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LAST CALL for Bootcamp Games and Partner Drills workshop by Dr. Mike Bracko!

This month, we are flying Dr. Mike Bracko all the way from Canada to Malaysia to introduce ways to incorporate fun, creativity and engagement for KIDS, CORPORATE and ANYONE who should start moving! Expand your exercise library with Bootcamp Games and Partner Drills with this 1-day workshop.

Date: 23 September 2017 (Saturday)
9am to 1pm - Bootcamp Games for Kids, Corporates & Anyone
2pm to 6pm - Double the Fun: Partner Drills for Kids, Corporates & Anyone

Highly recommended for Corporate wellness trainers, PE teachers, Outdoor/ Bootcamp trainers, Team-building trainers, Personal Trainer...Book your seat now!

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“I enjoy being a coach as it allows me to help others and I also gained knowledge when I interact with other passionate runners.” – Sam Seow Wai Siong

Sam has been running for the past 6 years and now a Certified Running Coach and Pose Method Running Specialist. Being a running coach has not been easy, he needs to design not only running programme but also resistance training for his runners to improve their performance. While doing that, Sam had difficulties in designing programmes for his clients from different fitness level. It did not take Sam too long to decide he needs to get a proper education for him to improve his programme design. He was then introduced to FITM by some of his runner friends who are already ACE Certified Personal Trainer. “After attending the Personal Trainer Development Programme, I’m able to leverage on the programme design method to identify my clients’ condition and assist them to achieve their goal. Besides that, I was glad that postural screening and movement analysis are included in the course. Now I know how to assess movements and help my clients to identify movement sins and how to correct it to void injuries or further damage.” Sam has been a passionate coach and his intention was always to be the best version of him to help his clients to achieve their goal. “Never stop learning because life never stop teaching. I will continue to learn more and share my knowledge with the rest.” Well done, Sam. Continue living in passion and do things you love!
Its challenging but FUN. Active Studio's Trainers and Owner is experiencing one of the T3 Pump workout complex. 
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T3 Master Class (T3 Blast) is happening now in Active Studio!
Happening now! JK1M Team Leader Meeting! The team are now preparing for the upcoming 9th season of Jom Kurus 1 Malaysia that will be held on september! 
Thanks Kevin Zahri for placing trust on FITM in educating and training your team leaders!

And we would like to wish you all the best in promoting healthy lifestyle to all Malaysians!! #jk1m #teamleadermeeting #kevinzahri #fitness #fitnessprofessional #fitnesseducation #fit #fitfam #personaltrainer #fitnessinstructor #fitmalaysia #wherelearningneverstops
Physique competitions undoubtedly have grown in popularity in Malaysia recently. We are glad to be featuring Feenux Seow, who was a competitive physique athlete during her campus day in Taiwan since 2012. “To be honest, I've never planned to compete when I started working out in the gym. One of the guys who always help me with my workouts, happened to be a judge for the competition and encouraged me to give it a try”. From just someone who loves fitness, she has grown interest towards making it as a career. “I enjoy teaching so I guess by becoming a personal trainer, I can get the best of both worlds. I always believe passion can lead us a long way in life”

However, she did face some obstacle in pursuing her passion but such drawbacks didn’t stop her. Her parents were worried about her wanting to make fitness as her career; because women working out in the gym is not something in line with their culture. Nevertheless, her parents started to showing support when she won her first competition. At this point of life, she appreciates her ‘stubbornness’. She managed to prove it to her parents and she believes that when they see her grow, they will be her biggest supporters. 
Currently, she is pursuing her passion for fitness and health by enrolling in the Personal Trainer Development Program to her skills and knowledge. “As there are so many “trainers” in the market, this course will give us a competitive advantage as we are certified and with the proper training. I believe we will be able to provide a much more effective training program for clients who placed their trust in us.” We wish Feenux all the best in pursuing her career!

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Last chance to book your seat! Call us now.

If you are a fitness enthusiast, fitness professional, or thinking of getting one foot in the door, here’s your chance to meet and learn from the best in class!

This year’s Sabah Fitness Festival will play host to our top educators who will be sharing with you the topics you’d want and need to know to stay current in this fast-expanding industry.
1. Secrets to becoming a successful fitness professional by Jerrican Tan
2. Weight training for women by Adreanna Joyce P. Laban
3. 5 effective coaching for group fitness instructors by Haz Lee Bojili 
4. Nutrition for active pregnant mums by Ee Ling
5. Top 10 bodyweight drills for HIIT workout by Kevin Andrew

So what are you waiting for? Come have fun with the best we have got to offer on 4th & 5th August in Complex Likas.

Read more:

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“I've been shadowing my instructor in fitness classes for a while, hoping that one day I can be one! I really wanted to learn more about instructing exercises so I decided to enroll this Certified Fitness Instructor Course. I’ve learnt a lot from this 4 days course and the learning experience was amazing! I’ve always been a science person so I really enjoyed the science class and was impressed by the educator when they applied the science into the practical sessions. Besides learning to instruct, I took the opportunity to fine-tuned my exercise techniques! I’m so glad that I learnt how to improve my movements and had a better idea of conducting my own session. I’m looking forward for my next course!” – Said Nurul from F45

Every ending marks a new beginning, this will be the beginning of your fitness career! We hope you brought home some fitness knowledge and ready to face new challenges. See you next in the Personal Trainer course!
Metafit Coach Master Class is happening now!
Fat Loss is undoubtedly the most common fitness goal. Being a fitness professional, you’ve probably come across many clients who is determined yet struggling to achieve that goal. What has gone wrong?

This workshop provide you the knowledge and skills needed to be a Fat Loss Coach. You will learn:
- How fat is being burnt in your body and how to maximise that?
- What are the psychological barriers of losing weight and how to overcome that?
- How to assess your clients and write a transformations program that works for your client?

Join us, to specialize in this field! Contact us at +603-77260030 or for more information.

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Training Pregnant and Post Partum Clients workshop is happening now!  Participants are experiencing how it feels like for pregnant mums to exercise.
KIDS, YOUTH, CORPORATE, BOOTCAMP, HIIT & FUN - ALL coming in September! For the first time, we are covering these high demand topics long requested by fitness professionals in 2 days: 
Topic 1: Top 20 HIIT Workout to Maximize Fat Loss. 
Topic 2: Maximizing Fat Loss – Do We Really Need Cardio? 
Topic 3: Bootcamp Games for Kids, Corporates & Everyone.
Topic 4: Double The Fun: Partner Drills for Kids, Corporates & Everyone. 
Don’t miss this chance to learn from the expert – Dr. Mike! Dr. Mike is a fitness educator, fitness writer, hockey skating coach, and strength & conditioning coach. He will surprise you with ways you can add fun and creativity to your training whether it's to handle youth with short attention span to your regular corporate clients who spend most of their day sitting in front of the computer. Don't forget to catch him sharing his favourite TOP 20 HIIT workouts especially when it comes to those that actually deliver results for his athletes!

Sign up all for special bundle price! Call us now at +603-77260030

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