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I'm a cat lover 🐈 that has fun with digital designs 🖥 and photos 📸. I also love 💕to sew and quilt.


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Rolled ice cream! Yum! #thecookiedoughlab #lasvegas #swlasvegas
Ouch my eyes! Quilting black on black 👀😱😬 #freemotionquilting #quiltedpebbles #blackonblackquilting #hqavante
My next victim 🙃 #wallhanging #quiltedwallhanging #beginnerlongarmquilter
Forgot to include this in my previous post. Showing my bread loaf is just under 3 1/2 inches tall.
Yummy fresh bread without yeast !! 💕😁 3 cups of self rising flour, 3 cups 0% Fage fat free yogurt, 1 tbsp baking powder, 3 pinches of salt. Baked at 350 deg f for 45 min in greased pan, I used an olive oil cooking spray. I didn’t have any eggs for egg wash so I used olive oil on top.
This makes a great tasting bread that is a little cake like but I can put it in my toaster.  #yeastfreebread #noyeastbread #goutdiet adapted from original recipe for a Weight Watchers Breadbowl at slapdashmom.com
Lazy Sunday kitties #bengalcat #savannahcat #catnapquilt
I ❤️ eggs 😜 wish I could eat them more often but I am allergic to them so once in a while - yum! #eggs #eggs🍳 #breakfastlove
One last look at my free motion challenge quilt. It’s bound and washed and full of quilts crinkle ❤️ #freemotionchallenge #finishedquilt
Pizza from the 2 ingredient dough recipe and cooked in my oven on a pizza stone at 475 deg f. Recipe said 12 min, we ended up with 14. #2ingredientpizzadough #2ingredientdough #noyeastpizza
Finished quilting, ready to bind. I learned so much on this practice quilt. This will be a tv/couch quilt. Thanks to Angela Walters teaching with her quilt a long #freemotionchallenge #practicequilt #beginnerlongarmquilter
Wow these Bagels turned out perfect ❤️ tried the yeast free 2 ingredient recipe from @sparklingcharm #noyeast #yeastfreebread #2ingredientdough #homemadebagels
Wonky wishbones! Something that looks so simple and yet it isn’t for me. First row, first try. Each row I have trouble making start and stop look good. Do not like the geometric pointy version, I zigged when I should have zagged. The second block messed with my head. Wow changing directions really got me. It’s going to take a lot of practice for me to like wishbones. #freemotionchallenge #freemotionquilting #beginnerlongarmquilter #wonky #practicequilting