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I have never worked well with recipes! It was always so frustrating spending hours looking through recipe magazines and recipe books. Then next, trying to implement them into my daily, weekly routine.

Always trying to figure out how to put dinner together using vegetables with out our main course meal just consisting of meat! 
Some people take to the kitchen as their best friend and others like me don't but often times obsesse over my sisters who cook amazing!

I'm the one who gets kinda frustrated trying to figure out what to cook and so sick of the same oh thing day after day and week after week. Always praying for a change!

Prayer is powerful and God has special people in place and their passion is to help family's just  like mine!

We have amazing things going on in our community and Monica our registered dietian is helping us take back our kitchen with weekly meal plans and it's also teaching me to become comfortable and allowing the kitchen to be my best friend!

And here is alittle secret my family is grateful! Yours would be also!

Take Back The Kitchen Community is changing  everything!
I have been thinking and reflecting on myself and what greater way is there than to get closer and seek my Heavenly Father!! I have read this book before but I think I'm going to give it ago again with new eyes and open ears! Jesus The One and Only Devotional.

Jesus. The Greek spelling is Iesous, transliterated from the Hebrew Yeshu`a (Joshua). The name Jesus means"Savior." Others may have shared the name, but no one else would ever share the role. I have much to learn about Jesus!!!! I have been going through something's with my health for a couple of months and my Faith has wavered at times but I know my God is in control!

Me and Jon leave at 4:00 a.m to head out for my doctor appointment at Duke which is about a 4 hour drive!!! Pray for our safe trip and pray God gives the doctors answers!
It will change every aspect of your life!
This was about two months ago when I was doing our program Hammer & Chisel in a 30 day challenge group and after just two weeks, I was already seeing results!

Sadly that was put on hold due to some health issues that decided to pop up out of no where! I have another neurologist appointment tomorrow. So say a little prayer for me!! As far as the changes my body was making in such a short time! It goes to show how much I believe in our programs and the best part is you never have to leave your home, no baby sitter and no guessing what exercises to do next! You can exercise with Celebrity trainers from your TV, Ipad or phone!

Summer time is coming fast and what better way to start a program to get your nutrition in check with delicious summer time recipes and get your body moving with more energy to get out and enjoy family time!! If you would love more information on the best plan for you! Please message me! I'm here to 
help you!!!
At one time I didn't understand how much my negativity kept me under tremendous stress and held me back from so much in my life! 
I'm still struggling with this at times but each day I'm learning to live a more positive life that will move me forward each day with my relationship with Christ, my family, goals, dreams and success, instead of letting negativity hold me back!

In everything I do. I will put God first and foremost before anything and seek to live a positive life no matter what comes my way(because a positive mind can be hard to keep sometimes) and let Him guide my paths!!!
I've been thinking about this a lot and how important it is to focus on these three things everyday! 
I know we all want the fastest way to lose weight. I have been there I totally understand! It's the easy way. 
I think about crazy things sometimes, like " I'm not losing any weight and I want to see results now".We are all like that but there is one thing we have got to remember, we didn't let our bodies get out of control in one day. 
So the smartest way to live a healthier life is to put in a little hard work, effort and consistency! 
Try to exercise at least 30 minutes a day. I am not a daily TV person at all but if you are, do you some exercises while a commercial is on! Do squats while washing dishes. There is so many ways! 
If you eat well through out the day with portion control! We have so many things to help you with this(if you want more information). Please ask me. I would love to help you!

Take one day at a time! It gets easier I promise! 
The easy way is not always the safest way but if you make lifestyle changes it is the safest way possible and you will keep it off for the long term!  Let's set life long goals! Your body will thank you for it!
I have totally been down in my health for the past two months and I'm so looking forward to brighter days coming! 
I have been telling myself once this trial with sickness is over and I'm cleared by the doctors to exercise again. I'm going to stop taking what my body is capable of doing for granted!! Do what you're cable of now and don't wait until you can't do something then wish you would have done more... I'm ready to get this behind me and be stronger than I was before!!
Who loves these? I do!! So yummy!! Today in my group, I wanted to go over the importance of Health Self-Love! I know this is just a bar but to me it called making better choices!! To me it means taking better care of yourself – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. 
I'm on a journey of renewing myself and what better way than to share with others! 
I am a ex smoker of 20 years. I have been Quit now for 1 year and 10 months. I am on a long journey of self love but one of the most important one is focusing and taking care of me in all areas of my life!! Has it been easy NO way! 
Worth it YES!! My goal is to continue working on ME and moving forward with more goals and DREAMS fearlessly!!! When we take time to do short periods of loving-kindness for our self. We will feel inclined to make better choices for our health because we feel nourished by self-love. 
Sometimes when we're not loving our self. We will cut corners when it comes to self-care or neglect it entirely. That can lead to illness, distress, and even a shorter life span.

It's time to start eating Healthy and Take Proper Care of the most important thing and that's YOU and ME!!! This Kind bar is not the best for me but its a better bad and I chose today to make the better choice!! It's not to late to join my group! Just let me know and I will add you!!
My Self-Love group starts Monday!!! If your curious and want to be apart of it!! Please message me for details. So I can add you to my private group!! #selflovequotes #loveyourselffirst #beyourself
Honestly, I just needed a sweet fix because you know we women need a chocolate fix sometimes! 
This here is a good for you sweet treat that is super delicious and super beneficial for my body and its my go to everyday for my daily vitamins and plays a huge part in my nutrition!


1 cup coconut milk
1 banana
1/2 cup of Frozen strawberries and blue berries
1 packet of Vegan chocolate Shakeo!
I sprinkled shredded coconut and sliced almonds!

I have a extra box and if your interested in trying a packet. Please message me your address!
God created us so perfect and I'm so thankful he has given me the ability to strive and take care of what he graciously given me and that's ME! Working on me daily. Sometimes its a struggle but to move forward no matter what stands in your way, is worth every second!!!
Special shout out to my son Joshua @joshuabem. He is still going strong with his meal prepping and staying very consistent! So I'm giving him a shout out! 
He is in a cut phase! He lifts heavy weights about 6 days a week with no exceptions!! He has now lost a total of 4 pounds and looking and feeling great!

He is eating healthy and portioning out his food daily. He is not doing anything harmful to his body but listening to it and feeding it good nutrition!!