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Singer of Nightwish. I started my career in After Forever and sang in ReVamp. All info about me can be found on my website!


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The vehicle of spirit is back on the road after a long break and in my case, live changing new situations! But already at the rehearsals it felt like we saw each other yesterday and we picked it all up as if we never said goodbye! Being back on stage with my brothers is beyond fantastic and to play these songs from all of Nightwish’s history an honor and pleasure! The first shows here in theUS has been a blast and the screen we brought are bringing a great element to the shows here, visualizing all of the tales. Tonight we are in Philadelphia! Who’s with us? #nightwish #decadesworldtour #usa #weareback #floorjansen
Happy birthday to my dearest daughter Freja who turned 1 today!!!! A very special day we get to celebrate as a family while our on tour! Very grateful for that! I have been a mother for one year now and it is all the cliches people told me about! Hard to put this into words. #firstbirthday #special #proud #mother #grateful
First show of the Decades World Tour is about to begin!!!! #Atlanta #USA #decadestour #nightwish #goodtobeback #soexited
A screenshot taken from the Ayreon video that got online today from the song ‘Valley of the Queens’ that I sang with @annekeannique and @marcelabovio 
It gave me a smile and many great memories and I am looking forward to see the dvd!!! The 30th of March it’s finally there! But this https://youtu.be/TbebO5BZi-I is great for now!
#ayreon #livedvd #floorjansen #annekevangiersbergen #marcelabovio #valleyofthequeens
There is a special book out in Finland about Nightwish and the last years! It’s only available in Finnish at the moment but translations are in the making! Check it out on https://www.facebook.com/nightwishwewerehere/

Even without understanding the text the pictures took me on a road down memory lane. It looks amazing and is a beautiful diary for me, something I can show to my daughter when she’s older and say: “this is your mom and this is what I did” proudly! A memory for everyone involved (we were here! :-) and a great insight in our world for those who weren’t there. #wewerehere #book #floorjansen #nightwish
I told you I was working on tons of stuff behind the scenes last year!!! 🤘🏻And now it is official! This year my project Northward will release its long expected album. I wrote it in 2008 with Jørn Viggo Lofstad and now, in October 2018 the album will be released!!!! More info at: 

Picture by @thevandahl_official
Thank you for all the sweet birthday wishes!!!! 🎉 pic by @beckflash_photography #birthday #floorjansen #again?! #yep #25 #giveortake 😉
Nightwish rehearsals 🤘🏻#decadestour #soon #nightwish
Metal Hammer UK has the mag on sale on https://tinyurl.com/Hammer306
Pictures by Steve Brown
Jewelry from @kalevalajewelry
@metalhammeruk is coming out tomorrow with this awesome issue about women in metal. Proud to be on their cover!!! More about where to get it tomorrow! 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻 #Metal head#metalhammer #floorjansen #womeninmetal Jewelry by @kalevalajewelry
How wonderful it is to see my brothers again and to rehears for the Decades Tour!!!! In a beautiful snowy landscape we play music, catch up for a year worth of stories and get ready for all that is to come in this brand new 2018!!!! It will be great!!! @sfsoundstudio #nightwish #decadestour #finland #worldtour #suomi #floorjansen
Happy birthday to the love of my life!!! @thevandahl_official 🎊❤️