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🌴 S U M M E R  V I B E S 🌴

Check out the latest project I did on my blog! 🌸 I did a purple/pink summer makeup look using @Canmake_Malaysia products 😍

I worked super hard (as always haha) so please leave me comments and tell me what you think 😉 Click link in my bio to read! ✨
Find me where the flowers are 🌸
Today's team bonding hi tea sesh 🍰 check my instastory for more!

Seriously so blessed to be working with such zamazing fabulous people 😭💕 #altheaglamsquad #thecreativecomm

PS. Dyed my hair but it faded 😂 more pics soon!
Mysterious and hidden 🔎 Maze has a Jekyll & Hyde concept: a saloon with high tea by day 🍰 and a gin parlour at night! 🍷

Definitely recommend the high tea set because it tastes good, is affordable + just looks so Instagrammable! 😍

Click link in my bio for more info ✨
@maze_malaysia #MazeMY #MAZEginsum
Pika Pika, I choose you! 😂 If you didn't already know, Pika Pika in Japanese means ✨ sparkly/반짝반짝 ✨
Head over to my blog now to read all about the workshop I attended last week + my thoughts on these products! 😉
#WatsonsMY #butterflymsia
Make skincare colourful with B&Soap! 🌈 Have you read my latest blog post yet? 😉

#butterflymsia #AltheaTurns2 🎂
Ayo, I'm back! ✨ *Ahem ahem totes didn't get inspired by Wanna One/Produce 101 😅* Click link in my bio to read my review of 🎨  B&Soap's Coloring Paints Pack 🎨 that I got from @altheakorea! 😉 #butterflymsia #AltheaTurns2 🎂
Last pic and my brownie rows are complete! 🍫 #1028_my #butterflymsia
Bat those lashes! Life's short but your lashes don't have to be 😉

#1028_my #watsonsmy #butterflymsia
Cookie cookie! (Swipe to see a vain shot of me 😉) #1028_my #watsonsmy #butterflymsia
Been so busy recently, can you guys guess why? 😂 Anyhoo, I only just started wearing Korean styled puppy eyeliner 🐶 and 1028's Infinity Longwear Eyeliner is both super precise and newbie friendly 😉 (📸: @eyemonstahyuri)

Head over to my blog (or click the link in my bio) to read more about it! 💕 
#1028_my #watsonsmy #butterflymsia
In the mood for a brownie? 🍫

#1028_my #watsonsmy #butterflymsia