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@dj_shawty is the not so secret crush of the community. Did you know that your spinning reel magically becomes a right handed crank in Australia? Egi Egi Egi. #australia #singapore #girlcrush 👉 #fishingkakicommunity @fishingkakicommunity
Everyone's man-crush @iwant2fish with a Double Whopper Coral Trout. 👉 #fishingkakicommunity  @fishingkakicommunity #fishlearnshare
@fishermanricemeat caught this what at first glance is a Barramundi. BUT there are mentions it is a Nile Perch. Look closely at the line on its body.

Here is where it gets possibly more amazing - It was caught at our legal ground.

I am hoping this is indeed a Nile Perch.

What does the community think?

@davyong @lurehavensg #fishlearnshare 👉 #fishingkakicommunity
@mickeychain - nice to see you again bro. 👉 #fishingkakicommunity
OMG Hampala Barb Godzillacus Giantacucus! @danzperdana hunts them down as a life mission, MANTAP! 👉 #fishingkakicommunity
The greatest freshwater fish pound for pound - Hampala Barb or Sebarau as it's known. If you ever have the chance to land one like (angler) @richardkiin you will hold it up proudly and wonder what just happened. 👉 #fishingkakicommunity
@relac_angler and Obesity on his lap. 👉 #fishingkakicommunity
@jemtwj and meanwhile in ORTO-throwback. 👉 @fishingkakicommunity
@taytianhe and a happy-time Toman. 👉 @fishingkakicommunity #fishingkakicommunity
742 Days in Saltwater. We hear a lot about corrosion this and corrosion that. On puhlease. This is posted by a very good friend of mine - @ebbtidejohn @ebbtidetackle and they sell furry deep divers which I love so much. #hugs #bros 👉 @fishingkakicommunity
@fisherminnn with his first Freshwater Barra. Most people never see this. 👉 @fishingkakicommunity