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We are an apparel company built for the full time fisherman. Whether you are full time 9-5 or a full time guide. #fishingwithfeathers #beerhatch

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One of the best feelings I've ever experienced..... staked out in the Keys waiting for a string of tarpon to come, meanwhile this guide on a skiff jumps in front of me and asks me to back up so they can fish...I wad livid!!! So I reset my kayak about 40 yards south and start fishing again. 10 minutes later I get my shot, Cast, tick tick tick, BOOM, I set the hook and she runs right at the skiff in front of me and I am so excited I am hooting and hollering. I release my anchor and she starts pulling me toward the skiff and about 10 yard to the right of the skiff she takes a huge jump and shows off in front of the guide and I jusy wave as she drags me out to sea, Bye guys! #fishingwithfeathers
Exploration weekends never disappoint the soul! #fishingwithfeathers
I was so happy that I got to share this incredible moment with my wife! #fishingwithfeathers
This feeling that is just as good as the fight itself. #fishingwithfeathers
This brown love his appetizers. #fishingwithfeathers
The new modified "grip and grin" #fishingwithfeathers
3 keys to great fishing pictures on Instagram:
1. Good photo editor so no one knows your location
2. Long arms toward the camera so the fish looks bigger than its actual size.
3. A good photographer to catch that right angle.
Baking up some Kung Fu Crabs for some hungry permit. #fishingwithfeathers
An actual size comparison of me and how much I eat on the weekends! #fishingwithfeathers
Making adjustments is essential when fly fishing... especially when you forget to bring your child's carrier. #fishingwithfeathers #throweminyourwaders
This beautiful Amazonian Redtail catfish takes you deep into your backing before you can even blink. #fishingwithfeathers
Now's the chance to take advantage of some meat eating rainbows! #fishingwithfeathers @thetroutsniper