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Singer of Nightwish. I started my career in After Forever and sang in ReVamp. All info about me can be found on my website!


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The beautiful @elizeryd and I after our show with @raskastajoulua yesterday at the Helsinki Hartwall Arena! What an amazing night! I am looking forward to see and hear the footage they filmed and recorded of this show!!! It will be broadcasted in Finnish tv on the evening of the 23rd of December 🤘🏻🎄
I am going home now, my shows with this great team is now over for this year! Kiitos to all involved at the shows and to all the enthusiastic Christmas metal lovers that came to the shows! #raskastajoulua #finland #suomi #elizeryd #floorjansen
Ready for the Hartwall Arena again here in a Helsinki for my last big biggest show with Raskasta Joulua! The stage looks amazing and I’ll be sharing the stage with many great singers and of course a great band! Looking forward! Who’s there tonight? #raskastajoulua #suomi #finland #helsinki #floorjansen
Another backstage shot! The guys have started and soon it’s time for me to join #RaskastaJoulua on stage! Starting with a duet with @tonykakko_official  #finland #suomi #raskastajoulua #tonykakko #floorjansen #kalevalakoru
Hello from the dressing room! Raskasta Joulua is ON tonight here in Savonlinna! #floorjansen #RaskastaJoulua #suomi #finland
Today is a special one here in Finland! Today the country celebrates their 100 years independency! Hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää Suomi 💪🏻🎊🎉 ONNEA! #suomi #itsenäisyyspäivä #independanceday #finland #100years 
Kuva: www.facebook.com/JaakkoManninenPhotography 
Tarja contacted me a while about this awesome idea. I joined her and many others on a special song! Read here what she did ❤️: Tarja and @earmusic are proud to announce the release of a very special version of “Feliz Navidad”: the Barbuda Relief And Recovery Charity Version, available on December 8th, 2017. 
This September, the Caribbean island of Barbuda has been hit by the category 5 hurricane Irma. The Whole population, of over 1500, needed to flee their homes in order to survive. Tarja, who has recorded the main part of her vocals for her recently released winter album “from Spirits and Ghosts (Score for a dark Christmas)” on said island and has a very close relationship to the place and its inhabitants, decided that now is the time to help. Together with friends and fellow musicians such as Michael Monroe @michaelmonroeofficial , Doro , Tony Kakko @tonykakko_official , Elize Ryd @elizeryd , Marko Saaresto @poetsofthefallband , Timo Kotipelto @stratovariusofficial , Simone Simons @smoonstyle , Cristina Scabbia @cristinascabbia , Joe Lynn Turner , Floor Jansen @floor_jansen_official , Hansi Kürsch @blindguardian and Sharon den Adel @wtofficial , Tarja created a new version of the Christmas carol “Feliz Navidad”. All incomes generated will be donated, with earMUSIC doubling the amount. 
Read more at www.tarja-fromspiritsandghosts.com
Live in Kouvola last week! With Raskasta Joulua, whom I will join for 4 more shows next week.
But this week special news came about a project of Tarja in which I joined.....sooooon more about this! Told you exiting things happened behind the scenes 😘#raskastajoulua #suomi #finland #floorjansen #tarjaturunen #somethingspecial 
Picture by: www.facebook.com/JaakkoManninenPhotography 
Shared the stage this weekend with this awesome bunch of singers! 🤘🏻 It was an honor and pleasure! #raskastajoulua #marcohietala #joelynnturner #antonyparviainen #juha-pekkaleppäluoto #tommisalmela #floorjansen
Ready for some heavy Christmas fun Kouvola? #raskastajoulua #floorjansen #suomi #finland
Dressed and ready for my second show with Raskasta Joulua! I joined them on stage yesterday, after a massively delayed flight. My suitcase was left behind at the transfer and so I went on stage in borrowed clothes, without stage make up and without a sound check or rehearsal...and it was great! Big thanks to all that helped me out 👊🏻 it’s fun to be back on stage and to sing songs in so many languages! Finnish, Swedish, Latin and English! On the new album I sing on two tracks in Finnish 🤘🏻 One is a duet with @tonykakko_official 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻
So! Who’s heard the album? And who will come to one of the shows? #raskastajoulua #suomi #finland #newalbum #finnish #floorjansen
I told you a while back I have been doing a lot of things behind the scenes! One of these things is my contribution to the Finnish Raskasta Joulua album!!! I joined them on stage last year and will do this again next week. But now I also joined them on their new album which is released today!!!! For more info https://lnk.to/RaskastaJouluaIVAr
I know I have been silent online lately! There is a lot happening and I can’t wait to share news! I haven’t forgotten you!!!!! Please bear with me while I fire up the engine again and do lots of cool projects ‘behind the scenes’ that soon will be known :-)
This awesome shot was taken at the #Ayreon live shows!