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They say an outfit is never complete without perfume ✨
Sleek packaging and glamorous scents perfect for him and her! 😍 @AvonMY's new Femme & Homme Exlusive scents are so versatile that they can be used on the go or for events 🎉
Now available in @ZaloraMY + Avon's online shop 🛍 Blog post about them shall be up later today! 😚 .
#avonmy #butterflymsia
SWIPE and tell me the song in the background! 💖
Just uploaded a new video on YouTube! ✨ I tried the 7 Skin Method with @TheFaceShopMalaysia's The Therapy First Serum and it was just zamazings 😍 You can do it everyday for supple, moisturized skin + use it in 7 different ways! 💦
Click link in my bio or search 🔎 FISHMEATDIE 🔎 on YouTube to watch 😚
#TheTherapyFirstSerum ✨
Been using @TheFaceShopMalaysia's The Therapy First Serum for a month now and my skin feels so darn good 😭 It softens, moisturizes and hydrates! 💦

Each bottle has 130ml of serum and costs RM148.29 🛍 If you get it from September to October you'll get another full sized bottle for free! 😍 Also, for each purchase of the Therapy First Serum, RM15 will be donated to MAKNA (Malaysia's National Cancer Council) to raise awareness for cancer 💖 You will also get a free pouch so head over to your nearest The Face Shop now! 😚
#TheTherapyFirstSerum #BERMAKNA ✨
Finding my rainbow 🌈 (📸: @eyemonstahyuri)
🌈 I R I D E S C E N T 🌈
@klairs.global just released the partner of their popular Vitamin Drop serum: the Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask! ✨
This mask helps with brightening, anti aging and moisturization. It has a pudding texture, contains Vitamin E and can be mixed with other skincare products! 😍 Even by itself it really helped to brighten, soften and moisturize my skin 😭 where has this product been my whole life?
Full review on ✨ fishmeatdie.com ✨ Now available on @shopee_sg! 🎉
#VitaminEmask #VitaminDuo
Come thru @katvondbeauty! 😍 Ok I've fanboyed enough on instastory over the weekend, this is my last KVD post 😂
(📸: @eyemonstahyuri)
COSRX is love, COSRX is life 😍 Been using these two Centella products from @cosrx that I got from ✨ @stylekorean_global ✨ and they've been very good so far for my acne skin 💕
If you didn't already know, 🌿 Centella Asiatica 🌿 is an ingredient that calms skin and controls sebum. Here's some mini reviews!
🌿 I've been using the blemish ampoule day and night and my skin has been breakout free for more than a week now!
🌿 I've also seen improvements in my sebum secretion + it feels kinda plumping/hydrating too the cheeks too.
🌿 Although the ampoule works well, so far I haven't seen any huge differences with my other centella serum from The Face Shop.
🌿 The blemish cream is actually more of a spot treatment than a full moisturizer. I only used it twice (lol) because i only had this 1 stubborn pimple. After the second time I used it, the pimple was gone and fully dried up.
#letskbeauty #stylekorean
Happy Malaysia Day! 🇲🇾 @TheFaceShopMalaysia's The Therapy First Serum is celebrating one year since its launch here in Malaysia 🎉 and here's my mini review:
💦 As a first serum you can use it as an essence, toner and serum. After the very first night that I used it I immediately felt the skin softening effect, like legit no joke!
💦 It says its has an intense moisturizing formula, and if you use this as a sheet mask you can immediately feel the plumping chok chok effect.
💦 I also tried the 7 skin layering method on this. At first I thought it would be too thick and it would feel uncomfortable, but the serum absorbs pretty good with the help of patting! It didn't feel tacky after that and I felt moisturized enough to skip moisturizer.
Full review + video up soon 💕 For more info you can head over to your nearest TFS store and check it out! (They have a buy 1 free 1 promo right now y'alls 😍 don't say I bojio! 😂) #TheTherapyFirstSerum
Have you guys clicked the link in my bio and voted for me? 😁 If you haven't please do so! 😚 If you're not familiar with @stylekorean_global, you can also head over to my blog for more info 📝
Recently got @thankyoufarmer's 🌿 Back To Iceland Peeling Cream 🌿 from them and here's some info:
❄ Not like your normal peeling mask, this is actually a thick cream that turns into solid once you rub it in.
❄ It exfoliates the skin gently and made my skin quite soft and smooth, perf for makin your serumbs absorb better.
❄ It has Iceland moss that helps with skin turnover without overly drying it (it didn't make me have that tigjt feeling.
❄ It also has BHA and Witch Hazel extract perfect for fighting acne.
#letskbeauty #stylekorean
Hey guys, please click the link in my bio and vote for meh! 🙌 Unboxed @stylekorean_global's first K-Beauty Guru box 🎁 and totally loved every single product! 😍 Hope you guys like the video! 💞
(P.S You can vote 5 times a day and sharing will get you a $10 coupon code too 😁 so please support and vote! 😙 📸: @eyemonstahyuri)
Thank you @stylekorean_global for sending so many goodies! 😍 Will be sharing a video unboxing real soon on my channel, stay tuned 😉 (🔎 fishmeatdie to subscribe 😚)
Oh my, I didn't see you there! My wisdom tooth was aching and you totally took me off guard, like totally candid pic I promise 🙊