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This is why dance is the universal language this amazing Choroegrapher from la @dexterbcarr did choreography  to this remix of #itwasntme and these two girls from Austrailia are so in love with his work I decided to do a quick combo to the song while I was here .... just showing how dance travels and transcends all over the world . I had the best time working with these two @aaliyah.stannard @lydiaragonesi and big thanks to @danceforce for having me in ! #dance #australiandance #itwasntme #shaggy
Taught the choreography from my music video down here in Australia .. it was the best time sharing my music and my love for dance all at once . Shoutout to the amazing @ysabellecaps for killing this breakdown for me! @fatmanscoop we taking this worldwide ! If you haven’t heard the single yet go check it out and the official music video #linkinbio #toogrown #toogrowndancechallenge #fj #fatmanscoop #australia
How I feel about Austrailia 🙌
Instagram vs reality .... always remember that most of what people post including myself are the highlights of our life or week or day . This is not reality ...tho I would like it to be lol . Just like you I struggle I hustle but I have tried to learn to enjoy these moments because we work so hard sometimes that we forget to enjoy the moment .
Australia you stole my heart , looking forward to Sydney this weekend and then back to the Gold Coast ... hoping to come back and perform here soon 🙏 , it would be a dream come true . #goldcoast #tallebudgerabeach
I haven’t really taught that much recently for so many reasons . But the number 1 reason just feeling not inspired . I felt like I spent so many years traveling and teaching and exhausting myself and missing out on so much In life . I also felt a sort of resentment that I wasn’t following my own dreams and goals because I was giving so much to others and not myself and then feeling like it wasn’t even appreciated . I live my life by love and passion that is my driving force . This trip to Australia reminded me so much of why I started even doing all of this . Sharing my love with other people who share the same passion as me , and the reason I wanted to be an entertainer . Hearing these kids cheer each other on and feeling so much love in the room re ignited me at a time i needed it so much in my life . Thank you @danceforce for welcoming me into your home and @laura_spency for being a star today ❤️ @janetjackson  #throb
Loving my time in LA right now . I’m excited about this process and continuing to share this new wave of music I’m on . I’ve always loved pop music growing up and tho over the years hip hop music has become the trend “ disclaimer I love hip hop music so please don’t take it the wrong way “ but i am excited to create a new wave and sound . Can’t wait to get back out in 2019 and start performing again , I’ll be in Atlantic City headlining my own show on April 6th ! And hoping to be doing my own show in NYC really soon . Thanks for all the love and support , without you all I could never do this - FJ
If you love #astarisborn or you know someone who does , tag them below .Hope you guys love my rendition of #shallow , it’s hard to find songs like this that just make you feel something in your soul . To all the songwriters producers Lady Gaga and Bradley cooper congratulations on making a masterpiece ! One day I hope to have the same of my own 🙏
Love this record by @thegr8khalid . Decided to do a acoustic version of it . Let me know what you guys think tag a friend below ⬇️ #better  #cover #khalid #acousticcovers
There’s no denying I love my throwbacks . I remember singing this song when I was 10 years had no idea what it really meant haha 🤷🏼‍♂️ .  But I decided to break it down a little hope you guys like the rendition #tooclose #next  @nextofficial .
I promised that in 2019 I was going to post more content of me singing . I can’t make you love me is just one of those songs that will live on forever .. If you haven’t heard the original check it out it’s a classic . Swipe left to see  part II . Thanks for all the support hope you guys like the rendition #icantmakeyouloveme #coversong
All of our journeys are different . I think one of the advantages of social media is that it allows us to have a platform to share our stories and reach out to so many people . What we share as artists is vulnerable it’s sometimes scary but part of our job is to give all of ourselves , the things we love and the things we don’t love . My journey and my experiences have shaped me to where I am today . It’s been a long journey but what I’m most proud of is my will and fight to continue to continue to fight Inspire and live my dreams #wowthegroup #myfirstrealphotoshoot #evolving