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This past week , my dance family faced a huge loss , with a passing of a mom who truly was one of a kind . Maddie you always knew how to put a smile on everyone’s faces , especially mine ❤️ . You knew all the small things I loved , my espresso shots , my favorite colognes , but most of all your kind words to me . You were so appreciative always , whether it was a dance comp or one of my concerts or a video I had just done you always knew how to make me feel so special and loved. I wanted to post this song for you today because the best way I know how to celebrate you is through my gift . Your girls are surrounded by so much love and ill make sure to look out for them the best way I can and that is through our love for dance . Until we meet again ONE SWEET DAY 😇 . Rest In Peace Angel ! To know you was to love you ❤️ #onesweetday
Sorry I haven’t been on my Instagram . I spent the last couple of days just reflecting on some things , and also have been shooting videos and making the last touches to my album so it’s been a bit hectic . Sending all my love to everyone and the wait is almost over ! ❤️🤞
Don’t mind the double chin and bad video quality just felt like singing tonight 😴 .... I don’t have to say it cus y’all allready know I love a good throwback @officialswv #weak #cover #malecover #90smusic #throwback .
When your album is almost done and your business meeting goes great ! Hahahaha 😂 @slk_entertainment_
Ok this is going to be a long post ! I know I have been a little slower on my instagram than usual , because I have been working so hard on putting together all the final pieces to my album and it’s been a crazy world-wind . As a indie artist we don’t have the budgets that the big celebrities do, but of course the goal is to give you all the same type of product . So between recording sessions photo shoots promo video shoots registering the songs getting the music mastered split sheets and all of the “not” fun buisness stuff , we still have to work in between to make all of this possible . This is not to gain a pity vote , because I love what I do and I believe in my dream and my vision and I know that I have to continue to push myself everyday to stay on the right path . This is just to tell you all I’m working so hard to make this right so stick around I promise it’s coming soon !! Thanku always from the bottom of my heart for believing in me , being a male pop entertainer in a world where pop music has become so lost I have so many odds against me but I truly believe with the support of my fans supporters friends family and my team @slk_entertainment_ we can beat the odds ! ❤️#untilitsdone
When I look at my life I try not to dwell on what I could have done or what could have been . There is no expiration date on your dream , there are obstacles but if you choose to push through them you will continue to walk the path you were meant to be on ❤️
#myall #acousticcover #mariahcarey .... little throwback of a @mariahcarey classic for this Sunday night .
So as most of you know I have been working on this album since February and it’s super close to my heart. That being said having you guys pick the cover will complete the package ! Swipe to check out all 3 pics and comment underneath which one is your favorite !! 1 , 2 , or 3 🤷🏼‍♂️ . Can’t wait to see what y’all pick
My little devil and my little angel ... Guess who ! Haha
Love my Bahama mama ❤️ #mommasboy #number1mom #atlantisbahamas
Family friends sun and the ocean .... im a happy boy ! 😊 #atlantis #bahamas #familytrip #nottomanyfightsyet #successfulforus
Heading away to spend some time with my family! Looking forward to a couple of days of detoxing from the internet a little , I think it’s important to have some days away to clear my mind a little and refocus for all the things I have coming up ! Especially my album which I have been working so hard on ,this week I’ll be posting something that I need your help with so stay tuned... 🤩🙌