouts Posted Daily (link in bio)

Other than our new HERO Elite program on our new app, we now offer 2 free workouts everyday.

INDIVIDUAL workout that you can do with the basic equipment that your department already has

SHIFT workout that you can do as a group to help boost FD health and camaraderie

Tag your workout partner, check it out and get to work!
Today's workout from our HERO Program. Seems simple but tough. 
We mix things up a lot to keep it interesting. 
No lifting today, just cardio
Making a conscious effort to better yourself everyday has a compound effect in your everyday life. In both classroom training and in the gym.

What are you doing today to better yourself?
It's officially that time of the year again.. #movember2017 
Tag the guy at your dept that can't grow a mustache. πŸ‘²

Refresher: Movember started in Australia in 2003 to help raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancer

#firefightermotivation #movember #firehousemustachewax
Today's workout:

5 sets

Max bench press @bodyweight 
Right into max pullups

Rest 3 min between each set and use a spotter

Rest 3 min

5 sets

10 diamond pushups
15 superman

Rest 4 min

10 sets

50m run
8 butterfly sit ups

Place a cone at 25m (33 walking paces)

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Got @strong_ortiz on board our free FB group - Fat2FitFD. Feel free to ask him any questions!  He is a firefighter, 7x crossfit games competitor and 2x masters world champion. Head on over and take advantage of this unique opportunity. (Link in bio)
This is called the death march. Try to think of it as more of a deadlift than a lunge. 
Keep core tight and start light.