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If you’re not sure what this is.... train harder
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True core strength doesn’t just come from doing crunches. In fact, doing only crunches to get that “six pack” will only set you up for long term pain and injury. In our latest blog we cover 5 important core exercises that are a part of the HERO Elite workout program that everyone can benefit from. Click link in bio to read it (yes... there are videos)
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This is so true when it comes to reaching your fitness goals. How bad do you want it?
Before them, the fire devours, behind him a flame blazes. Before them, the land is like the Garden of Eden, behind them, a desert waste - nothing escapes them. Joel 2:3
Interested in knowing the median annual salary for firefighters in each state? Click link in bio to view our last blog. 
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It's been awhile since we've seen these in the HERO Elite workout program. For all our members... coming soon...
Most people lean towards what they are good at and stay away from what they find difficult. 
In order to be physically prepared for our job, you need to focus on both. Instead of bashing each other for beliefs in different training styles, step out of your comfort zone and remember you're on the same team. 
Gazelles... workout with a heavy hitter.
Heavy hitters... workout with a gazelle.

Learn from eachother, start slow and respect what the other can do.

Do you agree?
If you're tired of the same boring chicken, rice and vegetables... try out one of these 5 meals created for weightloss, performance and taste. 
View our latest blog post (link in bio)

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