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Skinny chocolate mousse 🍫 @killenitfitness --
Perfect for late night snacking, kicking those sweet cravings in the butt 👊🏻
Greek yogurt is my go to snack before bed, containing casein protein it is digested very slowly into your body keeping you in anabolic state building muscle and burning calories while sleeping. 😴
It's important to buy the plain Greek yogurt with no added artificial sugars. I know, I know it tastes like plain ass BUT with these magical natural sweeteners you can transform it into a wonderful chocolate delight!
1️⃣ cup plain Greek yogurt
1️⃣/2️⃣ scoop Fitonomy chocolate protein powder
1️⃣ tsp almond butter
1️⃣ tsp cocoa powder
1️⃣/2️⃣ cinnamon
1️⃣/2️⃣ tsp vanilla extract
⏺Mix it all well together & enjoy 😊
#fitonomy @fitonomykitchen
Full body medicine ball workout by @katieyovin to target your entire body.
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Start your week strong like @marissaremy 💕 .
Motivation come and goes but habits are there to stay. Nobody can be motivated ALL the time, which is why it's so important to make healthy habits. Make a habit of having a healthy breakfast every morning, of going to the gym after work, of meal prepping instead of eating at whatever restaurant you can find. These habits are EVERYTHING! They're there on good days when you're feeling motivated, and also the days you just want to lay in bed. It makes chasing your goals turn into a "no-brainer" or just a part of your day you don't even have to think about. When you form daily habits to get you closer to your goals, you're progressing no matter what's going on!
Let's build them legs @sabinaalexiia 🔥 those exercices gonna literally give you a burnout 
☆ Ex 1 : 3x 15
☆ Ex 2 : 3 x until failure
☆ Ex 3 : 4 x 12

It's very important to take your bcaa's during your workout to maximise your results ! #fitonomy
Happy Sunday ☀️ Hope you're finishing the weekend strong like @jennafitshiet 💪🏼 .
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@maddepaulsson shows us some great ab-exercises for you to try out! 🔥 for every exercise I do ”until you die” x4 ! Ab workouts should always burn so push it to the limit! #fitonomy #downloadfitonomy
Walking lunges by @suse_urrutia 💚🌱
The muscles used in the lunges are the same as those utilized in the squat, but the lunge provides greater range of motion, allowing more substantial glute and hamstring development.
❌Common Mistakes ⁉️
❗️poor posture
❗️knee going over toes
🛑 lunge is too short . 💢leaning forward 🚫head is down • •
• ✅Better technique ❔❕
✳️Keep your upper Body straight .. ✳️Shoulders Back .. ✳️Chin up .. ✳️Always Engage your Core ✅Front knee should never extend over your ankle . ❇️keep the weight on your heels as you push back up to starting position! . 
Hope this can help some of you beauties! 
Remember if you are working on your technique is not a good Idea to do walking lunges I would suggest in place lunges so you don't compromise your form 💪🏼😉 . Download @fitonomyapp for more workouts!
Who else loves Fall 🍂 @trainwithj surely does! 
Here’s a fun outdoor workout you can do with a pumpkin 🎃 TAG a friend and try this workout by yourself or with a partner!!
Pumpkin Workout: 
1️⃣ High Knees - 10 reps side to side (repeat for 30 secs) 
2️⃣ Toe Taps (30 secs)
3️⃣ Squats to Shoulder Press (12 reps) 
4️⃣ Lunges (12 reps on both sides) 
5️⃣ Lateral Shuffles (30 secs) 
6️⃣ Jump Squats (12 reps) 👉🏼 Give me 3-4 Rounds 🔥 #fitonomy