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Painter of Unconventional portraits | Making art for the inspiring woman |
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There’s so much beauty in simplicity, in room for breathing, in being gentle and soft 💛 Not to mention having an impeccable attitude 😉 This little guy’s  personality just matches that really well…
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Finding beauty everywhere lately 💛 Learning to let go of control and enjoying the process. Watercolors are beautiful, soft and wild. The more you let go and let they do their own little thing, the more enjoyable the process and the end result are.
These are officially getting me on Valentine’s mood and making me want to paint some pretty flowers…
Sometimes we have to let go of control, of always doing things a certain way and just following an itch. Being free and experimenting led me to lovely new paintings I never thought I paint and are now some of my favorites 💛
These are brightening up my day and definitely getting me in Valentine’s mood 💛
Perspective is such a wonderful thing, isn’t it? It all depends on how you choose to look at things. Always. You can look at a busy table and see only a mess, or you can choose to rearrange things and see beauty 💛 I’m sticking with the latter 😉
Just a reminder 💛
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It’s so easy to get lost in these… Hours feel like minutes and work really does feel like play 💛
My favorite type of bouquet 😄
This just melts my heart 💛💛💛
Sometimes we rush into things and can’t wait to finish them thinking that the end result is what matters, but there’s nothing like the joy of the process. Seeing an empty canvas, feeling absolutely terrified and then going on a rollercoaster of emotions is part of the process. The final painting is only part of the fun… Like everything in life, it’s not the end result that matters, it’s all about the journey that takes us there ☺️
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