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Thanks @wilfreddie for this heads up on how to test a rod properly.
You will remember @dj_shawty and her 2 large King George Whitings from a few months ago. And after that she was followed by everyone here. And here she is again with a Snappa! The letter "E" is absent in Australeeeeaah. I guess so is "i". And "ou", so it's HOW ARE YA! Thanks for the tag Jenny.
There is something strange, in the neighbourhood. Via @ebbtidejohn on Insta.
A good friend of @fishingkakicommunity his name is @tyk7474 or better known as the Pirate King.
FishingKaki's Maldivian Sportfisher of choice. @seagalsportsfishermaldives DM us for details.
Cockanathan meet Tree. Tree meet cockanathan. @fishingkakicommunity
Shit just got real.
Via @9gag
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From @salo_marin
Kaypo that tagged us @ong_pear
@hellozien and @perrytannn with a cutey Tilapia Buttikoferi. 👉 @fishingkakicommunity
@yozz_itz_wei and his #squadgoals. I am ultra impressed by this. Well done boys. 👉 @fishingkakicommunity
Weeeeee having a whale of a time @fishingkakicommunity
Ok WUTZ! • Angler • @mediumalex with @teamsenpais Madness boys. @fishingkakicommunity
@davyong learnt how to use Instagram a few days ago. He is sharing awesome stuff. Well done homie. @fishingkakicommunity