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I'm a cat lover 🐈 that has fun with digital designs 🖥 and photos 📸. I also love 💕to sew and quilt.


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More quilting practice. This S curve kinda sorta lol almost a fern leaf design has some promise with some more practice. My other block, the wavy lines that were suppose to smoothly merge together looks like they crashed lol not sure if I like that style anyway. #freemotionchallenge #beginnerlongarmquilter #quiltingpractice
Added some pebbles so my free motion wedges stopped screaming - look how wobbly we are lol #freemotionchallenge
Week 5 practice with Angela Walters.  I can’t wait for this to feel more natural to me, it will be a great quilting design technique to work with. The first block has a few wiggly lines and not so great on spaces between wedges. The second one was the off center wedges and echos. A little more practice and I think they will look great. #freemotionchallenge #beginnerlongarmquilter #learningfreemotionquilting #quiltalong
Almost done with my tuffet for my sewing room. Should I paint the feet black or red? 
#tuffet #sewingroomdecor #sewingthemedfabric
Happy Caturday ! #caturday #bengalcat  #meow🐾
Leafy meander practice. I think it will take a whole quilt to get this looking right. The first square I started of too large but actually got a couple to look ok. The second square a little better but need to get my brain to make it change direction and not get stuck. 😜#freemotionchallenge #beginnerlongarmquilter #quiltalong
Ugh continuous curves looks like flowers floating in water with all its wiggles lol, free motion no rulers. My flower I attempted with a ruler. Ruler slipped so I had an extra space and threw in an extra petal. Did a much smaller meander, when does it qualify as a stipple? Lots of practice needed for these techniques. #freemotionchallenge week 3 #beginnerlongarmquilter #learningbydoing
Quilting along with Angela Walters #freemotionchallenge my week 2 practice. I learned I need to learn how to control spacing better and start and stop in the correct area like the tutorial, not my bad habit way. Can’t believe I did that lol #beginnerlongarmquilter #learning
ugly practice quilt from remnants finally ready to load for a practice quilt a-long. #uglyquilt #practicequilt #beginnerlongarmquilter
Something bunny going on here. 🐇 Having fun with my new toy. Cutting fabric with my new #bigshotplusmachine #sizzix #bunnys
Yummy Lasagne Rolls for dinner #lasagnarolls #pastalove #yummyricottacheese
I was here first! No, I was here first! #bengalcats #bengalcatsofinstagram #savannahcat #savannacatsofinstagram