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How’s your week going? We had a busy day shooting some new course materials and we can’t wait to share them with you. Watch out for more updates #fitm #wherelearningneverstops
Here’s a sneak peek behind what goes on in our Nutrition for Health and Fitness course. Thanks for coming out on a Saturday and we hope you acquired the right knowledge and skills to meet your clients needs #fitm #wherelearningneverstops
That’s a wrap for our recent Certified Fitness Instructor Course! Thank you for spending time with us and allowing us to be part of your career into fitness #fitm #wherelearningneverstops
Feeling the afternoon slump? This is how we’re combating it - with a couple of simple stretches! Remember to get up and get some movement in where you can daily #fitm #wherelearningneverstops
The next time someone asks you the difference between whey isolate and whey concentrate... 😂 #fitm #wherelearningneverstops 
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It’s time for #throwbackthursday! We organised a Certified Group Fitness Instructor Course in Brunei recently and made a whole bunch of new friends. Thanks choosing us and hope to see you soon #throwback#fitm #wherelearningneverstops
Sometimes, hitting rock bottom might just give you the solid foundation you need to restart and build a better life. FITM graduate Nasir Jumat proves that it’s not impossible to overcome adversity and turn your life around.
“I was an engineer with an oil and gas company, when I got laid off due to downfalls in the economy. During my unemployment, I decided to pursue a career as a fitness professional and begin a new chapter in life,” Nasir says. However, fitness and health didn’t always come naturally to him. “Most of my life, I was sedentary and obese – my BMI was more than 30!” he shares. “My health had deteriorated throughout my [previous] career; my cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose and uric acid levels were high. I fell sick easily and often needed to seek medical attention.” His poor health conditions would act as the wakeup call needed to exact change. “It made me realise that I must take charge of my life and health.” Nasir embarked on a journey of self-discovery as he began learning more about fitness and weight loss through the Internet and fitness centres. As the kilos dropped, a passion for fitness ignited in his heart.

FITM came into the picture during Nasir’s own search for a personal trainer. “I found out about FITM courses and started thinking, maybe I can be a good personal trainer and help people who have similar experiences to me become healthy and lose weight.” Nasir made the first move of transitioning into the fitness industry by enrolling in the Certified Fitness Instructor Course in Penang. “After the experience and exposure, I made up my mind to become a personal trainer. I really wanted to specialise in weight loss management, so I decided to take two more classes on nutrition and weight loss.” According to Nasir, the knowledge, information and experience that he gained from the courses have been monumental in preparing him to embark on a new career as a fitness professional – he most recently completed the Certified Personal Trainer Course and passed his ACE examination too. “I’m now eager and positive to help people achieve their fitness goals. I know personally that it’s not easy because I’ve been there before too.” #fitm
Another busy day for us - we’re having fun talking to our students about how to assess some staple moves at the gym! #fitm #wherelearningneverstops
Last day for our Certified Fitness Instructor Course in Kota Kinabalu. We had a fantastic time with all our students - thank you for having us and the enjoyable time! #fitm #wherelearningneverstops
Relax, this ain’t a crime scene. We just wrapped up a photo shoot for an upcoming course and we can’t wait to show you the results. Stay tuned for more updates! #fitm #fitmalaysia #wherelearningneverstops
Happy Friday, everyone! It might be the weekend soon, but we’re just gearing up for the Certified Instructor Course over the weekend in Kota Kinabalu. More updates coming soon, so stay tuned! #fitm #wherelearningneverstops
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