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We are an apparel company built for the full time fisherman. Whether you are full time 9-5 or a full time guide, we all love the gear we wear.

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Coming soon! Which one is your favorite? #fishingwithfeathers #beerhatch #thehatchyoucanalwaysmatch
A beautiful brown after a long cold day on the water. #fishingwithfeathers
A huge thank you to @b.v.f.f for an incredible weekend at the Western Idaho Fly Fishing Expo. Thank you to everyone who was able to come by and support.
Putting in a nights work #fishingwithfeathers
Some storms you just can't  outrun.  #fishingwithfeathers
Hope everyone has a New Year resolution to catch big fish like this Bull Trout. #fishingwithfeathers
Thank you to everyone who has supported us this last year! We have a lot of big things coming for 2018 and we are so excited to share our brand with everyone!
Tailers 2 o'clock, It's go time! #fishingwithfeathers
Admiring the size and strength of this salmon! #fishingwithfeathers
Colorful fish bring out the biggest of smiles! #fishingwithfeathers
Calm mornings, big tides, and lots of tailers. #fishingwithfeathers
Love the strike of a mountain cutty!