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Shit just got real.
Via @9gag
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From @salo_marin
Kaypo that tagged us @ong_pear
@hellozien and @perrytannn with a cutey Tilapia Buttikoferi. 👉 @fishingkakicommunity
@yozz_itz_wei and his #squadgoals. I am ultra impressed by this. Well done boys. 👉 @fishingkakicommunity
Weeeeee having a whale of a time @fishingkakicommunity
Ok WUTZ! • Angler • @mediumalex with @teamsenpais Madness boys. @fishingkakicommunity
@davyong learnt how to use Instagram a few days ago. He is sharing awesome stuff. Well done homie. @fishingkakicommunity
@aw_jim with this GIANT. ✌ @fishingkakicommunity
@fishing.indian in #singapore going on world class on us. @fishingkakicommunity
That collar tho... and before you get your panties in a twist and comment bomb; let's keep our darling pets away from a shoreline that has DINOSAURS.
Via @sharkcartoons and how the smuggling of Sharks Fin sucks major balls.
@alwie_hs caught what's most likely the most expensive catch ever. Break up Bag or something more? 🤔 FOLLOW TAG @fishingkakicommunitu #fishing
@fishingeuphoria with the boys in #singapore 🤔 @fishingkakicommunity to get featured like a Pro. #fishing #angling #peacockbass #temensis